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【Least Safe Countries If WW3 Breaks Out】
Number 10: Israel.
If a Third World War were to ever break out,
the State of Israel probably would have the most to lose.
Israel is reliant on imports
for its food, fuel and industries.
In fact, water is such a hotly contested resource
that the Israelis have often had to skirmish
with their neighbors in order to secure
reliable sources of water.
Even the best of times, Israel has been a nation
on the brink of destruction
and if World War III were to ever start,
the principal ally of Israel, the United States,
would have much bigger problems to deal with
than trying to defend a nonstrategic piece of land
in the Middle East.
Israel is also extremely dependent on foreign aid
which is something that would almost immediately cease
if its allies came under attack.
This thin strip of desert land
would also not be able to stand the harsh political reality
of being surrounded by nations that despise Israel.
This include Egypt,
which has been at war with Israel five times;
Jordan, which has been at war three times;
Syria, five times;
Lebanon, three times;
and Palestine, eight times.
These factors and more
make Israel one of the worst places to be
in the case of a Third World War.
Number 9: Russia.
During the Cold War, it was widely assumed
that if Word War III were to ever break out,
the Soviet Union would be one of the combatants.
This reality hasn't changed much
of the creation of modern Russia.
As of this video's release,
Russia's currently embroiled in two proxy wars
against the United States and Ukraine and in Syria,
and while this is an unlikely scenario,
either of these conflicts could bring Russia into a war
against the United States and NATO.
but Russia's involvement in a game of geopolitical chess
with the United States is just the tip of the iceberg.
Russia is a uniquely unsafe place
if a Third World War were to ever break out.
This is because of a Russian trigger system
known as the Dead Man's Switch.
The Dead Man's Switch is an automatic launching mechanism
that is linked to every missile in Russia's nuclear arsenal.
The Dead Man's Switch
continuously monitors Russian territory
and if a nuclear strike within Russia
detected by its seismic and radioactivity sensors,
the system automatically launches
every Russian ICBM in a retaliatory strike.
This system is designed to operate
in the event that all of Russia's leadership
is wiped out in a nuclear attack,
but even if Russian's leaders survive a nuclear strike,
the automatic launch order from the Dead Man's Switch
cannot be reversed.
Meaning, the Dead Man's Switch
essentially doomed the Russian populous
to the ravages of nuclear war.
Number 8: The United Kingdom.
Thanks to the United Kingdom's alliance
with the United States and NATO,
it cannot be disputed that the United Kingdom
would also get involved in any Third World War,
but the trouble is that the United Kingdom
is extremely vulnerable.
The British Isles currently have a much larger population
than can be supported naturally
and the United Kingdom is also a net importer of food,
meaning that the inhabitants of the UK
would face instant starvation
if they were ever cut off from their food shipments.
Also, as of this video's release,
the Scottish National Party is poised
to end the United Kingdom's Nuclear Trident program
due to its excessive cost.
These attempts to disarm the UK's nuclear stockpile
may be smart in peace time,
but could leave the gate open for a nuclear first strike
on the UK in the unlikely event of Third World War to occur.
Number 7: China.
China's tethered to the global shipping lanes
which makes its coastal trading to be prime targets
for amphibious assaults, airstrikes,
and even a nuclear attack.
China's military relies on a massive national draft
which could theoretically raise an army
of up to seven million soldiers.
Fueling an army of this enormous magnitude
would come in an enormous cost
to the average Chinese citizen.
Even without the strain of a global conflict,
China's still in danger of going into unrest.
Overwhelming pollution has put China on course
to exhaust its entire supply of drinking water by 2030,
which is a problem that requires
a massive government intervention to solve
and if China's government has weakened or destroyed
during a global conflict,
their problems with pollution will go unaddressed.
If China does get dragged into a Third World War,
areas of China will likely break free
the second they get a chance to,
and this process will only bring great misery to China.
Number 6: The United States.
The United States is by far the biggest candidate
for a surprise nuclear strike.
