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  • Tit (Mud)

  • Chol (Sand)

  • Maim (Water)

  • Teven (Straw)

  • Maher yoter! (Faster!)

  • Chomer, be merets (Material, vigor)

  • Chol, mishchu (Sand, pull up)

  • Maim, le'mala (Water, up)

  • Kash (Straw)

  • Maher yoter! (Faster!)

  • K'she ha'shot shuv matslif al ktefeinu (When the whip, whips again on our shoulders)

  • Ha ze'a melucha al mitscheinu (The salty sweat is on our foreheads)

  • Elohim, ha-tishma shav'atenu ha'raba? (God, will you hear our very desperate help call?)

  • Hatig'al sivloteinu? (Will You redeem us from our suffering?)

  • Hoshiana (Deliver us)

  • Kolenu shma, hoshiana (Hear our voice, deliver us)

  • Elohim, otcha nizkor be'eretz yam 'im chol (God, we will remember you, in the land of sea and sand)

  • Le'kolcha nise, leylot yachlefu ad she (To your voice we'll pay attention, nights will pass until)

  • Tavi'enu le'eretz ha'avot (You will bring us to the land of our fathers)

  • Yaldi hatov veh harach (My good and tender son)

  • Al tira veh al tifchad (Don't be afraid and don't be scared)

  • Yaldi, zot mimeni tekabel (My child, this is what you'll get from me)

  • Rak siku'i lehinatsel (The chance of being saved)

  • La'el shuv etpalel (I'll pray to God again)

  • Oh Eli, hoshiana! (Oh my God, deliver us!)

  • Zo tfila (That's a pray)

  • Hosiana (Deliver us)

  • Lim'tzula shesham nachmok meol kashe minso (To the breach that we'll sneak to from an unbearable burden)

  • Hosiana (Deliver us)

  • Lanu eretz huvetcha (A land was promised to us)

  • Hotsienu-na me'ha chashecha (Please get us out of the darkness)

  • Hoshiana el a'eretz a'tova la'aretz she'lanu huvtecha (To the land that was promised to us)

  • Al na tivke (Don't you cry)

  • Heradem bimnucha (Sleep in peace)

  • Hakshev le'ivshat ha'galim (Listen to the waves's whisper)

  • Otcha mardima be'shir eres imcha (Your mother put you to sleep with a lullaby)

  • Itcha eheye le'olamim (I will be with you forever)

  • Mei ha nahar she be'nachat kolchim (The river's water that flows gently)

  • Shimru al otsar ko mushlam (Save this precious treasure)

  • Im timtseu eize chof mivtahim (If you will find some safe shore)

  • Oto-na haviu lesham (Please, carry him there)

  • Ach ko yakar li (My dearest brother)

  • Shlomcha etpalel (I'll pray for your well being)

  • Zehor gam oti ba chalom (Remember me in your dream)

  • Aval k'she tigdal ve tiye ha'go'el (But when you'll grow up and be a savior)

  • Lanu tavi rak shalom (You'll bring peace upon us)

  • Bo, Ra'amses (Come, Rameses

  • Nar'e le'Paro et achicha ha'chadash (We'll show pharaoh your new baby brother)

  • Moshe (Moses)

  • Hoshiana, slach ro'e sheyar'e lanu (Deliver us, send a shepard that)

  • Et ha'derech el erets ha'avot (Will make us see the way to the Fatherland)

  • Tavi'enu le'eretz ha'avot (You will bring us to the land of our fathers)

  • Hoshiana! (Deliver us!)

Tit (Mud)

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The Prince Of Egypt - Deliver Us Hebrew HQ (S + T)

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