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  • Caster: Hahaha! Don't play solo queue tonight! Seriously, don't.

  • Caster: Master Yi!

  • "Don't play solo queue tonight"

  • Coach Kkoma: Faker!

  • I think if you nuke them a little they won't be able to do anything

  • Faker: I think Mid Lulu's the optimal choice here

  • B-but..

  • Ma- Master Yi also looks like a good choice here

  • Coach Kkoma: But they haven't revealed their mid yet, maybe later yeah?

  • Marin:Faker, let's just go with a strong laner

  • Azir maybe?

  • Faker: Yeah.. but Azir also has a counter anyways...

  • Marin: .... Yeah... Well.. Whatever then

  • Coach Kkoma: Seriously though, if we knew their mid, Yi's not a bad choice

  • Faker: The enemy comp is perfect for Yi to go on a murder spree on.

  • Bang: Fine try Yi then

  • Coach Kkoma: Alright!Master Yi! Do it!

  • Coco:Mid Yi?

  • Coach Son: It could be Top Reksai and Jungle Yi

  • Shy: (Serious) No, No it isn't

  • Coach Son: What? I was just kidding

  • Marin: Let's wait for him go for the ranged minions

  • Wolf: I can stun him

  • Faker: Do it

  • Faker: I learned something after playing Mid Yi, it's that in the laning phase you must not die

  • Faker tips

  • Mid Yi: Don't Die in Lane

Caster: Hahaha! Don't play solo queue tonight! Seriously, don't.

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