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  • Do you have any friends at all?

  • I do!

  • Any ones that aren't imaginary?

  • Or your family?

  • At least 1 in 3 kids will be bullied during school.

  • UP TV set out to the question: in an increasingly disconnected world, who will stop the bullying?

  • I know a bunch of people from your dance team and they said that they just pretended to be sick so that they don't have to go to your birthday party.

  • Didn't you audition for the musical?

  • Uh-um.

  • Yeah!

  • People told me that you sounded like a dying pig.

  • Did you think that you go gonna get a part?

  • Well, you definitely do need make-up.

  • No, she do not!

  • You want somebody do that to you?

  • You think it's funny?

  • Have a fan account for it is so weird. Do you guys like have anything nice to say, or... ?

  • You guys just talking [email protected]#.

  • How would you like that there's somebody who's a little bit older than you came and told you're no any good?

  • You don't hurt somebody's feelings, and intentionally, do it.

  • So, leave her alone, please?

  • Everyone at school calls you "freak" 'cause you all you do is reading and you don't talk to anyone.

  • Quit messing with her.

  • You keep reading.

  • Don't mess with her like that. It's not nice.

  • It's that stuff that you're doing that brings people's self-esteem down.

  • Does she move away from us?

  • Cute backpack!

  • Thank you!

  • - I like that! - Thank you.

  • They're nasty!

  • Do you want to come and sit with me on the bus? You caught on this bus?

  • Only weird keep on going that.

  • Who will stop the bullying?

  • All of us.

Do you have any friends at all?

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Who Will Stop the Bullying?

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    VoiceTube posted on 2015/11/15
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