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  • How much does it cost you when production stops because of equipment

  • failure?

  • Too much, especially when failure could have been avoided.

  • How? With predictive maintenance. By knowing what problems are likely to occur at

  • various points in your equipment's life-cycle and handling them before they

  • reach the breakdown stage.

  • In a highly complex manufacturing environment with possibly hundreds of

  • thousands of parameters, this may seem impossible, but it's not.

  • Not with StatSoft's Predictive Maintenance Solution for Manufacturing.

  • By managing a set of failure prediction models for each potential issue and

  • prioritizing every repair and maintenance task in real time, alerts

  • are issued when action is needed

  • and prediction models are automatically updated to keep things running smoothly.

  • Examples?

  • An international manufacturing client runs our STATISTICA platform

  • against petabytes of data

  • to monitor mission-critical performance parameters worldwide.

  • And, one of the largest manufacturers of critical components for alternative

  • energy plants was able to reduce costs by millions just weeks after

  • implementing the program.

  • STATISTICA's blending of traditional quality control with predictive

  • modeling makes it the most comprehensive, enterprise-wide, analytics solution

  • available.

  • In fact, it has been acknowledged by actual users as the primary data mining

  • tool for three years in a row.

  • Yet, for all its power, it's also the easiest solution to implement and

  • integrate with your existing IT assets and infrastructure.

  • That's because it doesn't depend on proprietary languages, data storage,

  • or interface technologies.

  • So it delivers seamless operation and rapid ROI.

  • Founded in 1984,

  • now with thirty full service offices and more than a million users across the

  • globe,

  • StatSoft is one of the largest providers of analytics software

  • worldwide

  • and the largest manufacturer of enterprise-wide quality monitoring and

  • improvement software.

  • To learn more about StatSoft's unmatched solutions for manufacturing environments,

  • call us for a free consultation with one of our experts.

How much does it cost you when production stops because of equipment

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StatSoft Solution - Predictive Maintenance

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