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Hello and welcome to the Lab where we take your questions and turn them into experiments.
My name is Mitch. I'm Greg. And what if I told you that there's a list of questions that can make you fall in love with a stranger?
Well it turns out that there is actually a study done where they took specifically thirty-six questions.
Had two complete strangers ask them to each other
And increase the likelihood that they were fall in love.
And obviously in general just doing one experiment doesn't prove anything
We thought it would be awesome to get two strangers in here, force them to do this experiment, and see what happens.
So..this is what happend!
My name is Cam, and I'm twenty-four.
My name is Emily, and I'm twenty-two years old.
I'm nervous about today, to be perfectly honest.
I really want to see that if the study works!
I think it'll be...you know what if we hate each other.
or we don't like what we're saying.
I think it'll be cool to see if it's effective.
Hey! How's it going?
Great! How are you?
Emily, right? Yes. Cam.
Cool. Nice to meet you.
Yes, nice to meet you, too. Are you nervous at all for this?
Yes. Yeah, me too. We can just get started.
So, the first question...
Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
Um instinctually, I want to say Clint Eastwood. Cam: Nice!
I would say...I really like Neil Armstrong or something like that.
I think I would like to be famous, I guess.
Not an A-list celebrity or anything like that. Maybe a D-list one.
Or some people will know who you are. You know you be that guy.
I sang to myself on the car right over here.
I was listening to Taylor Swift.
Nice! What's on?
The whole album.
Oh nice!
Like fearless. Not even her new stuff though.
They're keeping the questions pretty alike as you can see.
I used to think I was going to die very young in high school when I was anxious. Like I'm gonne be...It's gonna happen!
But then I hit 18 and I was like forget that Emily. You're gonna live to a hundred. You're making a century club.
I've always wanted to be a good artist.
I'd like to be maybe a bit more...assertive.
Nah. Maybe not too much so though.
I don't want to push people in doing things that they don't want to do.
My most terrible memory was the morning my sister called me to tell me that my mom had a heart attack.
Yeah. She's OK.
Ok. That's good to hear she's ok. But I could imagine that is terrifying.
Yeah. That was bad memory.
She's um...She's doing well? Yeah. She's doing well. She's doing very well..
I would say mine will be my grandmom's mind just kind of started deteriorating.
Cause she lived with us for my whole life.
You know to see her forgot who I am, call me a different name.
And she would wake up seven days. You know, she's a ninety-year old woman, and wonder why she didn't have school.
That's pretty terrible. I would say. So, yeah.
Yeah. That really hurts.
I know people need affection, and I do, too.
But I have to more like think about sometimes, my actions.
People need validation sometimes and they need to hear that or see, by touch.
Romantic love hasn't been a big role for the past a little over years now.
I'm trying to be more cautious about who I give and receive that love from.
Because it is so important.
I have a stuffed animal called buster. He's a dog.
So...I've probably may saved buster.
Mine's fluffy. OK. Buster and fluffy should meet one day.
I was worried about this coming into it because I can't be a little bit awkward.
But you made me feel at ease.
You seem very cool and calm and confident at the same time.
So I guess thats' three.You have a really good personality.
I also like what you're wearing. Oh. Thank you. Those colors really compliment you.
And...make you look handsome.
Cool. Thank you.
Um...I like your face.
It's a nice face.
Your face is very symmetrical.
,which is something we subconsciously look for because I know that I can consciously look for.
I said like a lot. Like like this. Like that.
But you're very very well spoken.
I actually swear...all time.
I am trying very hard. Sh*t, fu*k, alright.
Curse like a sailor? Yeah.
That will be nice to have someone literally say anything and everything.
and they will still...
like you and respect you and not think you're a big weirdo.
You have very very nice smile.
I would definitely make out with you.
Yeah. I was kind of thinking about that like on a break and I was like "Yeah, I definitely make out with him."
"and...he's pretty attractive."
We have a lot of things in common.
And I like what I like, so it's a good thing.You know, to have a lot of things in common.
Emily: I expected to be a lot more awkward.
...but it was more interesting and exciting.
Cam: I like you. You're cool.
Cam: It was interesting getting to know a lot about you.
because a lot of those questions aren't necessarily step you'd say right away or even sometimes ever to someone.
Would you guys like to see each other again after this?
Cam: Yeah Emily: Yeah. I'd like to see him again.
And if you guys want to, and there's no pressure, you guys can kiss each other.
Sounds good!
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36 Questions That Make Strangers Fall In Love (The LAB)

43250 Folder Collection
Mikae Wu published on January 3, 2016    Mikae Wu translated    Jack Lu reviewed
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