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You see that? We're shaking hands.
Let's talk about that Vid!
-Hey you're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV, I'm JR. -I'm Ray, and today we're talking about important, historic handshakes,
but in particular the most recent meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan.
And apparently as you can see, we're wearing very specific colors on our t-shirts today.
-That's right, we've got bright blue, we've got bright red. These colors indicate... -They indicate the colors of our flag!
-Oh say can you see, by the... -Wait wait wait JR, that's the national anthem of the United States.
-I was thinking the colors in the flags are quite the same so you know... -No I don't think that works...
-Okay... Xan Min (National Anthem of the Republic of China), do we have to finish this song? -Please don't, you can put that away now.
Alright anyways, over the weekend if you don't know what went down in Singapore you probably live under a rock, or you don't own a TV set, simple as that.
Cause for the first time in 66 years, ever since 1949's Civil War in China, for the very first time the leaders of both sides, China and Taiwan, they've finally got to meet up.
And whether you say yay or nay to this, this is definitely gonna go down in history.
That's right, in the summit, Xi made a point by saying that "two sides are family and cannot be pulled apart".
However, Ma insisted that the two sides should "observe respect after years of rivalry and hostility" and that we should "respect each other's way of life".
So all in all, this summit was purely symbolical and there were no agreements made.
And neither of the presidents addressed each other as presidents but instead, they addressed each other as Mr. Xi and Mr. Ma.
So should I address you "Mr. Du"?
Of course, "Mr. Lee".
-Then Mr. Du, should we shake on it? -No, today's meeting is purely symbolical and no agreements will be made between the two of us.
-So should we do the symbolical air handshake then? -Okay, fine.
-Thank you very much, nice to meet you. -He made me do this, I don't want to do this. -He likes it anyways.
But you know that VidTalk is far far away from a political talkshow, we're just here to entertain you guys and have fun doing it.
So today instead of going down into the political details and into the debate on who's right who's wrong, we're just going to play a game.
Yeah, another game. And just for the record, currently it's one to one tied.
Cause Ray won at the Halloween edition, I won at the movie: The Intern edition, so today will be the final showdown.
We're going to settle it once and for all with another game of: Fact or Fake.
Fact or Fake: I've collected five very memorable, very historic handshakes in the past, in human history that affected the whole human race.
And I've made some modifications on some of them, so some of them are fake, some of them are fact.
-And you're going to have to decide which one is which. -I'm really bad at history, so this is gonna be difficult for me.
-You're just gonna guess? -Yeah, actually it's not much of a big difference to me, cause I probably don't know the answers.
-It's always gonna be 50-50. -Always gonna be 50-50.
-Okay, but because this is a final showdown, we're going to have a punishment. -Okay!
The one who loses gets to go around the office and shake their hands, holding the Taiwanese flag and saying I'm Mr. Lee or I'm Mr. Du.
-How about that? -I'm running for president. -Yeah yeah yeah, okay.
-Alright. -Are you down for that? -Mr. Du, you're definitely gonna be DU-OOMED (doomed). Get it? -Oh, it's a pun.
So for this game, I've picked five important handshakes in history. I've made some modifications so some are true, some are false.
The one who loses will have to shake hands around the office holding the flag saying "I'm running for president".
-They don't know about this! -I'm definitely gonna make Ray do this. Ray has to lose.
-Let's see what comes of this game. -Okay, so here are the questions. I can't wait, you know, as I just said, this is gonna be a 50-50 chance,
-for me or for Ray to be doing the punishment. -I'm actually kinda nervous, I'm not sure.
-I'm bad at history, it doesn't make a difference for me. -Okay, let's just go with it.
Okay first question: On November 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt, Minister Winston Churchill, and General Chiang Kai-Shek shook hands
in the residence of an American Ambassador in Egypt which led to the Cairo Declaration.
-I know about the Cairo declaration. -The Cairo declaration.
-I know about Chiang Kai-Shek, I know about Churchill. I would say fact. -Fact?
-Are you giving me the look? -No no no. -Are you giving me a hint that I'm wrong? -No nothing.
