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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
- (teen) Previously on The Last of Us...
- Gotta play it a couple times-- - Wow, I made it all the way here.
- Say hello to my li-- (gasps) (Bloater snarls)
That's a bloater. Oh my god.
- (Ellie) Fireflies? - (Joel, urgently) Get down!
(gunshot) - Oh!
(Joel and assailant grunt)
(Joel screams in pain) - Oh my god!
(Joel screams and whimpers) - What the--? What?
- You gotta get up! Joel? - He's dead?
- (Ellie) Where'd you go? - What?
So I'm playing as her now?
- (teen) This time on The Last of Us...
- We're back. Now it's just Ellie.
Joel, I'm pretty sure he's dead.
- I remember this.
(wind whistles) Am I hunting?
(branches snap)
- (Ellie) There you are. - Ooh.
Am I supposed to hunt it?
- Stupid deer.
I feel like you have to be quiet.
- (Ellie grumbles) Stupid. - Yo.
(tsks) I'm so impatient.
I just wanna run up to it and stab it.
- I don't wanna shoot it though. That's kind of mean.
What if I shoot it in the wrong place? What if I shoot it in the leg?
Oh, tracks!
(nocking arrow) - (Ellie) Steady.
- Don't move. Don't move.
(whoosh) Oh, that's not the right button.
(arrow flies)
(deer cries out) Head sho-- oh! What?
Get the f-- did I not? (sighs)
Guess it takes more than one arrow.
- I'm killing him right here. This is a good aim.
(arrow flies) (deer cries out)
(deer gallops off) No! What? I gotta do it again?
- And I definitely shot it once, so it's not gonna go that far.
Oh, there's blood on the ground. That's sad.
- Oh, so now I can follow the blood trail.
(snow crunches) - Best part of the game right here.
(Ellie huffs)
- Oh, it's licking its wounds. I feel so terrible right now.
I feel like such a bad person.
- Gonna go for the head shot again.
Come on, stop itching yourself. Eat some more grass.
Shh. (arrow flies)
(deer cries out) God! Son of a--
(arrow flies)
(deer cries out) - Ooh.
Whoa, it still isn't dead. Come on. - (Ellie) Oh man.
- This takes forever.
- Oh my gosh. (arrow flies)
(deer cries out) (grumbles)
- Yeah, I lost it. Oh god.
Oh, wait-- L3, hint.
It's way up there? Damn.
- Oh, there's a hint.
Ooh, thanks I needed that.
- (Ellie, softly) How are you still alive?
- Yeah, that's what I've been asking.
It's a zombie. It's a zombie deer.
- What if I get there and some other hunters are getting it?
I'd be pretty bummed out.
- Oh goodness. Where is he leading me?
- I don't feel comfortable now. (Ellie grunts)
- Of course I have to go in here.
- (Ellie, sarcastically) This place is not creepy at all.
- Oh my gosh.
- (Ellie) Everything's cool. - Everything's not cool.
- Yes, finally!
- (sadly) Oh. - (Ellie) Oh.
(wind whistles)
- (Ellie) Oh. - Movie time.
- (whimpers) It's so cute. Oh, I feel so bad.
(soft rustling) (nocks arrow)
- Who's there?
- It's Joel. - Come out!
- He's been watching you. You're ready to leave the temple.
- Hello?
W-We just wanna talk.
W-We just wanna talk. (slaps leg)
W-We just wanna talk.
- I-- oh god. - Any sudden moves and I put one
right between your eyes.
- I know some bull[bleep]'s gonna happen now.
- (Ellie) What do you want?
- Name's David. - (clicks tongue) Kill him.
- This here's my friend, James. - Still don't trust him.
- We're from a larger group. - They're gonna eat you.
- Women, children-- we're all very, very hungry.
- No, that's too bad.
- So am I-- women and children, all very hungry too.
- Well, uh, maybe we could trade you for some of that meat there.
What do you need?
Weapons? Ammo? Clothes? - (blurting) Medicine!
You have any antibiotics? - She's a smart feller.
- Back at the camp. - I don't believe him.
Don't, Ell--
- You're welcome to follow us-- - I'm not following you anywhere.
- Good girl.
- Buddy boy can go get it. - (laughing) "Buddy boy?"
- If he comes back with what I need, the deer is all yours.
Anyone else shows up-- - You put one right between my eyes.
- Yep. - That's right.
- Don't forget it.
- She's ballsy.
