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  • All right, people, are we almost ready ?

  • Now what areyou seeing ? Areyou seeing the fireplace ?

  • We should light the fireplace.

  • This is a good mark ?

  • Ah, Daisy, my sweetness.

  • Hi, how areyou ?

  • Hi. Areyou okay ?

  • Doyou wanna relax first ? Doyou wanna shoot ?

  • You wanna shoot ? You have such a good work ethic. l so admire that.

  • Here's your mark. These marks are a little small. Will you be okay--

  • [J iff ] Mr. Bow_nger ?

  • We have a vey important scene.

  • This is one of the hot scenes that is about heat and, and--

  • - [ Whispering ] Chemisty. - Chemisty.

  • Oh, so it's the artistic portion ofthe film.

  • Right, so give her a little room, react normally, be sensitive above all

  • because in this scene Daisy's gonna take off her blouse.

  • Okay, all right. There's your mark.

  • You understand the scene. You're not sure ifyou still love Keith,

  • butyou're offering yourself to him in order to save the planet.

  • Jiff. right up here. We're starting here.

  • Pan up.

  • And roll sound.

  • All right, let's go.

  • Mark.

  • butyou want to save the planet, and... action.

  • Keith, l don't know what's right anymore.

  • All l know is l have feelings that make me needyou.

  • Need you now !

  • [ Snickers ]

  • Awesome !

  • [ Whispers ] You're doing great !

  • You're gonna be a star.

  • And... cut.

All right, people, are we almost ready ?

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Bowfinger (6/10) Movie CLIP - Daisy's Topless Scene (1999) HD

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