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  • Hello everyone!

  • Welcome to Idiom 100, where we learn 100 commonly used idioms by native English speakers.

  • All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you,

  • but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

  • Is everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Hello everyone! Nice to see you.

  • Today's idiom is: better safe than sorry.

  • Better safe than sorry.

  • Alright, so let's imagine a picture and we have 2 houses, alright?

  • Two houses and one house has the laundry hanging outside

  • and the other house has the laundry inside and they didn't do it yet, right?

  • And all of a sudden, it starts to rain, okay?

  • And this house, do you think they're safe or sorry?

  • Right, the laundry got rained on, so they're sorry and this house, the laundry is not outside, so they're safe, yeah?

  • Better safe than sorry.

  • Better safe than sorry.

  • Yeah, laundry is clean, laundry is wet and dirty outside. Safe and sorry.

  • Alright, so let's imagine this as we listen to some examples.

  • Should I confirm my doctor's appointment for tomorrow?

  • Yes, you waited 3 months to get that appointment, so better safe than sorry, right?

  • Okay, so in this situation, she took a long time to get her doctor's appointment,

  • so she thinks she should confirm and check.

  • 'Tomorrow's appointment is okay?'

  • Right, so safe is calling the doctor and checking, 'Is my appointment okay for tomorrow? Yes? Okay.' Safe.

  • Or sorry, she doesn't call and she goes to the doctor, 'Sorry, you don't have an appointment today,' yeah, sorry.

  • Yeah, better safe than sorry.

  • Alright, you should call and let's listen to another example.

  • It looks like a bad day, huh?

  • Yeah, I took in my laundry before I left the house. I thought better safe than sorry.

  • Right, so she had laundry outside and it looked like bad weather, so she brought the laundry inside.

  • Better safe than sorry, okay?

  • So, 'better safe than sorry' means when you do something and you don't want to regret it, right?

  • So, you have 2 choices and one option, it's risky.

  • There's a possibility you'll regret this decision, yeah?

  • Something bad might happen, so this is your possible to be sorry, right?

  • And this option, there's no risk, but maybe it kind of takes some time to do it or it's not the best thing you want to do, but it's safe.

  • Yeah, so, for example, you want to do your laundry.

  • You really need to do your laundry, but it might rain. It's risky.

  • So, if it rains, you'll be sorry, but if you wait and don't do your laundry, then you're safe, right?

  • Better safe than sorry.

  • So, you use this phrase to explain your decision, right?

  • So, I didn't do my laundry, because it might rain. Yeah, better safe than sorry.

  • So, it explains why you did, why you made the choice that you made.

  • It's to be safe and not sorry.

  • Alright, so next time you make a decision to be safe and you don't want to regret something,

  • then you can say you did it better safe than sorry.

  • Alright and I'll see you next time!

Hello everyone!

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