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  • Imagine a man who is noble and dignified.

  • What might you compare him with?

  • What about . . . a lion?

  • There are two ways to express this comparison.

  • How are these two sentences different?

  • The first sentence compares the man to a lion clearly,

  • by using the words "like" or "as."

  • In contrast, when we say, “The man is a lion,”

  • we actually are turning the man into a lion.

  • The first sentence is a simile.

  • In a simile , the reader mentally compares the two different things.

  • The second sentence is a metaphor.

  • In a metaphor, the reader feels the comparison between the two different things.

  • What simile or metaphor could you make comparing these objects?

Imagine a man who is noble and dignified.

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