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Ow! Ouch!
Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, Donald.
What the heck is that?
I don't know, but it sure does hurt.
It looks like flipperboobootosis. That's a serious condition.
You need to see a doctor.
No, no, no. No doctor!
Oh, what am I gonna do?
Don't worry, pal. Goofy and I will find you a cure!
No doctors?
No doctors!
Here we go, my cure-all remedy,
Well, that should help with the swelling and soothe the pain.
That does feel good. Ooh!
Aw, don't worry, pal, this next one's sure to work.
A good old-fashioned foot massage!
Darn thing!
Now to re-harmonize your aura.
He ain't looking too good, Mick.
We better try something different.
It's time to face that. We have to take him to the doctor.
I said no doctors!
Now, Donald, take it easy.
Nothing to be scared of.
No doctors.
Get him!
Okay, just gonna head to the doctor.
Tropical drink, sir?
Thank you.
Donald? Donald!
The treatment worked. The flipperboobootosis is gone!
My foot feels good as new!
See! Nothing to be scared of after all.
You were right, what was I thinking. Thanks, Mickey.
Huh, don't thank me. Thank your doctor.
Thanks, Doc!
No problem. It was delicious.
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Flipperboobootosis | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

31080 Folder Collection
Joanna published on July 9, 2017    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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