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  • Whoa. Lookwho's here. l thought l was gonna have to watch cable to seeyou again.

  • Raymond needs a little trim and some braids.

  • Look, little guy. You see that guy right there?

  • Yeah.

  • l know he has a stupid-looking face, but what's his hair look like?

  • All right.

  • A little more.

  • l spent a whole 20 minutes on him.

  • l'm gonna send you over there to Stacey to get braided up.

  • And when you're done, l'm gonna spend 22 minutes on you.

  • Now how does that sound?

  • That's cool.

  • All right, nowyoujust chill, shorty. Don't wory about nothin'.

  • Besides, l never mess up a kid's head,

  • especiallywhen his mom's in the shop.

  • [ Chuckles ] He's eight. That would have made me 1 4.

  • - l'm not that kind ofgirl. - My bad.

  • Wejust peoples.

  • Yeah, we peoples. You peoples?

  • Player, how'd you swing that? l've been tying to be her peoples forweeks. Ain't had no luck.

  • - l got flow. - [All Laughing ]

  • - l got flow too. You don't think l got some flow? - Maybe not as much as me.

  • Whoa. See, nowyou better be careful, little man.

  • You don't watch yourself. l'm gonna haveyou runnin' out ofhere Iookin' like a poodle.

  • All right, youngblood, holler atyour boy.

  • lt's tight. [ Chuckles ]

  • Let me askyou something else.

  • What ifl was to take Honey out to dinner? You think that'd be tight too?

  • That'd be all right.

  • How's Friday? Friday l'm working.

  • Friday night?

  • Saturday? Saturday l'm workin' too.

  • You're not working all day Saturday.

  • Listen, l'll tell you what.

  • You find out when you're not working, you get at me.

  • l'm a busywoman. l may never have the time.

  • All right, little cat.

  • Come on.

  • [ BellIingles On Door]

  • - Let us pray. - [All Laughing ]

  • Heavenly Father, please bless Chaz...

  • with game immediately.

Whoa. Lookwho's here. l thought l was gonna have to watch cable to seeyou again.

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