- Two bottles of the penicillin and a syringe.
Make it fast. - The way he's acting,
they ain't got [bleep]. - Go on.
- They ain't got [bleep].
He's like, "I don't know any penicillin. I don't have any."
- I'll take that rifle.
- Of course. - Joel's not dead.
There's no way he's dead.
That's why she wants the antibiotics;
it's 'cause you need to heal that wound.
- What a puss, dude.
She's, like, two. (chuckles) (loading rifle)
I mean, even though she has the gun
and the bow and arrow now.
- It's probably gonna be a while.
You, uh, mind if we take some shelter from the cold?
- I don't trust this guy. Something's gonna happen.
He's not good. - Bring him with us.
(Ellie sniffles)
- Dude, Ellie's the man.
- That deer must be heavy. (David grunts in exertion)
Oh my god.
(fire crackles) And she's making him cook her food.
- You know, you really shouldn't be out here all on your own.
- I don't like company. - She's a lone wolf.
- I see. What's your name?
- Why? - What's it to ya? (chuckles)
- Look, I understand it's not easy to...
trust a couple strangers. (disarming chuckle)
Whoever's hurt, you clearly care about them.
I'm sure it's gonna be just fine.
- Don't play mind games with me.
- We'll see.
(Clicker screeches outdoors) (grumbles)
- I have to kill a Clicker already?!
(Clicker screeches) - They're fricking kidding.
(Clicker screeches) - Son of of a-- WHY?!
(Clicker wheezes and croaks) - Oh my god!
(Clicker croaks and screeches aggressively)
(gunblasts) (Clicker whimpers and croaks)
(gunshot) - He has another gun?
- You had another gun?
(gunshot) (Clicker croaks meekly)
- You had another gun? - Okay, I like him now.
- Sorry. (multiple Clickers screech)
- Okay, I'd really like my rifle back now. - No, you have your pistol.
- What the-- no, give it back, dude.
- I hope you know how to use that thing. - All right. I'm ready.
- I've had some practice. (Clickers screech)
(bangs door) - Oh my! And now we're playing.
Come on. - (David) Let's hope they don't find him.
(gunshots) (Clickers shriek viciously)
(boards splinter) (gunblasts)
(Clicker screams aggressively) (gunblast)
- (David) Nice goin', kid! Behind you!
- Yes! Behind me?
(Clicker snarls) (gunblast)
Oh, whoa! (Clicker gurgles)
(gunblast) (gasps) Did you see that?
That was awesome!
- (David) You weren't kiddin'.
You're a better shot with that thing than I am!
- (southern drawl) Yes, I am, sir.
- (David) Give me a hand with this. (closet scrapes floor)
- I am very impressed with myself. Like, that was pretty good.
I'm not gonna lie. (closet scrapes floor)
Someone's gonna come out right there.
(Clicker screeches) (squeals) I told you! I told you!
(gunshot) - (Ellie) Oh [bleep]!
- I told you and I still got scared.
(closet scrapes floor) - Oh my god. I'm gonna get attacked.
RIGHT THERE! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.
(Clicker screeches) - Aaaaaah!
(gunshot) - (Ellie) Oh [bleep]!
- Okay. (Clicker moans)
- Uh-oh. Uh-oh!
(Clicker screeches) Whoa, watch out.
(Ellie grunts) - Dumb!
(gunshot) - (Ellie) Oh [bleep]!
- All right, thanks, uh, I don't know your name.
I don't really care. (gunblast)
(Clickers moan) Watch out!
(Clicker shrieks) All right, you get that one.
I'll get the one on the window. (Clicker screeches)
Oh! I'm dead, I'm dead, dude.
There's no-- - (Ellie) Come here.
(gunblasts) - Just get it.
(Ellie grunts) Oh, Clicker.
(Ellie shrieks) I didn't know how to handle that.
He came at me too fast.
Let's get it. Boom, dead. (gunblast)
(Clicker screeches) (reloading rifle)
What? Dude, you're so slow. (gunfire)
(gunblast) Dead.
Was that a collateral? Dead. (gunblast)
Oh! No, no, no, no, no. I don't know what to do.
(gunblast) Dead.
(gunblast) Dead.
(sucks air through teeth)
(gunshot) All right, yeah, you can get that one.
(David yells) I'm sorry.
(Clicker screams) (Ellie grunts)
Yeah, I gotta box this guy out.
Gotta fist fight. Fist fight.
