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Evan, We’ve been lying to you.
This Santa is Mitch.
And look.
This Santa is Marvin
Both of these Santas are fake.
Because the real Santa…
Is Chinese.
Santa’s Chinese?
Why do you think all the toys he delivers say “Made in China” ?
Right, Louis?
Uh, right. Right.
How about how Santa wears a red suit?
Nothing more Chinese than the color red.
I’ve never seen a Chinese Santa.
Oh! Of course you haven’t.
Real Santa doesn’t have the time to be standing around,
Ringing a bell on every street corner.
Then why all the white Santas?
Uh, well, remember when I first opened cattleman’s
And hired Mitch to be the white face go the restaurant?
Chinese Santa’s doing the same thing.
Ah, all those white Santas are just Chinese Santa’s Mitches.
Never knew this.
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Chinese Santa - Fresh Off The Boat

15087 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on December 18, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    Loïc reviewed
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