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  • You were gonna move into my house,

  • raise my kids, sleep in my bed...

  • with my wife.

  • Sounds like a nice plan.

  • Oh, is it insane?

  • Just think about it, okay? If I was gonna rip you off,

  • why wouldn't I just leave town after Ruiz was killed?

  • Why would I sit next to you in court and listen to a dismissal?

  • Let me ask you something. You think there's a difference between a reason and an excuse?

  • 'Cause I don't.

  • - Good-bye, Arnie. - Carl--

  • Carl?

  • Come on, sweetheart.

  • Come outside. Everyone's waiting for you.

  • - Who was that? - Arnie. He's, uh--

  • - He can't make it to the barbecue. - Oh.

  • - Come on. - Hi, Helena.

  • - Hello. - It's a great party.

  • - Who is he, a friend of yours? - Oh, I'm a nobody.

  • I'm the nobody who arrested you.

  • - You're-- - How you doing?

  • - What are you doing in my house? - Oh, just looking around.

  • You got nice shit. Drug money buys a lot of nice shit, Carl.

  • Listen, you don't want to talk that way in my house.

  • You're fucking a murderer, Carl.

  • - Fuck you and fuck your wife. - Hey, you can't be in here.

  • - Get him out. - You put me out, Carl.

  • - I'm a cop. - I don't care.

  • - Get out. - Hey ! Hey, hey !

  • - Is that what you wanted? - A nice little bedtime story, Helena.

  • Tell him how you murdered my partner !

  • - You got the wrong-- - His name was Ray Castro, Helena !

  • Ray Castro ! You remember that !

  • - What's his problem? - The carpet, sweetheart.

  • - No, no, no, I got it. - I got it.

  • - Where did he come from? - Outside, honey.

  • What do you want to do, man?

  • On the good days, I feel like I get it.

  • Like it all makes sense.

  • I can stay in the moment.

  • I don't have to control everything in the future...

  • and I believe everything is gonna work out fine.

You were gonna move into my house,

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