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  • - My parents said to never whistle at night

  • because the snakes will come after you.

  • - I grew up with very superstitious people.

  • - My mom is, like, the Superstition Queen.

  • - Oh yes, my parents are very superstitious.

  • - My mom used to tell me that if you took pictures

  • in groups of three, the person in the middle

  • would die first.

  • - My mom told me that all rock music

  • was the music of the devil,

  • and if I listened to it that the devil

  • would eat my soul.

  • - When I was younger, my mom used to tell me

  • that if I didn't finish all the food on my plate,

  • that my wife would be ugly.

  • And the joke's on you, Mom,

  • 'cause I'm never getting married. (laughs)

  • - My mom told me that if I stain anything with period blood,

  • I have to wash it immediately because if a snake smells it,

  • you can't have kids anymore.

  • - Growing up, my mom told me that

  • if we slept in the fetal position,

  • we wouldn't grow properly.

  • And so she would come in at night

  • and if we were in the fetal position,

  • she would straighten us out, like Dracula style.

  • - It would always be hot, and we never even

  • were allowed to use the AC at home,

  • but then our parents would never allow us

  • to go to sleep with the fan on,

  • so we would always have to sleep with the fan off,

  • because they would say that we would die in our sleep.

  • - My parents told me from a very young age

  • that if I cut my nails at night,

  • then I would not be able to be there for them

  • when they were about to pass away.

  • - My mom told me, growing up,

  • that if you stuck your chopsticks in your bowl of rice,

  • and it stood there and you left it there,

  • then someone would die.

  • So I never, even to this day, I don't even do that.

  • - My mom said never to go thrift-shopping

  • because someone dead could have worn the clothes before,

  • and so you would kind of absorb their bad luck.

  • - I didn't want to believe the superstitions growing up,

  • but my mom was so convincing

  • that I ended up believing all of them.

  • - I felt like they were all true.

  • - I was skeptical when I was a kid,

  • but I also didn't wanna risk it.

  • - What if they were real, I don't know, you don't know.

  • - The superstitions that are inconvenient,

  • I don't believe in.

  • - I think that now they've just become habits for me.

  • - Now I've developed maybe my own

  • set of superstitions.

  • - I don't think I'm a superstitious person

  • until something weird happens

  • and then I'm superstitious.

  • - I get that there's great prices at thrift stores,

  • but to this day I will avoid thrift stores

  • because someone might have died

  • wearing those old clothes,

  • or there could be diseases.

- My parents said to never whistle at night

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Bad Luck Superstitions Our Asian Parents Told Us As Kids

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