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When we decided to move the shop, we needed a new compressor. We were running on a dilapidated old
piston compressor that made a ton of noise, barely kept up whenever we're running 2 air tools
at the same time. I've got bigger crew i've gotta paint shop here, glass cabinets and i've got
4 workstations so I need a lot of air. Naturally only had one choice and that was
get Kaeser. So we gave them a call we found a compressor system that would work best
for us and what we decided to go with a pair of fifteen horsepower twin screw compressors
this is exactly what we need. incredibly quiet, incredibly efficient and the fact
that can work together, they can take or for each other, it would absolutely meet
our demands here between the paint booth, between doing mechanic work,
glass cabinet, the 15 horse pair is absolutely going to get everything done that
combined with the smart pipe system actually made install a breeze and we were had been working
on cars and moving the shop at the same time so the fact that we could get the system in, up and
running a couple days was just that... that was worth the investment alone
we've got a lot of distance to cover here so we had to put in 2 tanks
and constant pressure like that is just perfect because
i might have KC in the paint booth painting, i might add the other guys out in the rest
the paint shop using air for their sanding and grinding and what have you and on this
side of the shop I've got cars going up and down and being worked on in air
compress tools. So to have enough supply was the most important to us. The thing about
their smart pipe system is I can grow
any direction
and as fast as possible so we can slice it
throw in a new connect there, and we're up and running
in a long process as easy to do and that was very important to us because we're growing
all day every day
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Discovery Channel's Fast N' Loud ( Gas Monkey Garage ) Upgrades New Shop

2024 Folder Collection
鄭宇廷 published on November 22, 2015
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