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Let’s just admit it: Small screens are kind of a pain to look at for long periods of time.
Until that magical invention known as the DSiXL, it felt like I was struggling to look
at a postage stamp animated with my favorite portable games. And while something like that
might be passable for short periods like Tetris or whatnot, around the mid-90’s a magic
thing happened: POKEMON. Sure, there had been other portable RPGs around, like Legend of
Mana, the early SaGa games, and Link’s Awakening, but nothing caused kids to sink more hours
into their portable fixations than the prospect of catching ‘em all, and being the very
best like no one ever was. And while Red and Blue came with built-in Super Game Boy functionality,
as the series developed, more and more extra bits got tacked on. Time for a minor hardware
Here it is, folks, the Super Game Boy 2. It’s translucent, because Nintendo was convinced
that was a cool thing at the time. It’s functionally identical to its predecessor,
save for one important difference: See that little port on the side? After Pokemon popularized
the idea of Game Boy connectivity past what anyone had expected, it became clear that
making this new device compatible with the various trading mechanisms and whatnot was
of crucial importance. Heck, you can hook up a printer to this thing. Who says we didn’t
get interesting add-ons? Nuts to the whole Super Nintendo PlayStation rigmarole. We’ve
got the capacity for a PRINTER. So you can stick Pokedex entries to the inside of your
locker, so you have something to read when you’re locked in there. I kid, I kid. You
wouldn’t have enough light to read them, anyway.
Alas, we never did receive this device here on Western shores. By 1998, when it was released,
we were already deep into the N64 era, and we’d see some similar functionality when
the Transfer Pak and Pokemon Stadium allowed for playing your Game Boy carts at double
and even triple-speed, a blessing that has to be experienced to be believed. It’s a
cute little quirk of science, and a odd and interesting addition to your collection, especially
if you like teal translucent things. With glowy bits. That allow you to hook printers
up to things.
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CGRundertow SUPER GAME BOY 2 Video Game Hardware Review

1627 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 20, 2013
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