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  • You know, obviously, you go through create creative characters

  • but to come up with something is… a porky as Captain Jack

  • Yes, yes ...yeah!

  • But then you have to be so loved!

  • And you know we've seen those pictures of you, when you visit hospitals... you visit schools

  • And that must be just an amazing gift to be able to give those people

  • I mean for me is the gift.... you know... they are giving me the gifts,

  • because... to go under a place...

  • know I mean...I've...I've spent time

  • in... in Great Ormond Street...

  • where... I was the parent when my daughter was ill

  • and it was a... I mean it was a... I’ve known the darkness of my life,

  • but that was a darkest period ever, you know, when I was doing screening.

  • And I've always kind of done these visits, but after that the visits became more and more important,

  • because the kids, bless them, you know they're so strong, they're so courageous.

  • But the parents... are the ones who are slowly dying

  • and to be able to bring a smile or giggle to these people is ...

  • it means everything in the world to me, you know?

  • It's far more than make fortune...

You know, obviously, you go through create creative characters

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