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  • Christie, look at me.

  • I want you to remember something.

  • Because a lot of times people get nice things

  • and they start to think differently.

  • We got here from hard work

  • patience...and humility.

  • So I wanna tell you don't ever think that the world owes you anything.

  • Because it doesn't.

  • The world doesn't owe you a thing.

  • I was valedictorian in high school...

  • I got into a fancy college...I stay in here 'cause my parents are getting divorced.

  • Noooo!

  • You know what you are, Terri? You're like a gas leak!

  • We don't see you, we don't smell you

  • but you're silently killing us all!

  • Maybe your dreams are on hold for now.

  • That's a nice way of putting it.

  • You're so beautiful, you coulda married anybody.

  • Married a doctor, a lawyer, a nice man...

  • Instead a this - I don't even know what to call this guy.

  • Are you seriously talkin' about this right now?

  • I believe that ordinary meets the extraordinary every single day.

  • I have real ambitions

  • and real ideas.

  • We're making an invention!

  • And it's very serious.

  • Joy's never run a business in her entire life!

  • It's my fault, I gave her the confidence to think she was more than just an unemployed housewife.

  • I don't wanna end up like my family.

  • I have to do things myself once and for all.

  • Okay, godspeed, good luck, here we go!

  • As you grow up and come into the world that has all sorts of things in it

  • money, crime, betrayal

  • Seems like you're shaking us down.

  • You could pay more.

  • I can't, and I won't.

  • You realize that the only thing you're gonna have is...what you make?

  • You are in a room, and there is a gun on the table.

  • The only other person in the room

  • is an adversary in commerce.

  • Only one of you can prevail.

  • Do you pick up the gun, Joy?

  • I pick up the gun.

  • Listen to me.

  • Never speak...

  • on my behalf

  • about my business

  • again.

Christie, look at me.

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