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  • l mean, when all's said and done, she's nothing special.

  • l saw her taking her trousers down,

  • and l definitely glimpsed some cellulite down there.

  • Good decision, yeah.

  • All actresses are as mad as snakes.

  • - Tones, what do you reckon ? - Never met her, never want to.

  • - Brilliant. Max ? - Absolutely. Never trust a vegetarian.

  • Great. Thanks. Brilliant.

  • l was called and l came. What's up ?

  • William's just turned down Anna Scott.

  • You daft prick.

  • No, no. No, no, it's actually quite sensible.

  • That painting isn't the original, is it ?

  • Um, you know, l think it might be, yeah.

  • But she said she wanted to go out with you.

  • - Yeah. - Well, that's nice.

  • What ?

  • Well, you know,

  • anyone saying they wanna go out with you is pretty great, isn't it ?

  • lt was...

  • sort of... sweet, actually.

  • Um, l mean, l know she's an actress and all that...

  • so she can... deliver a line, but, um,

  • she said she might be as famous as she can be,

  • but also that she was...

  • just a girl...

  • standing in front of a boy...

  • asking him... to love her.

  • Oh, sod a dog. l've made the wrong decision, haven't l ?

  • Yeah.

  • Max, how fast is your car ?

l mean, when all's said and done, she's nothing special.

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Notting Hill (10/10) Movie CLIP - The Wrong Decision (1999) HD

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