(Clicker screeches) OH, right in the face!
(Clickers snarl offscreen) - (David) Go!
Oh! (shrill squeak)
No! (gunblast)
No, how'd I miss that?
(Ellie groans) Oh, oh, it's done. It's done.
We are done. We're done.
Look how much-- I have no health.
I have no health. I'm dead.
(gunblast) I missed, I missed.
Oh, I'm so sorry, dude.
(Clicker snarls) You're gonna die.
(gunblast) All right.
Let's get it.
- Oh, run! - (David) This way.
(Clickers moan faintly) - RUN! (gasps)
- (David) Cover the stairs. (Clickers croak)
(loud boom) - Oh, okay.
(dresser scrapes floor) (gunblast)
- Hoo-hoo! I keep pressing the wrong button!
(Clickers pound at door) - Uh, how about we go through
this door, dummy? Yeah. - (David) Follow me. Through here.
(reloading rifle)
- (David) It's clear. This way.
- (Ellie) Right behind you. - I feel like he knows where he's going.
- (David) How you holdin' up?
- (Ellie) You don't need to worry about me.
(stomping up stairs)
- (David) Stay close. - This is-- this is the place
that Joel and I-- Joel's brother.
(platform creaks) - Oh!
(Ellie gasps)
(platform creaks)
- (David) Hey, kid, you all right? - No, I'm not fine.
(Ellie, strained) I'm fine.
(approaching steps) - (David) More Clickers.
(deep gasp) - (David) Get outta there!
- You're just gonna leave me to die?!
(Clickers croak) - All right.
He's good. They'll run.
I'll just bandage myself. (gunshots)
(Clickers screech and croak) - Ooh!
(Clicker growls)
(Ellie grunts) (Clicker squeals in pain)
- Watch, there's gonna be one to my right and I'm gonna be screwed.
(Clicker croaks) Oh no. Oh no.
- Oh my god. I have no idea where I am, and it's dark and scary.
They're all upstairs, but I feel like they can just drop down
and be like... (imitates Clicker). Like, then kill me.
- Wow, sweet.
- (urgently) Up, up, up, up, up, up, up! (Clickers screech below)
Go up, you dingus! Okay.
(exhales) Hoo!
(Clicker shrieks) (gunshots)
(in awe) Oh my gerd.
- Okay, is that a Molotov cocktail 'cause I'd really want that.
Like, give that to me right now.
- (David) There. That ladder could work.
- (David) That ladder could work. - Oh, whaddayaknow?
There just so happens to be a ladder.
- What if I-- what if you help me, you boost me up here?
It's like Joel. - (David) Okay, ready?
- (Ellie) Mm-hm. - (David) Hang on.
- She used to do-- he used to do that.
- Girl, we about to die unless you sneak.
- (David) All right. You be quick.... and keep a look out for those things.
- (Ellie) I know.
(footsteps echo)
(Clickers screech)
(Clicker snarls) (gunshots)
(Clicker moans) (gunshot)
- (irritated) Yo!
(Clickers shriek) Gotta, like, double hand this thing.
(Clicker screeches) (gunblast)
Fricking missed. He made me waste my pistol ammo.
- (Ellie) Everything's all right?
(Clickers croak in distance) - (softly) Very slow.
I fricking hate that noise.
(ladder scrapes floor and clatters) - Is that the door?
- Do I just jump down? Okay. - (David) All right, look out.
(Ellie grunts) - (sharp exhale) Whoa!
- (David) C'mon. (rungs creak)
(Clickers shriek in distance)
(pounding footsteps)
(banging noises) - Every noise is making me flinch.
Why are you running? Do not understand.
- (David) We need to find a way outta here.
(Clicker screeches) - (Ellie scoffs) Yeah, no [bleep].
Jeez. (Clicker screams)
Looks like someone already fought those things and lost.
- (David) Ah, Lord. I've been lookin' for those boys.
(Clicker moans) (ammo rattles)
- All right, I think that's exactly what we're gonna have to do.
Yeah, I'm definitely gonna have to fight those things
'cause they gave me a Molotov cocktail
and all this other bull[bleep], so...
(clattering) ...that's my superior gaming intellect.
What can I craft?
- (David) Keep your eyes open for anything we can use.
(crafting) - (Ellie) So what do we do?
- (David) We hold them off.
- (Ellie) Is there any other choice? (Clickers scream)
- (David) We die. Let's put them out of their misery.
