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I'm going to Hikone! Yay!
Hikone is where I did my internship and I’m going to revisit it and see my friend.
…and it will take about an hour and a half.
No! An hour and fifteen minutes because we have to transfer twice.
But it might not be raining in Shiga.
I suck at holding cameras
My life flashed before my eyes!
This is a very dangerous castle! Shut up!
It’s gonna be a very long climb.
Holy crap!
so this is for the army when they were in battle
I only went up five stairs and I’m exhausted!
They have stickers…and Hikonyan everything!
It’s cute, right?
I like don’t wanna spend my money
but I want something!
Look! It’s a Hikonyan gocha gocha!
so, it’s a light! It’s a Japanese lantern.
What is this!
focus Kelly! Focus!
It’s a little light! That’s cute!
I got a souvenir!
Let’s go inside!
Hikone castle! We’re finally here.
I wear the most complicated shoes
This is where they put the pistols and the guns and the arrows
If you open this they’re like windows.
I wonder why there’s shapes though, I actually don’t know.
They can shoot from a range here and you can see the steps that we went up
Everything is very wooden compared to Kyoto castle
They kind of restructured it how it looked
I think it’s less detailed.
Everything is made out of wood
This is where I almost felt like I was gonna die
My life flashed before my eyes
My life flashed before my eyes
This is a very dangerous castle! Shut up!
Going down is the worst!
Keep going
My heart is beating
We made it to the top
That was scary
People are still climbing up the stairs
It’s like they’re crawling out of a hole
I couldn’t take a video because I was holding on with two hands.
oh, wow these are some artifacts that they found.
Oh my god I have to hold on with two hands.
There’s another flight!
Yay! We did it!
That was a little look inside the castle. It was a very difficult journey up and down the steps
And I almost died tripping on pretty much nothing.
But I made it down the stairs alive
all the way over there, that’s where I used to do my internship
It’s pretty cool!
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Hikone Castle & Visiting my Past ♡ PART 1

895 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on October 16, 2015
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