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Hello everybody, my name is Crown, and today we’re talking about Christmas!
It’s been a while since we’ve made a vlog, and since it’s Christmas and we’re at the end of the year.
So, what is Christmas? As you can see, there’s the word Christ inside; therefore, the real meaning is, the Mass of Christ.
To put it more simply, it's the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth.
Every year on the 24 and 25 of December, we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,
but actually in the States, Christmas season starts off fairly early.
So, today I’ve compiled 8 things that people in the United States do during the Christmas season, let’s get started!
1 Shopping!
The Christmas shopping season starts a day after Thanksgiving in the States.
It’s the end of the year and here comes Christmas and New Year, what better things to do than some crazy holiday shopping?
But I guess it’s basically the same in every country.
2 Santa Claus!
In the states, Santa Claus is a real big deal for the children.
A lot of Santas can be seen in department stores or communities
and the parents will bring their kids up to the Santa and let them sit on his lap.
Then the kids will tell Santa Claus what kind of presents they want this Christmas.
Children believe that the real Santa will come put presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night,
then the next morning, on Christmas Day, they can go unwrap their Christmas presents.
3 Greeting Cards!
I’m pretty sure that Taiwanese don’t have this trend to send greeting cards, but it’s a must-do tradition in the Western world.
Most of the time, a normal Christmas greeting card will be sent to your family and friends to let them know how you’re doing lately.
Other times, they just send a family photo.
4 Candy!
I love sweet things, chocolate, cake, candy… you name it.
So, one of my favorite things about Christmas is all the sweet things you can eat.
There’s the gingerbread man; there’s the homemade cookies with frostings;
and there’s the candy cane, which is the ultimate Christmas candy of all time.
Notice how the candy cane is shaped like...
well, a cane, of course.
That’s because it symbolizes a shepherd’s crook which is a reference to how Christ is our shepherd.
Also, if you turn it upside down, you can see that it’s the letter J, this is a reference to the first letter of the word Jesus.
5 Food!
One of the must-have food for a Christmas meal is turkey.
That’s not a turkey! Alright, it’s a chicken, but I don’t have a turkey.
Is a turkey.
Americans eat turkey both for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I would say that turkey’s among the top choices for a celebration meal.
Besides turkey, the eggnog, also called egg milk punch, is also always enjoyed on a Christmas meal.
I’ve never had an eggnog before, but it’s a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs and alcohol.
6 Caroling!
Christmas carols have always been a big part of this holiday. Children and adults alike all enjoy singing carols to celebrate this day.
People, especially Christians, will visit house to house caroling to spread the joy of Christmas.
7 Stockings!
Stockings are something very important to the children because this is a container for their Christmas presents and candy.
Most of the time, we‘ll see stockings hung on a fireplace mantel or by bedposts and this will be done on Christmas Eve.
8 Christmas Tree!
Last but not least, the Christmas tree. The tree is probably the most iconic item about Christmas.
If you see a pine tree, you would immediately think about Christmas.
The Christmas tree is all about the cute little ornaments you’d decorate it with, which are baubles, tinsels, and Christmas lights.
Also, decorating the tree is a perfect time to spend with your loved ones.
So, these are the eight things related to Christmas in the States, and though things are not that much different in Taiwan,
I still hope that you enjoyed this video and probably learnt something new.
A merry belated Christmas to you guys, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.
Although this is our last video for 2015, if you would like to see more awesome content in the future, click on the subscribe button right up there.
This is our last video, and this is my brother’s vidtalk show, which is also about Christmas, here’s our website.
Thank you for watching, as always, we had an awesome, awesome 2015 because of you guys and we’ll catch you guys next year! :) See ya!
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8 Christmas Traditions

52470 Folder Collection
Lily Lan published on December 25, 2016    陳美瑩 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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