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  • The Bulls are leaving the China shop again.

  • This summer, China frightened the herd when it devalued its currency but confidence returned,

  • and the Renminbi made back about half of its loss, a loss that anyway wasn't all that big to start with, with just 3%.

  • Frankly that's pretty much nothing compared with the usual emerging market currency devaluation.

  • But today, the Renminbi officially closed back below the low that it closed out in August,

  • given up all of the autumn bounce, or I should say it is still a little bit better than the worst point reached intraday during summer.

  • Now, optimism and pessimism about the currency reflected in the behavior of the offshore traded Renminbi,

  • which isn't limited by the official onshore 2% daily band.

  • The red line here shows the value of the domestically traded Renminbi against the dollar,

  • and that's known as the CNY after its Bloomberg initials and the offshore currency the CNH here in blue,

  • and the gap between the two was very very wide after the first devaluation back in the summer.

  • You can see the size of that there.

  • That was, because traders were betting that it was the start of a generalized deep basement of the currency.

  • Fear was that China would attempt to weaken in order to ease the pressure on its exporters as its economy was slowing,

  • that then hit industries worldwide, which compete with Chinese companies,

  • as well as hurting foreign suppliers of everything from durable goods to iron ore, whose dollar-based products now costs more in Renminbi.

  • The gap has now widened right back out again,

  • having briefly narrowed to nothing in fact slightly reverse there in the summer, sorry, in the autumn

  • as the fierce calmed, like gaps now right back out again

  • where it was, or very close to where it was in August, cause the data that came out today showing capital outflows

  • and falling imports and exports again stoking fears that the Renminbi is going to be allowed to keep on weakening.

  • The direction of the currency is particularly important to countries such as Brazil or Australia, which sell commodities to China.

  • Steelmakers are already complaining that China is trying to export its way out of trouble,

  • dumping excess capacity abroad, rather than shutting down unprofitable facilities at home.

  • Although the currency weakened, the louder Chinese competitors are likely to shout.

  • From a investor perspective, weaker Renminbi particularly matters,

  • cause it adds global deflationary pressure, but in the short term,

  • weaker Renminbi is most obviously bad for commodity prices also for emerging markets.

  • On here the red line shows the gap between the onshore and the offshore Renminbi against the dollar,

  • and the blue line shows the relative performance of emerging markets against developed markets.

  • As the gap between the two initially widened out and then started to narrow again during the autumn,

  • you can see that the confidence then returned and emerging markets beat developed markets.

  • People were happy again about China, but for the past two months, that gap has been widening out again,

  • that's the red line and as a result, emerging markets have been underperforming the developed markets.

  • Emerging markets at the moment do look fairly cheap, mining shares are back at levels

  • that were last seen in August 2003, when priced in dollars.

  • Whether they are by, depends on all sorts of factors from Brazilian politics to mine closures and dividends,

  • but chief among those is the performance of China and its currency.

  • You're really taking a punt on what'll happen to this red line here.

The Bulls are leaving the China shop again.

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