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  • The land border between Algeria and Morocco has been closed for about 20 years now. Despite

  • their history as allies under French colonial rule, the two have since been embroiled in

  • serious territory disputes. They even began building separate walls in the past few years

  • to further segregate themselves. So, what happened? Why do Morocco and Algeria hate

  • each other?

  • Well back in the mid 1800s and early 1900s, France controlled Algeria and Morocco. Algeria

  • was a French colony, while Morocco was a “protectoratestate, defended by France. It wasn’t until

  • the mid 1900s that France relinquished its authority over the region. And that’s when

  • Morocco tried to reinstate its pre-colonial land claims, which extended across parts of

  • Algeria.

  • In 1963, Morocco invaded southern Algeria, in what is known as the Sand War. Although

  • a cease-fire was reached in 1964, there were already hundreds of casualties, and the war

  • had a large effect on the two nation’s diplomatic attitudes towards each other.

  • A decade after the ceasefire, Morocco again attempted to reinstate its pre-colonial claims.

  • In 1975 it attempted to annex the region known as the Western Sahara. When Saharan inhabitants

  • rebelled, Algeria supported them against Morocco. Today the conflict is still ongoing, with

  • over a hundred-thousand Saharan people still living in Algerian refugee camps.

  • Towards the end of the 1980s, tensions cooled between Morocco and Algeria, when they both

  • entered the Arab Maghreb Union , otherwise known as UMA. A treaty between them, and 3

  • other UMA members, encouraged trade and diplomatic harmony.

  • But in 1992, civil war broke out in Algeria. And two years later, after an allegedguerrilla

  • attackin Morocco - that was blamed on Algeria, borders were closed by the two countries.

  • Both cited security issues.

  • So, Algeria and Morocco remain at odds with each other, over territorial and political

  • conflicts. And although the United Nations and the United States encourage both countries

  • to cooperate and overcome their differences, they are currently in a diplomatic stalemate.

The land border between Algeria and Morocco has been closed for about 20 years now. Despite

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