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  • How to Have a Romantic Date

  • By: Kham Sy Thor

  • Step 1: Picking Them Up

  • If you want to have a romantic date,

  • start with picking them up.

  • Flowers would be very lovely,

  • especially if they can last forever.

  • Step 2: The Ride

  • If you're going to go out, go out in style.

  • Make sure your ride,

  • is fly~

  • Step 3: Going Out to Eat

  • Eating out, especially for dinner,

  • can be very romantic.

  • You have all the chances of table flirting,

  • such as,

  • feeding each other,

  • or stealing a bite.

  • Step 4: An Extra Something

  • Going out to the movies is an excellent idea.

  • Definitely watch something that he or she would love;

  • be it action,

  • comedy,

  • horror,

  • or whatsoever.

  • Step 5: A Stroll

  • A stroll is always an amazing way to follow up.

  • You can do all kinds of things,

  • such as, holding hands,

  • or watching the scenery.

  • Step 6: Taking Them Home

  • Finally, you have to take them home.

  • And don't forget,

  • to leave that memorable moment.

How to Have a Romantic Date

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