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♪ (punk rock music) ♪
- You got what's mine?
Oh no! My god!
Oh my god. Oh my god!
- Promise me one thing. - What's that?
- Make sure the girl doesn't get hurt.
- What?
- You play with fire, you just might get burned.
- Ooh.
- Bro! I love this song.
- Like, don't hate me. I love this song.
The video's weird though.
Oh dang, it's like a movie.
♪ What do you mean? ♪
- God. (laughs)
- I'm not even gonna lie. I love this song.
- ♪ When you nod your head yes ♪
- ♪ But you wanna say no ♪
♪ What do you mean? ♪
- I'm gonna cry. - ♪ When you don't want me to move ♪
♪ But you tell me to go ♪ - Oh god!
- ♪ What do you mean? ♪ - This is such a porn!
- Is there not a music video
where he's not making out with some girl?
Just saying.
- Ooh, scandalous.
- ♪ Ohh, what do you mean? ♪
♪ Better make up your mind ♪
- Ooh, Calvin Klein. I love the promo.
I need to go buy underwear, stat!
- Okay. (giggles) What am I watching?
- People are always saying this song is about him raping her,
but it's not.
- ♪ Oh, I really wanna know ♪
♪ What do you mean? ♪
- So many girls that are so jealous of this girl.
- ♪ When you nod your head yes ♪
- What?
- Oh, wait, so now who are these guys? - ♪ What do you mean? ♪
- Creepy guy in the mask.
- Oh, get him, Justin.
- What's happening?
They were about to do the do and now there's people with masks.
What is this? What is this?
- ♪ What do you mean? ♪
- Yeah, nothing's more romantic than a kidnapping.
- ♪ ...when I'm leaving ♪
♪ Trying to compromise but I can't win ♪
- So they're just gonna cuddle? (laughs)
- Are they cuddling in the trunk 'cause that's goals right there.
- His new music is really, really good.
He's working with Diplo and Skrillex, and stuff.
- Like, I don't get what this has to do with the song.
- Do you trust me? Do you trust me?
- That should be me.
- That's Oscar-worthy.
- Man, if Justin Bieber told me, "Let's jump out of a roof"-- why not?
- If I was in that situation, I would not do that.
- What the f--? (laughs)
- Inflatable bags, but those weren't there before.
- Wait...
- (man) Hey, you got what's mine?
- I feel like I missed some plot points.
- I guess it's just kind of the thing about being Justin Bieber
is everywhere you go turns into a party.
- ♪ What do you mean? ♪
- And then she's just somehow totally okay with him doing that.
Like, no, break up with him!
- ♪ What do you mean? ♪
♪ Ohh, when you don't want me to move ♪
♪ But you tell me to go ♪ - Thank you, Jesus.
Oh my god, this is the best day of my life.
- What does skating and partying have to do
with "what do you mean?"
- He tries way too hard.
- Good old Biebs.
- There's so much going on in this video
that I don't even know what was happening.
- You don't understand how long I've been waiting for this to happen.
I've been waiting that one day I walk in
and you guys are gonna show me Justin
and I'm gonna freak out.
Oh my god!
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
- (Finebros) So first off, do you like this song?
- Yeah!
- Yes.
- It's actually pretty good. (laughs)
- I love this song to be honest.
- At first, it was a pretty good song until it got over-played.
- A million times yes.
I'm still salty that all my friends that hated Justin before like him now.
- (Finebros) There's been a lot of people who have hated Bieber's music
in the past, but now are upset because they actually like his music now.
- That's kind of mean.
Yeah, this album was pretty good.
- I know! I hate that I have to justify myself for him.
- My guy friends too especially.
They're like, "Oh god! I hate Justin Bieber,
but this music is amazing!"
- The songs before weren't necessarily for everyone.
It was like for a little ten year old girl.
It's like the evolution of Bieber.
He's just getting better and better.
- (Finebros) Were you ever a Justin Beiber fan?
- I've been a Justin Bieber fan since 2009.
- I didn't really listen to that type of music.
- I'm not a fan of him as a person, but I like his songs.
- Nah, honestly, never.
My sister is a huge Belieber.
"(as sister) Now you like him 'cause blah, blah, blah."
I'm like, "Yo, that's not my fault.
I might have hated spaghetti yesterday,
but now they put some good sauce on top of it
now I like it."
- (Finebros) Okay, so let's talk about the music video.
In your opinion, what perception does Justin Bieber give off
about himself making a music video like this?
- Does there have to be a perception?
It just looked like a normal music video to me.
- Like he's trying to be a mysterious romantic?
- Sexy. He wanted to be very sexy.
- I think it's the whole, like, "I'm totally older now.
I'm having so much sex."
- His demographics are getting older, so he's trying to show,
"Okay, look, I'm growing too, so there's a new page to my music."
- (Finebros) So Bieber's had a lot of controversy over time.
He's had a lot of run-ins with the law.
Do you remember, when those things were happening,
how you felt about him at that time?