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Clickers moan and shriek)
(punches land)
(bottle shatters) (flames whoosh)
(Clicker shrieks)
(Clicker mutters incoherently)
- Are they talking? They were talking, huh?
(Clicker groans)
(Clicker moans) (grumbles)
(Clicker shrieks) (gunshots)
Jesus, he's got super speed.
Pow! (gunshots)
(chamber clicks) Oh [bleep]!
(Ellie grunts)
Dude's got some super-cool ski goggles.
- (David) We're doin' fine, kid. - Yeah.
- (Ellie) It doesn't feel like it. - (David) Just stay focused.
We'll make it. (Clicker shrieks)
- You think so? Is that what your heart tells you?
- (Ellie) How many of these things are there?
- (David) I have no idea. - At least ten.
- (David) Just keep at it.
(nocks arrow)
(arrow flies, Clicker grunts)
- Watch, you gotta be super quick.
(loud bang) - (David) That didn't sound--
- Son of a gun! - (Ellie) It's a bloater!
- (David) A what? - (Ellie) One of those big [bleep] guys!
(loud thud) - Um...
(arrow flies) (Bloater bellows)
(Bloater snarls) - Oh, not what I meant.
(spores explode) Oh yeah? I can throw bombs too.
(Bloater bellows) (spores explode)
Get outta here!
- (David) You will not take me!
- You'll be fine. You'll be fine. You just chill.
(Bloater snarls) Oh, get the [bleep] outta here!
(gunfire) Aah, he's so fat and he's chasing me.
(Bloater lows) (gunblast)
- (Ellie) I don't have time. (reloading rifle)
- Did I get him?
- (David) You know, I think we did it. (exhales)
- That was probably the most stressful part of this game.
- (David) Don't sound so disappointed. (objects rattle)
- (Ellie) More like disbelief.
- (David) You know, I think we did it.
- We did do it. - (Ellie) Like we killed all of 'em?
- Aw, hell yeah. - (David) Don't sound so disappointed.
(silence) - Listen.
- (Ellie) No infected.
- (David) No infected. What'd I tell ya? - That sounds too good to be true.
- (David chuckles) All right. Let's head on back.
Check on that buck of ours. - No, that's a bad i--
That's just-- you know, I think that we can
just forget about that guy. I think we're done.
- (David chuckles) You handled yourself pretty nice back there.
Hoo, I'd say we make a pretty good team. - No, you're creepy.
- (Ellie scoffs) We got lucky.
- (David) Lucky?
No, no... no such thing as luck.
No, you see, I believe that everything happens for a reason.
- Mmm, well... - (Ellie) Sure.
- Can you still think that in a zombie apocalypse?
- (David) And I can prove it to you. - Story time around the campfire.
- This winter has been especially cruel. - Is he gonna kill Ellie?
I feel like I'm gonna have to attack him.
- A few weeks back, I, uh... sent a group of men out
a nearby town to look for food.
Only a few came back.
- It didn't go well. They didn't come back with food.
They were food.
They said that the others had been slaughtered
by a crazy man.
(chuckles) And get this, he's... - Ooooh!
-...a crazy man, travelling with a little girl.
- He's gonna try to kill me right now.
- ...a crazy man, travelling with a little girl.
- Oh [bleep]! Uh-oh.
- ...with a little girl. - [Bleep]!
- You see? ♪ (tense music) ♪
(menacingly) Everything happens for a reason.
- Oh... (grumbles) - (David) Now, don't get upset.
It's not your fault. (laughs nervously)
You're just a kid.
James, lower the gun.
♪ (tense music) ♪
- No way, David.
I'm not gonna let her go. - Lower the gun.
♪ (tense music) ♪ - The music, the music!
What's gonna happen?
She should have shot him when she had the chance!
- Now give her the medicine.
- The others won't be happy about this.
- We don't care about the others. - That's not your concern.
- (Ellie) Move the [bleep] out of the way.
- Bro, back up, James. You wanna get quickscoped?
- (David) You won't survive long out there.
I can protect you.
- No thanks. - Come on, Ellie, run.
Dude, all right, so they know Ellie and Joel killed their men,
but they gave her the medicine and they let her go.
(Ellie huffs) (horse brays)
- Let's get outta here. (hoofbeats)
(Ellie grunts)
- (titters) Holy tension.
(birds whistle)
- I hate all the people you meet in this game.
They're all fake.
