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How are you doing today, all my rubber plums?
Don't ask me what a rubber plum is, my dad invented the word and his Swedish is quite bad, so...
Just leaving it there.
You might've noticed that in my last video, I stood in a different kitchen
in a dark and miserable apartment,
but hey, it's not a miserable apartment -
it's MY apartment!
That was a lamp.
I've moved! I've got an apartment!
I can for the first time ever relate to Swedish singer Veronica Maggio!

... first floor.

If we know each other well and you're not annoying.

True, and all of them are mine.

NOOO no smoking inside! Also, I think the fan's broken, so that's not a good idea.

Sure enough.

If you by "the whole world" mean these 49 square metres, then yes, correct, they are mine.
And I no longer need to stand in the kitchen, rushing a shoot because of the
only winter daylight that occurs between like 11.00-11.30am
because I've bought a pair of studio lights!
Tadaa, look at my face.
Like a pro.
Professional money spender.
I live alone in a two-room flat and the first thing I buy is studio lights for 1500 SEK, take my money
I don't know if I should do an apartment tour. I don't know. Should I?
I'll show you real quick how things look in here.
This is where the magic happens...
Seriously, I'm sleeping with a lot of people (lol) (no)
Yeah, that's about it.
And that was my apartment!
DO... you... know what I'm doing on Friday?
No, you don't, stop lying.
I'm going to the ELLE Style Awards.
Which is synonymous with "FASHION"
Clara Henry is going.
Clara Henry, which is synonymous with:
"sometimes I wear both shorts and woolen socks because I can't decide if I'm warm or cold"
I mean I don't know what you're thinking, but I feel like...
... culture clash..?
But I think it's gonna be fun anyway. It's such a huge gala..?!
Which gives me body anxiety, just the thought of it.
Sweet. That's how you know you're alive.
I thought I'd show you what Im gonna wear but I forgot it in my bedroom, so..
.. one, two, three, CUT
You suck, Clara, you were supposed to cut there!
Duhhhh stop whining.
And... it's January.
I don't know if it's fashion enough, though.
Probably not. I don't know anything about stuff like this. I have no clue.
I've got two questions. One: will I get kicked out if I'm not fashionable enough?
And two: will there be a goodiebag?
Because if there will, count me in.
I'll take the risk of appearing in next week's tabloids under the headline:
"Worst outfits at the ELLE Style Awards - we've got the pictures!"
But do you know what, tabloids?
YOU are the worst!!1!
Ooohhhhh! Mhm, unprovoked internet hatred.
Suck on it.
Come at me... please don't, I hate being in the tabloids, please don't write about me any more
Is it just me, or do I look quite gangsta in these pigtails?
Ah, as I thought, it was just me. DANG IT
shiiiit - Shiiiiit - SHIIIIIIT
I want to be able to sing in harmonies with myself!!!
Hey Linnea [on the poster]. What's up? I'm good thanks. Bye.
Well, this turned into a vlog-diary-life-update.
I hope you liked it, wish me luck on the ELLE gala, thanks a lot,
and I'll see you all next Monday. Bye!
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711 Folder Collection
辰冰 published on November 3, 2015
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