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  • Hello all, welcome back, I am Niharika.

  • Well! today we are gonna explore the different types of meat.

  • Today we're gonna explore the different types of meat available in the market, restaurants, grocery

  • stores and so on. This lesson is specifically for non- vegetarians who love eating meat.

  • Well, it’s actually for vegetarians too, because if you are a vegetarian and you like

  • travelling and you don’t know what food is what,what food are you suppose to stay

  • away from then I think this lesson should be helpful. So go ahead, do enjoy this.

  • We gonna look at types of meat. First we gonna look at the different types of meat available,

  • we have red meat, Poultry, Pork, Seafood. Well, what comes under red meat is beef. Beef

  • is cow’s meat. Then we have goat. Goat is also called as lamb or mutton. Many people

  • call it mutton but in many countries it is also called as lamb. We also have sheep. So

  • cow’s meat, goat, sheep the meat of these animals come under red meat. And do not eat

  • too much of red meat it’s not healthy. Well, now let’s look at the most healthy meat

  • Poultry, under poultry it’s chicken and then we have turkey. In many countries it’s

  • not just called as poultry but also called as white meat. So the chicken and turkey is

  • also known as white meat. And the another type of meat we have, apparently people say

  • that it is the tastiest of all, that’s pork. And pork is pig. So it’s the pig’s meat.

  • And the last one is seafood that’s my favourite I totally binge on seafood. Seafood is like

  • your fish and then we have prawns. In many countries it’s called as prawns but in America

  • it’s called as shrimp. So, prawns, shrimp or lobster, squid and there are so many types

  • of seafood. So these are the types of meat that are available and now we will look at

  • the different vocabulary related to meat. Alright here are some types of meat available

  • in the market. The first one we have is bacon. Well, bacon is usually eaten by people for

  • breakfast. So what a delicious start to your day! So bacon is made out of pig’s meat

  • and these are the thin slices of meat which can be fried or sautéed in a pan and it is

  • of course processed meat and it’s preserved or treated with smoke and salt. So, that’s

  • bacon for you. Let’s have a look at other one. SausageIn the market there’s variety

  • of sausages. We have beef sausage, pork sausage. We also have chicken sausage and in fact, we

  • have different flavoured sausages. And, again its processed meat and it is cylindrical,

  • round in shape. And it is made out of treated ground meat and it has flavours to it and

  • it is also covered with a thin skin. So it’s treated ground meat and is covered with thin

  • skin. So may be you are hungry and starving and you just want to eat something then go

  • ahead sauté some sausage, it’s nice and tasty snack. The next one we have is ham.

  • Now many people do get confused with what is ham made of? So just because you eat a

  • hamburger doesn’t mean that the ham is made of beef. Now ham is interesting. It's made of

  • pig meat. So it’s basically the thigh of a pig which is again treated by salt and wet

  • curing and smoke too. So it’s nice and delicious but yes many people do get confused, what

  • exactly ham is? So that’s what it is, it is made out of pig meat. The next one is pepperoni.

  • Have you tried the delicious pepperoni pizza? Well, if you haven’t then you should. Pepperoni

  • is very commonly used in America and it’s type of Salami, it’s red in colour, it’s

  • soft and it’s delicious of course. But again pepperoni is made out of mashed pig, that's pork,

  • and beef meat. So again it’s fermented, just because it’s a type of salami, it is

  • a processed meat and and it’s a little smoky and it is bright red in colour. So that’s

  • pepperoni for you. The next one we have is salami, salami is again type of processed

  • meat. It’s treated with salt, it’s also treated with smoke and different flavours

  • too. Infact salami is available in variety to meat types, you can either have chicken

  • salami, you also have beef salami and pork salami . So it’s made out of various animal

  • meat. So that’s salami and then we have minced meat , finally something which is not

  • processed . Well, minced meat in many countries it is also called as ground meat and it’s

  • basically fine chopped meat. It’s grinded meat. So you either use a grinder to grind

  • the meat or you just chop it. So it’s basically finely chopped meat. So that’s minced meat

  • and then we have steak. Do you like your steak? Well, steak is a big portion of slice. It

  • is a slice of beef or slice of pork and infact in many countries we also have slice of fish

  • steaks. Fish steaks are also slice of meat. It is either roasted or grilled. Usually when

  • you go to a restaurant and you order a steak. You will usually mention that you want your steak to be half cooked or pink

  • or fully cooked (well done). So different people prefer their steak to be either cooked

  • well or they want it to be a little raw. That’s pink in colour. So that’s steak, so it can be

  • pork steak, beef steak or fish steak. The last one is ribs; well we all know

  • what ribs are. However it’s not the human ribs we are talking about, it’s the animal

  • ribs. These are chopped ribs they can be roasted they can be baked they can be fried. They

  • are not very meaty, less of meat and more of sucking. We have pork ribs available, we

  • have beef ribs we have lamb ribs and trust me it’s delicious. I enjoy sucking on the

  • ribs or chewing on the ribs rather. So these are the types of meat products available.

  • If you are a vegetarian just look for these words and you have to stay away from this

  • kind of food and if you are a non vegetarian then you know what is what. I will be back

  • with a new lesson soon till then you take care and have a great day.

Hello all, welcome back, I am Niharika.

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Spoken English Lesson - Different types of meat (Learning English Vocabulary)

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