(garage door slams)
(Ellie sighs)
- I know this is really awful, but why don't they just eat the horse?
- Joel?
♪ (somber music) ♪ - Oh no. Is he really dead?
That's not-- oh, no. See, see, see, see?
I told you he wasn't dead.
I told you he was not all the way dead.
There's no way!
- Joel? - Oh, did Joel die?
Never mind, Joel died. Never mind, he's alive. (chuckles)
- I only managed to get a little bit of food.
(Joel groans) But... I did get this.
(Joel mutters) Move your arm.
(pretends to gag) - (Ellie) Oh.
- Mm-mm.
(Joel whimpers)
- She's kind of a bad ass, I'm not gonna lie.
Didn't really like her that much in the beginning,
she was a little annoying, but she holds her own.
- Here we go. - Does she know how to do this?
(Joel moans in pain) - Dude, Ellie's... Ellie's the man.
♪ (somber music) ♪ - All done.
- Joel's a trooper though. - That's it.
(Joel whimpers)
- Oh, he's not good-- he looks like death.
- You're gonna make it. - Oh, they care about each other so much.
(Joel whimpers)
- Oh, dude, it makes me wanna cry.
- Oh, this is so sad.
Oh my gosh, this is a really intense time right now.
Everything is happening.
(rustling noises) - (annoyed) Oh great!
- Did they follow us?
Five bucks says they followed us.
- No, are those those people?
- Oh [bleep]. They tracked me.
I'm gonna draw them away from here.
I'll come back for you.
- What do I have to do?
(Ellie grunts)
- Easy.
- Why do we gotta draw them away? There's only three, man.
Get in the window, pah-pah-pah! - Go.
- The rifle holds three bullets. That's all I need.
- C'mon. (horse brays)
- (man 1) Are we even sure she's here?
- (man 2) Man, there were horse tracks down the [bleep] street.
She's here.
- (man 3) Hey, I got her! - No, please!
(Ellie grunts) - (man 3) Get your [bleep] over here!
(man gurgles) - Good.
- (man 2) What are you waiting for? Shoot her!
- (man 1) But David said--
- (man 2) [Bleep] David. Shoot her now! - (Ellie) Go!
(gunfire) - Oh, no shots.
- David said not to shoot her.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh my gosh!
- No, get-- get outta here. (man grunts)
(Ellie grunts) Kick him. Kick him in the face.
- (Ellie) Come get me, mother[bleep]! - Yeah, I don't even know where I'm going.
- I probably should run right into them,
but you know what, I'm just trying to get away.
(bullets whiz past)
- I'm dodging these bullets, wow.
- (man 2) She's heading off.
- Nah-ah, no I'm not. (gunfire)
Horse parkour!
- (Ellie) Over here! (hoofbeats)
- Jesus. (gunfire)
- (Ellie) Jesus! - That's what I said.
- How do we get out of here, Ellie?
- (man 2) Get the [bleep] horse! (gunshot)
- Don't shoot my horse. Hell no.
- The horse is my friend. (horse whinnies in pain)
That's not supposed to happen, right?
- Bye. (gunshot)
(horse whinnies in pain)
(Ellie grunts) (horse brays)
(gunshot) (horse whinnies in pain)
(Ellie grunts)
- No! This is not okay. I'm done. I quit.
- (Ellie) Oh man. No.
- Oh, that was a head shot. - (Ellie) [Bleep].
- Savage. Oh!
- (man 1) She fell down the hills somewhere.
- No, I didn't. - (man 2) I don't see her though.
- No, I didn't. - (man 1) She's running for the cabins!
- Hop in the window! (Ellie grunts)
♪ (eerie music) ♪
- First off, is that what I'm doing? Am I just running?
I don't even know. (gasps) Oh my goodness!
Yeah, they saw me. It's over.
Oh, I'ma knife this guy up right now.
(gunshot) No, I'm not. Never mind.
He's got a gun. (gasps) Oh god, there's two of them.
(slicing) (man groans)
- I'll knife him up. Give me your gun. (man gurgles)
Boom. Oh my god, I'm getting shot at. (gunfire)
- I got three bullets-- something like that.
(gunshot) (man groans)
Ooh, did I-- what? That was a head shot.
(gunfire exchange) - That was good. Get out of here.
Gut shot.
(gunfire) They say that's the most painful spot
to be shot at. (gunfire)
(Ellie grunts) I read that online.
(gunfire) (Ellie grunts)
Joel knows from experience.
