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  • The Embassy Study Center in New York we teach a variety of programs

  • We teach general English to improve English skills and all areas

  • we also teach business English courses, examination preparation,

  • and longer-term academic preparation style courses

  • I study English because this is very important for my job

  • Now there's right now a growing market that English is one of the international language

  • Coming to America can be a great choice for students,

  • exposes them to the global community anywhere they go

  • We have a diverse population at all our schools

  • and exposes people to new experiences and new challenges

  • and it's very rewarding for students in our experience

  • We are lucky to have a very qualified staff at English teachers here

  • and we all have experience working with people from around world different cultures and different needs

  • I really like the teachers because they're very helpful,

  • And easy to communicates with them

  • And if you ask them any questions they always help you

  • I think the teachers are really good there

  • They are very competence and because of the fact that the classes are small

  • and they get the possibility to focus on each student individually

  • And particularly impressive to see the creative abilities the teacher as applied to our teaching technology

  • So they can bring to bear all their experience, training and care for the students in the classroom

  • I like the way of teachers teaching English history free,

  • because they always teach me very different way of teaching like music video surely interesting

  • The first time when I came to Embassy I was very impressed they used smart boards

  • and that's very nice very funny to work with them

  • Sometimes you don't know about a specific word

  • and the teacher can find me in internet a picture to show you the words

  • So it's easy to learn

  • One of the great points at the New York study center is our location

  • We are right in center of Manhattan within five to ten minutes walking distance of most major sightseeing locations

  • 42nd Street and 7th Avenue Times Square it's just a few blocks away,

  • the Empire State Building as within view of our front doors

  • can also make your way to the Statue of Liberty, downtown Manhattan, Greenwich village, Soho, China Town

  • it's all within your grasp

  • It's a very interesting city

  • You've got everything here

  • it's like traveling around the world but staying in one place

The Embassy Study Center in New York we teach a variety of programs

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