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Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who is the most powerful of them all?
If it's a fairytale you were hoping for,
prepare yourself for so much more.
You will train.
You will harden.
You will become my Huntsmen.
The mirror's power
is the ultimate prize
in a war fought
by two mighty sides.
Whoever gets the mirror will be unstoppable.
A pair in love
defy a wicked queen
with twice the power
this world has ever seen.
We have much to do, little sister.
Men have forgotten what it means to be afraid.
We will bring fear.
Good choice.
- Don't miss. - I never miss.
Hello, Huntsman.
I've missed you.
What are you gonna do? Take on two evil sisters and their entire army?
Aye, pretty much.
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The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer (HD)

13113 Folder Collection
Loïc published on November 21, 2015    Loïc translated    Emily reviewed
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