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  • What do you think?

  • Huh? What do I think what?

  • My thing here! I've got this great plan to change my image.

  • To look cooler man. Just gonna lean against everything I see.

  • Hm, leaning against things makes you look cool huh?

  • How do I look?

  • Eh, I don't think it's quite working for you.

  • Maybe you're too... cute?

  • What!? I'm not cute!

  • Hey man, it's okay to be cute.

  • Everyone got their thing.

  • My thing is being cool.

  • Hrrrmm!

  • And you, you're cute!

  • And he, he is umm... yeah whatever...

  • Sir, your order is ready.

  • OOoooo

  • But Grizz, I don't want that to be my thing :(

  • Ah man, forget about it. Just eat!

  • [Chomp] Mmm... mmm

  • [Crunch]

  • [Sneezes]

  • Dooh, excuse me. Oh man, [Sniffs] I guess it's allergy season.

  • Dude, that was the cutest sneeze ever :O

  • Stop saying that I'm cute!

  • [Sneezes]

  • Oh, bless you.

  • That was such a cute sneeze. :D

  • Doooh... [Sneezes]

  • Haha! Panda's sneeze, cute!

  • Hrrrmmm... I'm not cute!

  • Bro, your sneeze was straight up adorable.

  • Stop! I'm not cute!

  • You think that was cute?

  • [Blushes]

  • Dou, come on man! I'm not cute!

  • [Sneezes]

  • That was adorable.

  • Let me see! Let me see!

  • Oooh man that's the cutest thing ever.

  • I'm not cute!

  • Where are you going man?

What do you think?

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