- I just thought he was a douche.
- I was just like, "You idiot. Why are you doing this to yourself?"
- I kind of expected it 'cause I feel like a lot of people
who are child stars just end up taking bad words a lot of the time.
- Miley Cyrus, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes--
they all started, like, really good kids,
so I wasn't really surprised that he turned out the way he did.
- He's kind of being stupid right now
but with that much money and that much fame,
sometimes [bleep] gonna get to your head.
He's being a teenager.
- I still liked him.
It's okay to admit it.
Like, you're not a bad fan saying what he did was wrong.
But you have to forgive people.
- It's so hard to have an opinion about famous people.
I don't know who Justin Bieber is as a person.
I don't know anything about him.
I know what I've been told about him
and I don't like to judge people that I've never met before,
even if it's my friend being like, "Yeah, that guy was a jerk when I met him."
I didn't meet him, so I don't know.
- (Finebros) So in the past year, Bieber has made statements
regarding his past behavior and wanting to change
and even doing things like being the subject of a roast
on Comedy Central.
What do you think about that?
- I think that that was actually pretty good.
That's mature of him.
- He's making plays, making big moves.
He asked Madden.
- I think, artistically speaking, he's changed.
I think, as a person, we'll have to wait and see.
- That's a good thing to do
but he has to hold up to that.
If he doesn't hold up to that then there's no point.
- I don't think people ever really change.
I think that it's just a ploy from his manager
or he thought of it himself to get himself more popular.
- Some people might say, "Oh, it's just a publicity stunt
to get his PR, his whole image better."
But there has to be some truth behind it.
If you're gonna actually put yourself out there
and do admit that you're wrong to stuff, it says a lot about you.
- (Finebros) And that is a thing across a lot of music
and celebrity culture; they can do really bad things
yet people will still listen to their music
and fans will still defend them.
Why do you think that is?
- Well, that's called worshipping people. (laughs)
- It's an addiction and I think, at the other end,
it's like you're almost blinded.
- It's kind of dumb because even though you love this person so much,
you don't know them and you can't support their behavior
'cause then they're gonna think they're not doing anything wrong.
- If you can see potential in someone
and you know they can change and grow
then you're just like, "Well, I'm gonna stick around
because I know this person's gonna get better."
- I think there's some die-hard fans of people
who remember what they were like when they were young
and they want them to stay that person
and it's so hard and such a drastic change
to see them become this different person
that you can't really get behind and you just have this
almost naive sense of deniability
that it's still this little 12-year-old inside.
"No, he's just going through a phase. He'll be better."
- (Finebros) On the flip side, is it fair for these artists
to have all this public spotlight on them,
that we're judging them so much when in a lot ways
society is creating this? - Yeah, that's true
because most of the time the media over-exaggerates
what the musical artists or famous person in general does.
- Just because he's famous doesn't mean he's on some pedestal
and should be perfect.
He's still gonna make mistakes.
He's 17 and he egged someone's house.
I'm pretty sure that's in shows all the time
or I'm pretty sure you've thought about doing that once or twice.
- You have to remember they are actually people
because-- but it also is a responsibility
for them being in the spotlight, to make good decisions
and be role models.
- Because he's Justin Bieber, because they are a celebrity,
we make it so much bigger than it has to be.
The only things we should ever be focusing on
when it comes to celebrities like that
is either their music or when they do something really bad
that we should be focusing on.
- (Finebros) So back to this song,
this was number one on the Billboard Hot 100,
which is the very first time Bieber's had a number one hit.
- Ever?
- Really?
All these years and he's been so famous
and he's never had a number one?
- Oh my god!
We were at the top, and then we went to the bottom,
but now we're back at the top so shout out to Scooter.
- (Finebros) I love that you always use the "we".
- Because it's "we"! This is a "we" thing!
Beliebers are family. We're in this together.
He always says, "OUR album."
So if it's our album, everything he owns is mine too.
- (Finebros) Finally, with his new album about to come out,
do you plan to get it? - I probably will.
- Mm, no.
- I'm not gonna pay to listen to Justin Bieber.
- No, I never buy albums.
- I'll probably stream it on Spotify.
- Pirate Bay, here I come. (laughs)
- iTunes $12.99, let's go. I never drop money.
- The only money I've ever spent is on the weekend,
and you know what, now it's gonna be Bieber.
- Yes, it's already pre-ordered.
Do you know how long we have been waiting?
This album is going to be a top-selling album
and we're finally going to get a Grammy.
I have nothing else to say. (Finebros chuckles)
I just love him so much. (laughs)
- Thanks so much for watching another episode of Teens React.
- Subscribe. We have new videos every week.
- Adios!
- Bye from Teens React! Not Kids React any more.
Well, I mean, there's still Kids React,
it's just that I'm not on Kids React any more.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
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Teens React to Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

14118 Folder Collection
陳嘉鴻 published on June 11, 2016    Evelyn Chiu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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