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  • Hey what’s up guys? This is Eric, with Painting Business Pro. And in this video I'm going

  • to be walking you through how to start your painting business from scratch. I’m just

  • going to show you how I did; because that’s actually exactly how I started my painting

  • business was from scratch. I had no money, I basically like desperately needed money,

  • it was you know going into winter time, and I just I need money really fast and really

  • easy and I needed a lot of it. So I started my painting business.

  • Step one, register your business and you know, license. So in Colorado I’m fortunate, I

  • don't actually need a license in Colorado to operate a residential painting company.

  • You will have to check in your individual state on licensing, I know some states are

  • real pain in the butt as far as licensing go. Registering your business costs fifty

  • dollars and takes about five minutes, to go to Secretary of State website, you can just

  • Google it Secretary of State register my business and you will just find it, cost 50 bucks to

  • do that and it wouldn’t take you more than ten minutes.

  • I had some people asking me the question about licensing, do I need a license? What happens

  • if I don't have a license? Basically you can do anything you want in the world, but there

  • are consequences for things, because they are rules. So you don't need a license, but

  • there are consequences to not having a license and every state is going to different with

  • what those consequences are. So let's just say for example, you know you could get fined

  • $5,000 for not having a license, you know okay cool. Now you know if you want to go

  • operate your business without a license you could - if you get caught, youre going

  • to pay five thousand dollars, so just be ready for that and also there's going to be customers

  • who don’t book with you, because you don't have a license, so be ready for that. You

  • know, so those are really couple of big things I have to do with you know with getting a

  • license, those are two big consequences. So it's definitely worth getting license, and

  • if you don't know, you don’t want to let - if you don’t get a license, or don’t

  • want to worry about getting a license, know that you're risking the consequences, cool?

  • Step two, so again this should be really quick. Step two, is basic material, so fliers, contracts

  • and a basic clime angle. So I like to put together a little folder that just like hey

  • about me, about the company, about our process, this and that. A basic flyer to hand out door-to-door

  • and a contract to write up my estimate on, by the way this entire system exactly step-by-step,

  • every little bit of it is included in my course at the web site listed below, @

  • You can actually get templates for the flyer, contract for the client manual, share the

  • rates of the business, marketing, we will actually walk through every little part of

  • this, I actually walk you through exactly what to say, the scripts, give you all the

  • materials and everything. So just want to make note of that, because I know I'm not

  • going to lot of details on these things in this video, I just want to show you the outline,

  • all the details are in the course there. So step one, register. Step two, basic materials

  • put those together. Step three, is marketing. So now youre ready, like once you got registered

  • and you got materials, which shouldn't cost you more than 50 bucks and probably 100 bucks,

  • which like 150, now you start marketing. So there is two ways to market, you can go door-to-door

  • and you know that's what I did, I just went door-to-door and here's what I say, knock

  • on the door; sayHey how is it going? I’m Eric, I’m with Foothills Painting. I noticed

  • you have some peeling paint up here, so I just want to give you some free estimate.”

  • And then they say okay and I take down their information and I say I will call them in

  • a couple days. So that’s door-to-door marketing, and I’m

  • going to go in a lot more details later in the course. And buying leads, you can buy

  • leads from our company that we started which is Painter Choice, which is

  • or We sell really good painting leads, but we are not all over the

  • country yet, so you may not be able to get me to leads from us yet. And then you also

  • can use but check out my marketing videos, I talk about different ways to market

  • there. So now we are at three, so now we got leads

  • coming in. Whether it’s door-to-door from buying leads, you have customers who want

  • estimates coming to you. Step four, schedule the estimates. So you

  • call them up and set up the estimate. Again we have an initial phone call script that

  • we used to set up really good estimates. Step five, do the estimate. So it's as simple

  • as showing up, talking to the people about what they want, what is imported to them,

  • you know working out different options for them, coming up with the price, writing up

  • on the contract and reviewing it with them. Once you've done a few estimates, you book

  • your first job. When you book a job, you take a 25 percent deposit. So our average job size

  • this year is probably 3,400. So when we take a deposit, we take about $850 deposit, that’s

  • your profit. So that’s instantly like in your pocket, you don't need to spend on anything

  • else. That $850 deposit pays for your marketing, registration and puts the first 600 – 700

  • bucks in pocket, awesome so now youre in business.

  • So the next thing you do, so now youve got a job to do, youve got a deposit, you

  • go higher a contractor. Use Craigslist, we got scripted ads, scripted interview process,

  • scripted phone calls, everything about this weve got scripted out. You go hire some

  • contractor to paint that house for you for fifty percent for what you just booked it

  • for, when they paint that house for fifty percent, you collect seventy- five percent

  • remaining from the customer, you make another twenty-five percent. So you make 850 when

  • you book it, you make 850 when you produce it, then you just repeat the cycle.

  • And then how do you grow the business? Repeat the cycles as many times as you can in a week,

  • until you don't have any more time and then you start hiring people to start doing other

  • things for you, so you have more time to do more sales and generate more money.

  • So that's how you start a business on shoe string budget. If you have any questions or

  • comments, I would love to hear about them below. If you haven’t subscribe to my channel,

  • subscribe hit the red button or subscribe right here. And then also if you like video,

  • give me thumbs up. I really love hearing from you guys, really helps me craft better videos,

  • so I would love your feedback to make better videos. That’s all I’ve got for today.

  • I'm out, thanks!

Hey what’s up guys? This is Eric, with Painting Business Pro. And in this video I'm going

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"How to Start a Painting Business from Scratch" By Painting Business Pro

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