(Ellie grunts) Jesus Christ!
Where are they at? I don't even know.
(Ellie grunts) Oh no, I'm dead.
They're everywhere and it's not even fair.
Go in the girl's bathroom. They can't go in there.
(squeals) (gunfire)
(gasps and squeals)
No, please, please, please.
(man moans) (relieved) Oh.
Oh my god.
(exhales slowly) That was crazy.
(gasps) Oh! I'm not in here.
'Sup, dude? (gunblast)
(man groans)
All right, let's see... it looks pretty clear.
I don't know where I'm going, but...
- (man) Over here! - No... oh, this guy.
(indistinct shouting) Oh, they're there. They're there.
(gunfire) (man groans)
- (man) I got this [bleep]. (Ellie grunts)
- (softly) Oh, what? He's stabbing me.
Yeah. (both struggle)
No, no, no, no, no, no.
(Ellie grunts) (man groans in pain)
I don't know why I use this knife. It's so bad.
(man gurgles) Ooh, damn.
(gunblast) Ooh! He's dead.
All right, so... we're gonna keep going, I guess.
- (Ellie) Nature track. Okay. That should get me outta here.
- Mmm... but not though.
- (Ellie) Okay, don't fall in the water. - Ellie's scared of water?
I think Ellie and I are very similar people.
- I'm gonna run into five guys and I only got one bullet.
Oop. Go.
- Boy, how convenient.
- This game is making me more afraid of confined spaces
'cause I just assume something is gonna happen
if I go in this tiny space by myself.
(wind whistles) - There's another one.
I'm really scared to see what comes out on the other side.
- (Ellie) This damn thing is blocking me.
- It's a couple of boards.
You just shot 20 people in the face, but can't kick down a pair of boards?
- Are you serious? Gotta go out.
- (Ellie) Here we go.
(Ellie grunts) Jeez.
- Oh, that's what was on the other side.
- (tsks) Who do we have to kill here?
♪ (indication chime) ♪
- (Ellie) That's the way back. Hang in there, Joel.
Hang in there, Joel.
♪ (tense music) ♪
- Why can't I just open this stupid gate and get out?
No, they're gonna make me go through the house
because you know what's in the house?
People who wanna kill me.
♪ (ominous music) ♪
- No, they're here.
- (stranger) Where is she?
(gunblast) (stranger moans)
- You're dead.
- (man) Whoa! Whoa! (gunblast)
(gunshot) (Ellie grunts)
(gunfire exchange) - God, this takes so long to load!
(gunblast) (man groans)
- (man) Whoa! (gunblast)
- In, like, the butt-- it's just 'cause it's sticking out always.
Ooh, that one was fast.
(gunblast) (man groans)
(gunfire) (Ellie yelps)
(gunblast) (man groans)
- Is that it?
- Oh, I think it's over. - (Ellie) How do I get out of here?
- Sweet. Grab one of these.
I already know I need 'em as soon as I see 'em.
(Ellie grunts)
- Oh, I see what I gotta do.
I ain't climbing over nothing. I'm crawling through it.
- I'm gonna go down here.
- (Ellie) I don't wanna get trapped in here.
- Well, then why'd you come in here, idiot?
♪ (ominous music) ♪
- I'm super sketched.
- (Ellie) Agh, where's the way out?
- Definitely not gonna have a fun time in here.
This really looks like Big Bear.
Like, I'm pretty sure I've been to a place in Big Bear
that looks almost identical.
- (gasps) Hey, what do you know? Some alcohol.
(liquid sloshes)
- Oh, I thought that was a gun.
- (whispering) It's really quiet.
- (man) She's on this side of the lodge! - Doh, come on!
(gunfire) (Ellie groans)
- Yep. All right. (gunfire)
Can I run? Is running a bad idea?
No, running's not a bad idea. I'm gonna do that.
I'm gonna run.
(sighs) (Ellie pants)
- If there's a bottle, they're gonna come inside.
They for sure.
They're either inside or they're gonna be there soon.
- (man) [Inaudible]. (Ellie groans)
- There you are, buddy.
We're friends, we're cool, right? (man grunts loudly)
- (man) Oh, fuh--!
(man gurgles and chokes)
- Yeah, you stupid ass.
(slicing noises) Whatever.
(man and Ellie grunt)
Dead. Yes, bullets. Yes!
(reloading gun) Okay.
(sighs) There's another bottle.