In the event of a Third World War,
enemies of the United States
could attempt a nuclear preemptive strike
in order to save their own countries
from nuclear annihilation.
This attack would render most of the US unhabitable.
Even people in the Midwest of the United States
who would normally think they are safe would not be safe
because there are dozens of missile silos in this region
that would be primary targets in a nuclear first strike.
These silos would be targeted in the hopes
of destroying the United States nuclear arsenal
before it has a chance to launch.
In the aftermath of a nuclear war
or even a conventional war, it is likely United States
would fracture into smaller regions
and the diverse racial and cultural groups
of the United States would likely fight
for dominance in the ashes.
The region of Southern California alone
has over twenty million people living in area
with no local sources of food or water.
The Southern California's close proximity
in Mexico's violent drug cartels of the south
doesn't help either.
If law and order were to break down
during a global conflict,
it is likely these cartels would ravage
the Southwestern United States.
Number 5: Germany.
Germany is bound by its NATO collective defense agreements
which means that even if a NATO member
as small as Lithuania were to be attacked,
Germany must go to war in defense of that nation.
Germany's involvement in NATO
essentially guarantees that this country
will be placed in the front lines of a Third World War,
making Germany an extremely unsafe place to be
during a global conflict.
During the Cold War, both Soviet and Western battle plans
put Germany in the front lines of any future war.
This reality is not changed in the 21st century,
and any Third World War
between western powers and Russia and its allies
would likely be decided during engagements on German soil.
Number 4: South Korea.
If a Third World War were to break out,
it is likely that the United States would withdraw
or undersupply its soldiers in the Korean peninsula
at the first opportunity,
thus giving North Korea a chance
to launch an invasion in South Korea
while the United States is distracted.
Without the United States, the South Korean army
would be heavily outnumbered by the North.
Any war between the North and South
would cause a massive humanitarian crisis,
which is something South Korea admits
that is nowhere near prepared for.
In reality though, it doesn't matter
whether the North or the South of Korea attacks first.
This small peninsula is guaranteed to be devastated
during any conflicts regardless of who is victorious.
Number 3: Liberia.
In 2010, Liberia was ranked
as the most dependent country on foreign aid
in the entire world.
Meaning that without foreign aid,
Liberia simply cannot survive.
To compound this problem,
the United States is Liberia's largest financial backer.
The US provides Liberia with $450 million need each year.
It is likely that in the event of a Third World War,
the United States will have bigger problems to address
than Liberia's financial lifeline
and it will be abruptly cut,
leaving Liberians to face starvation.
Number 2: The Solomon Islands.
Behind Liberia, the Solomon Islands
is the second most dependent country on foreign aid.
Any world conflict would threaten
the Solomon Islands' lifeline of foreign aid,
leaving its population to suffer greatly.
In addition to this economic vulnerability,
the Solomon Islands is also located
in a very unfortunate place.
During the Second World War, the Solomon Islands
was a strategic location for an airbase to threaten
the populated areas of Australia and New Zealand.
If a Third World War were to ever break out,
it is probable that the Solomon Islands
would again be fought over
and potentially be used as an airbase to threaten Australia
placing it on the front lines of any future world conflict.
Number 1: Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia's massive oil reserves
have been the country's greatest gift,
but also its greatest curse.
If a Third World War were to ever break out,
it is guaranteed that as fuel became scarce,
a major power would attempt to invade Saudi Arabia
in order to gain control of its massive oil reserves.
Saudi Arabia has a relatively small military
and has relied on its alliances to keep it safe.
This decision unfortunately also leaves the kingdom
in a vulnerable position.
The Saudi Arabian monarchy
is also not the most stable institution in the world
and would likely collapse during any devastating conflict.
But Saudi Arabia's problems go deeper
than its assured place on the front line
of a Third World War.
The country is reliant on imports of food,
water, consumer products, and industrial goods,
which means that these critical resources
would be in short supply
leading to unrest, starvation, and death.
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10 Least Safe Countries If WW3 Breaks Out

4004 Folder Collection
richardwang published on November 18, 2015    Silvia W. translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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