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When driving, it's crucial to always be aware
of what's going on around you
in every direction.
And that's certainly true when parallel parking.
Do you see the brown car parked up ahead?
Imagine another vehicle parked
one-and-a-half car lengths behind it.
Parallel park between the two vehicles.
The driver pulls along side the SUV
she'll park behind.
Then, executes three moves as she backs up.
She begins by turning the steering wheel
to the right.
Then, back to the left to straighten-out
the car and pull-up evenly along side the curb.
Next, she pulls forward and parks.
It only takes her three moves to park,
limiting the potential impact on other drivers.
Here, the driver has pulled up alongside
the SUV, once again.
But before backing up,
she sees a car approaching from behind.
She waits for it to pass,
then begins to parallel park.
Notice that she's not just looking at her mirrors.
She's turned, looking directly into her
direction of travel.
To be parked legally,
she needs to have both right tires
within twelve inches of the curb.
Parking further away from the curb
presents a traffic hazard.
But be careful not to run your tires up
into the curb, either.
That can damage them.
Once you've safely parked,
the drive test continues.
Re-enter traffic.
After all, you'll need to safely drive away
from that parking spot.
Notice that our driver looks out her window
before re-entering.
Then, as she begins to re-enter,
she looks a second time
making sure there's no traffic
coming up from behind.
She's successfully completed the
parallel parking test
and back on the road
for the next phase
of her driver test.
(music fades)
(credits with music)
(music ends)
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Driving Test #3: Parallel Parking

930 Folder Collection
Leo Wu published on October 21, 2015
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