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  • Airport Check-in

  • Your country gives you these when you travel overseas.

  • It has a picture of you inside with your name, and when you were born.

  • Passport.

  • You need one of these to get on your flight.

  • Another name for a ticket.

  • Boarding pass.

  • When you pay for your ticket you get one of these.

  • It tells the airline you have made a booking.

  • It's a booking

  • Booking confirmation.

  • You bring this with you on your flight.

  • You might check it in or carry it on the plane.

  • Luggage.

  • Your clothes and other things go inside a ...

  • Another word for luggage.

  • Suitcase.

  • To leave somewhere.

  • Another way to say "to go away".

  • Starting with 'd'

  • Depart.

  • Getting on a plane is called?

  • You have a pass that lets you do this.

  • Boarding.

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Are you interested in expanding your English vocabulary?

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English Vocabulary - Airport Check-in

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    Chris Lyu posted on 2015/11/02
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