Fact! I'm gonna go with fact.
So Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Chiang Kai-Shek in Egypt. Right, this question is actually quite a giveaway because it's very related to Taiwan.
-This is a fact! -Yeah!
-The Cairo declaration, it is signed in Egypt. -You're one step closer to running for president in the office.
-They wanted the unconditional surrender from Japan. -Yeah.
-So one point for JR. That's a good start. -It is.
-Let's go on to the next one. On April 1865... -April 1865, you're not gonna change up the years right?
-No, not gonna be the year, not gonna be so detailed. -You can't be that cruel. -Oh, it's not April, it's May.
On April 1865, General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant shook hands
in a farmhouse in Virginia with Lee accepting Grant’s surrender, the capitulation that would end the Civil War.
-With Lee accepting... -Grant's surrender.
-Are you familiar with the Civil War? -Yes, a house that is divided against itself cannot stand. (Matthews 12:25)
-That's right. That's from the Bible right? -Yeah it actually was the Bible verse that inspired president Lincoln. -To start the Civil War?
-But I'm gonna say no, this is not a fact. This is probably fake. Because you just said General Lee accepted... -Grant's surrender.
General Lee represents the southern side, so they lost actually. So I'm gonna say fake!
Wow, I thought you said you're not good at history!
You know, it's easy! Yay!
-Yeah, you're right. -All I need is one more question.
Grant actually accepted Lee's surrender with the Northern side winning.
-Yeah! Two points for team JR! -I'm so stressed now!
-How many questions do we have left? -We've got three more questions . You need to get them all wrong. -One out of three!
-You need to get them all wrong in order to lose. -Oh I'm so excited, I got the flag prepared for you.
-This is such an honor! -...to meet the future president? -Yeah.
Okay, I still got a chance. I still got a chance. Next question, third question.
On September 1938, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler shook hands in Hotel Drees... Dreesen? How do you pronounce this word? Dressing?
-Dressing! Hotel Dressing. Like a salad dressing? -Okay.
Germany in an agreement that will ensure “peace for their time”. With the horror of World War II, this handshake with Hitler came to be a symbol of appeasement.
-When's the year? -I'm not good at history, I'm not gonna give you any hint at all. You already got two questions down, you know...
-Hitler and Churchill meeting up, that sounds kinda weird... -But that was before the World War.
-Yeah, still kinda weird. Nah, I'm gonna say fake! -Fake? -I'm gonna say fake. -You sure?
-I'm looking at your face, your face is giving me... -No, nothing. -...some hints here. -I'm not giving you any hints.
-Okay. Fake! -Okay, so this is... -Wait!
This is fake! You already won, what the heck?
I won!!!
-So what is the truth about this? -So it's not Winston Churchill, it's the minister before him that shook hands with Adolf Hitler.
Yeah cause Churchill and Hitler meeting up sounds really weird.
So it's actually Neville something, I forgot his last name. But Neville, the minister before Churchill, he shook hands with Adolf Hitler in a hotel.
That was before the World War... and you look too happy. I'm not too pleased about this.
Let's just go on to the last two questions, you can just have fun because I've lost anyway. This is so hard...
Final two questions, fourth question: On December 1990, Robert Fagg, yes that's his actual name F-A-G-G, and Philippe Cozette shook hands
through a 3-by-4 foot hole in a wall 130 feet below the seabed of the English Channel, so they shook hands through a really small hole,
commemorating the completion of the Channel Tunnel that connected Britain to the European continent.
I know about the construction of the tunnel beneath the sea, the English Channel.
-I would say, fact. -Right, this is a fact. Four questions to JR.
-Okay final question, let's see if I can get at least one out of these five questions. -And not be humiliated.
Okay final question: On December 1970, President Richard Nixon and Pop star Elvis Presley,
they shook hands in the White House where Presley requested to become a federal agent to combat drug abuse in America.
You know this sounds so unreal that it makes me wanna say yes it's a fact.
Presley, are you familiar with him?
Well, it's one for the money. Two for the show. Three to get ready. Now go, cat, go. But don't you...
