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  • - I've got his breakfast. - Coming.

  • - So who's this going to? - Over here.

  • - Ooh. - Fuck off.

  • - Relax, Eddie. - Yeah, where has the love gone? Good-bye.

  • You know, you're gonna be testifying for about ten days.

  • We could just decide to stop feeding your ass.

  • You expect me to be grateful for spending the rest of my life looking over my shoulder?

  • Wow, that's-- that's heavy, Eddie.

  • Can't you for one second imagine that none of this had happened, that my drugs had gone through?

  • What would be the harm?

  • Huh? What would be the harm?

  • A few people get high who are getting high anyway.

  • Your partner's still alive.

  • We don't have to have breakfast together.

  • Don't you see this means nothing?

  • Your whole life is pointless.

  • You're really breaking my heart.

  • - The worst part about you, Monty-- - "Monty"?

  • The worst part about you, Monty,

  • is you realize the futility of what you're doing, and you do it anyway.

  • Wish you could see how transparent you are.

  • This food tastes like shit.

  • So, take your stank ass and go get a shower already.

  • Let me tell you something.

  • You only got to me because you were tipped off by the Juarez cartel...

  • who's trying to break into Tijuana.

  • - You are helping them. Uh-huh. - Mmm.

  • So, remember, you work for a drug dealer too, Monty.

  • - Fuck me.

  • - Who is it? - Breakfast.

  • Hurry up. It's getting cold.

  • Okay. One second.

  • - Get the fuck down ! - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey !

  • - Get down ! Get the fuck down ! - Hey, hey, I'm on your side !

  • - What the fuck? - Oh, shit. Call an ambulance.

  • - Call an ambulance ! Fuck ! - Palms up. Spread your damn hands out.

  • - Shit ! Eddie !

  • Hold on.

  • Oh, shit ! Hurry up with that ambulance !

  • Shit. Hold on. Hold on.

  • Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

  • because of the sudden death of Eduardo Ruiz,

  • the people have determined that we cannot continue our case against Carl Ayala.

  • Oh ! Oh !

  • Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you.

- I've got his breakfast. - Coming.

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Traffic (9/10) Movie CLIP - Your Whole Life Is Pointless (2000) HD

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