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  • This is the future of the Harvard Library.

  • Meet Hannah. Hannah's study group is looking at innovations in bicycle technology. She

  • talks to a reference librarian to make sure she's focusing on the best information about

  • patent law, trade flows, research and development, and traffic patterns. Her group posts its

  • hyperlinked notes to a collaborative learning space, which is accessed a day later by a

  • globe-spanning research team studying transmission patterns in E. coli-caused infant mortality.

  • The way Hannah maps traffic to underlying data suggests a way for them to report the

  • spread of new infections, unlocking insights which they publish in an open-access journal

  • along with deep links to supporting documentation from other scientists around the world. All

  • of this is automatically added to the microbiome catalog available through the library's search

  • service, which is cited by Justin, an undergraduate working on a paper about plagues in Asia Minor.

  • He posts a shout-out to his friends on Twitter for mash-ups of maps, annotated videos, images,

  • and music. Amazed to hear back that the 19th-century texts he's looking at are in the library,

  • he records a video log to tell everyone he's heading out to check out the real thing. Justin's

  • video inspires one of his professors to drill down a little deeper as she develops an online

  • course on nation building. A text-mining analysis opens her eyes about early transportation

  • systems. And when her class goes online, Hannah is notified of a new hit on her search for

  • the term "bicycle."

  • How is all of this possible? Because our diverse and unique collections, global networks, technology,

  • and expertise help merge the digital and physical world. Because we can help you assess, curate,

  • and make sense of the vast world of knowledge from early history to right now. And because

  • we can help you wherever you are whenever you need us and whatever you're studying.

  • Nurturing ideas that lead to more ideas: The Harvard Library.

This is the future of the Harvard Library.

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