-Wow you're really familiar with him. -Well he died before I was even born so I can't say that I'm familiar, but I know his music though.
I would say, fact. Just because it sounds too fake.
-Because it sounds too fake you're gonna say it's a fact. -Does that make sense?
Um... this is a fact! What the heck! You got five questions.
I got five points! Ray! Urghhh.
-You're like a history guru. -I'm the history guru, very nice to meet you.
President Richard Nixon actually shook hands with Elvis Presley.
So that concludes our game and our show today and we're just going to pack up and go home and call it a day! And not...
No we're not! We got the punishment. We got the punishment! Yeah.
Before that though, let's go into our video, our weekly challenge. Because this is VidTalk, we're going to bring you a video talking and discussing
about the relationship between China and Taiwan, so let's check out that video first.
And we'll be back with the punishment.
Since 1949, both Taiwan’s government, The Republic of China, and Mainland China’s government, The People’s Republic of China
have claimed validity as the legitimate, and only, “China”. So, what’s going on? Which is the “real” China, and why do the two countries hate each other?
Welcome to the weekly challenge of VidTalk, personally I'm still pretty depressed about the outcome of the game just now,
but we still have to teach you the English.
That's right. And today's video, well personally I think this guy did a very good job in explaining the cross-strait relations.
He stands from a very neutral point of view, just the facts.
The sentence that we picked, the phrase that we wanted to teach you today is "agree to disagree".
And it comes from this sentence: "In 1992, the two governments came to a Consensus, acknowledging that there was only one China,
and that each believed themselves to be it. Basically, they agreed to disagree."
-Okay JR what is "agree to disagree"? -Agree to disagree means to... disagree!
That's exactly it. Agree to disagree, we agree each other's disagreement. Literally that's it.
It just means disagree.
It means, after discussion, no conclusion can be made and each still held on to their own opinions. This is "agree to disagree".
So what we want you to do is, give us a story of how two people might come to this conclusion.
How two people might "agree to disagree" and put it in the comment sections below.
Yeah, leave it in the comment section below and we might choose your sentence for next week's VidTalk.
And that is a wrap for VidTalk today.
Thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing this video.
And remember to subscribe to our VoiceTube TV channel, right up there, click that button, and if you wanna see more of me or JR,
-you can click on the links below us. -Right... here...
-What are you looking at? -Here... and here...
Alright anyways let's go to the comments right now which people left us from last episode.
And here are the five sentences that we've chosen. The first one is from GuYuHui, I hope I pronounced it right.
She goes: "I have no choice but to ask Ray to finish my homework so that I'll be able to go to the cinema and watch The Intern tonight,
unless he declines to take the burden off my plate."
-Uh... I politely decline. -But good sentence.
Alright next, Zhen Kai Shen: "If someone can help me make the sentence of this week, that will take things off my plate. It's not easy."
-That's kinda redundant cause you already made your sentence. -Yeah you did, and you did quite a good job actually.
-It's not that difficult. -Yeah it's not that hard.
Next, Elaine So, so your sentence is: "My boss said that I'm a good assistant who always takes things off his plate, so he is going to add more on my plate.
Okay the first principle of being an office lady is you always have to pretend you're busy. That is rule number one.
-That is so true. -Yeah, it's so true. That's what we're doing right now actually.
Okay next, Chang Xin Yu: "Ray and JR are lovely, they can cure my mind completely," so you're kinda sick?
Like mentally ill? Just kidding.
"When I see them talk on VidTalk every Thursday, it take things off my plate."
-Okay. -Okay, good sentence.
-Last but not least, Yihuey Liu. -Why are you pronouncing everyone's names so weird?
I hope I pronounced it right. Yihuey Liu. "It is so wonderful to have a considerate husband to take a bunch of dreary household chores off my plate."
-Wow. -That's a good husband. -That's sweet.
So those are the comments from last week and we just gave you your challenge for this week, leave your comments below.
-Once again, I'm JR. -I'm Ray.
And we'll talk to you next time.
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VidTalk // Historic Handshakes

17972 Folder Collection
Ray Du published on November 12, 2015    Ray Du translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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