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I am Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy pig.
And this is Daddy pig.
Mummy pig and Daddy pig have been tidying the house.
Mummy pig and I found this old box in the attic.
Can anyone guess what's inside?
Hmmm? Nope.
It's full of musical instruments.
They are a bit old and dusty.
This is the violin I used to play when I was little.
Mummy, can you play your violin?
I haven't played it for a long time.
Please, Mummy. Please, play it.
I hope I have not forgotten how.
Mummy, can I play the violin?
Hold it like this.
Yes, mummy.
Oh, dear! I do not think it's meant to sound like that.
George wants to try.
Hold it like this, George.
That does not sound quite right either.
The violin is too hard to play.
Peppa, maybe you would do better with this tin drum.
Thank you, Daddy.
That sounds better.
Peppa loves playing the drum.
Yes, it sounds very nice.
This is Daddy pig's old accordion.
I used to play this to Mummy pig when we first met.
Oh! Daddy pig.
I remember this tune.
George wants to play the accordion too.
Are you sure, George?
The accordion is quite difficult.
George, the accordion is almost as difficult to play as my drum.
Okay, George.
Maybe George is a bit too little to play the accordion.
Daddy, what other instruments are in the box?
Just this horn.
Can I try?
You have to blow it very hard.
That does not sound right.
It's impossible!
I think I used to be able to play it.
That really does not sound right.
Maybe it just needs someone big and strong like me.
That does not sound right either.
Peppa is right.
It is impossible to play.
Never mind, Daddy pig.
Just stick to the accordion. You play it beautifully.
Well, I do play it quite nicely
even if I say so myself.
And I'll play my violin.
And I'll play my drum.
Mummy pig plays the violin.
Deddy pig plays the accordion.
Peppa plays the drum.
But what instrument will George play?
George is blowing the horn.
Mummy couldn't play the horn.
And Daddy couldn't play it.
And even I couldn't play it.
But George can play it.
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Peppa Pig Season 1 Episode 21 Musical Instruments

16369 Folder Collection
楊鎧瑄 published on November 21, 2015    Jessie Yu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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