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A quick thing to check for back on the interior because a lot of these things can be costly.
Make sure all the electrics work such as the windows, so I would manually check they all work.
Things like the stereo, heater system, satellite navigation, make sure all they work.
If they don't, I know they are not essential but they could be costly to fix.
Check all the lights, hazard switches and indicators work.
Make sure your headlights are working
Make sure your horn works.
You will want to do the headlight washers and wipers to make sure they work.
Same again, they can be costly to fix.
This is what to check for when checking the dash panel.
When you turn the engine or ignition on you should be looking for all the lights to illuminate
The ABS light, engine management light and the SRS, which is the air bag light should all be illuminating.
All those lights should disappear when you start the car. If they don't this means there is a fault with the system.
At which point you would have to get an appointment booked in at a garage for a diagnostic check.
Obviously depending on what they find, it could be a simple wire and repair to hundreds of pounds to
fix the problem.
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What to Check for in a Used Car Part 2 - Interior

1298 Folder Collection
Yun-ting Peng published on November 20, 2015
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