Let's just see what happens. (bottle smashes)
Okay, no one responded so--
- (Ellie) There's the exit. - Oh, really?
All right, so what stuff can happen inbetween this doorway...
(liquid sloshes) ... and where I am now?
(Ellie grunts)
(door creaks) Too loud.
(bang) Everyone's gonna come.
(loud bang) (Ellie grunts)
Yep. Is it him? Is it him?
If Joel was here, he would just like--
(loud bang) (yelps)
(loud bang) (Ellie and David grunt)
- Come on, it's this dude.
Yeah, get him with the knife. - (David) Relax... keeping you alive here.
- Oh god! (Ellie grunts)
- (David) Relax...
(Ellie grunts) - Oh no way.
- (David) I'm keeping you alive here.
- Uh... - (David) There you go.
There you go. (knife clatters)
- Why? What? He choked her out? (knife clatters)
- (David) There you go. There you go. (knife clatters)
- Oh, I was sleeper holded!
Is it "held"? Yeah, it's "held". I was sleeper held!
- Is she just passed out? Oh, okay.
- She passed out, but now she can't go get Joel.
- Oh, does he have Joel? (sawing)
- I think he's saving Joel. That's what it looks like right now.
(loud thud)
- (sharp gasp) They are cannibals!
I knew it.
- They're cannibals, dude.
♪ (ominous music) ♪
- Soup's on, honey.
(Ellie grunts and rattles gate)
- (David) How're you feeling?
- I want you to call Joel and get away from me.
- Super.
- Here. - I don't like him.
- This has to be the scariest situation-- like, you're next.
Like, we're gonna sauté you. Add a little salt.
- Been out for quite some time. - What a creep.
- What is it? - Humans.
- It's deer. - No, it's not. He's lying.
- It's deer. - No, it's not. Liar.
It's Joel.
- With some human helping on the side?
- No. No, I promise it's just the deer meat.
- You're a [bleep] animal.
- Ugh, oh! Okay.
- (David) Awfully quick to judgement.
Considering you and your friend killed how many men?
- They didn't give us a choice. - It's true.
- And you think we have a choice?
- You just strangled me and you're trying to feed me human meat, so...
- You kill to survive. And so do we.
We have to take care of our own by any means necessary.
- So now what?
You gonna chop me up into tiny pieces?
- (David chuckles) I'd rather not.
- Why? 'Cause you're a pedophile.
- Please tell me your name.
- It's Adam. (dish clatters)
- You're so full of [bleep].
- On the contrary,
I've been quite honest with you.
Now I think it's your turn.
- Mm-hm.
- It's the only way I'm gonna be able to convince the others.
- Convince them of what?
- (David) That you can come around.
You have heart, you're loyal, and you're special.
- I don't wanna join any other group!
- I would be like, "Yeah, dude, I'm totally on your side,"
and then as soon as I gain their trust, knife them in the sleep--
in their sleep. Or just run away.
- And you're special.
- He's a pedophile! Get away from him.
Like, even I'm getting creeped out.
- What a [bleep] creep, dude. Oh my god.
What a weirdo.
- No! Don't do that.
(bone snaps, David groans in pain) - Yes, do that.
(bone snaps) (David groans in pain)
- Now grab him. Aw, yeah.
(keys jangle) Grab his knife.
(bone snaps, David groans in pain) - Yeeeah!
(Ellie grunts) (loud banging)
- Oh! Oh.
(David winces)
- Oh! Ugh, [bleep].
- You stupid little girl!
You are making it very difficult to keep you alive.
What am I supposed to tell the others now?
- Tell them you fell.
- (sniffles) "Ellie."
- (David) What?
- Tell them that-- - I'm so scared for her.
- Ellie is the little girl who broke your [bleep] finger!
- Ooh jeez. Why does she gotta do that?!
- How did you put it?
♪ (ominous music) ♪ (gasps)
Tiny pieces?
See you in the morning, Ellie. - Oh.
- He's gon chop me up.
Not really though 'cause we gon get outta here.
- He's gonna chop me up into tiny pieces, he said.
(Joel takes ragged breaths)
- Just kidding. Joel's gonna save my life.
- That's it for today.
We will be back soon to play more Last of Us.
- What's gonna happen next? Subscribe to find out.
- Let us know in the comments what other games you'd love
to see us play.
- See you next time!
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
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THE LAST OF US: PART 17 (Teens React: Gaming)

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許方怡 published on October 17, 2015
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