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Last weekend Daisuke and I visited a popular restaurant in Hirado
called “Tokisato” that specialises in Japanese Donburi.
If this is the first time your hearing the word “Donburi”, then you’ve definitely been missing out.
Donburi, literally meaning ‘bowl’ is a Japanese “Rice Bowl Dish”.
There are many kinds of Donburi dishes, differing in their toppings.
Some of the most popular dishes include
Oyakodon (mother and child donburi), usually made with chicken and egg.
Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Donburi),
Kaisendon (Seafood Donburi),
Gyudon (Beef Donburi),
Tendon (Tempura Donburi)
and Unadon (Eel Donburi).
No matter which one you choose, you are bound to have a delightful eating experience.
I'm going to get Katsudon.
Yes, Katsudon.
I'm going to eat Katsudon.
You will order Gyudon?
Hirado Gyudon?
OK. With a set?
Yeah, i can get a set.
When the meals arrived they were hot and steamy.
And looked absolutely delicious.
The Hirado Gyudon beef was so tender and had a very hearty flavour that went well with the egg and onion.
Daisuke’s katsudon was soft and moist and the mix flavour was outstanding.
A very delicious meal.
We also had the choice of two different accompanying soups
I went for Tonjiru which is a kind of Miso soup with pork and vegetables.
And Daiskue went for osuimono a clear broth with fish
We also received some Tsukemono, Japanese pickled vegetables with our dishes.
This also came with a wasabi and yuzu sauce, which really packed a punch.
If you ever get the chance i definitely recommend checking out a 'Donburi ' restaurant.
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Japanese Donburi // emilylouisemaitland ♡

6534 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on October 30, 2015
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