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Do you have any friends at all?
I do!
Any ones that aren't imaginary?
Or your family?
At least 1 in 3 kids will be bullied during school.
UP TV set out to the question: in an increasingly disconnected world, who will stop the bullying?
I know a bunch of people from your dance team and they said that they just pretended to be sick so that they don't have to go to your birthday party.
Didn't you audition for the musical?
People told me that you sounded like a dying pig.
Did you think that you go gonna get a part?
Well, you definitely do need make-up.
No, she do not!
You want somebody do that to you?
You think it's funny?
Have a fan account for it is so weird. Do you guys like have anything nice to say, or... ?
You guys just talking [email protected]#.
How would you like that there's somebody who's a little bit older than you came and told you're no any good?
You don't hurt somebody's feelings, and intentionally, do it.
So, leave her alone, please?
Everyone at school calls you "freak" 'cause you all you do is reading and you don't talk to anyone.
Quit messing with her.
You keep reading.
Don't mess with her like that. It's not nice.
It's that stuff that you're doing that brings people's self-esteem down.
Does she move away from us?
Cute backpack!
Thank you!
- I like that! - Thank you.
They're nasty!
Do you want to come and sit with me on the bus? You caught on this bus?
Only weird keep on going that.
Who will stop the bullying?
All of us.
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Who Will Stop the Bullying?

66722 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on November 16, 2015    洪于婷 translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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