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  • Do you see that combination?

  • Campbell didn’t go down on the first punch. He was a tough guy.

  • Second one killed him, on the spot.

  • Just cut it off, will you?

  • The autopsy said that his brain was knocked loose from the connecting tissue.

  • Consider your ass fully covered, OK?

  • Run it again.

  • Remember Ernie Schaaf? Nice guy. You lost one to him in’ 31.

  • Ernie took one of those on the chin from Baer. He was dead and didn’t know it.

  • Next fight, first little nothing jab put him to sleep forever. Detached brain, they said.

  • Joe

  • No snappy comeback?

  • It ain’t my skull the guy’s gonna try and stove in.

  • You want to think about it?

  • You think youre telling me something?

  • What, like boxing’s dangerous, something like that?

  • You don’t think triple shifts or workinnights on scaffolds is just as likely to kill a guy?

  • How many guys died the other night living in cardboard shacks trying to save on rent?

  • Guys just trying to feed their family. ‘Cause men like you

  • have not yet quite figured out a way to make money out of watching that guy die.

  • In my profession - and it’s my profession -

  • I’m a little more fortunate.

  • All righty, then.

Do you see that combination?

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Cinderella Man (5/8) Movie CLIP - Run It Again (2005) HD

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