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  • What is he doing?

  • I think uhh, Kelly has very low standards.

  • Hello!

  • Monkey!

  • Sorry, your not as good looking!

  • Hey everybody we're at the zoo!

  • Ok so I'm with Kaz today!

  • Just Kaz

  • No, no, no, no

  • I'm with Victor and Tomoko

  • and Tom

  • Tom from Ghost of Matsubara.

  • So, it's like really humid today!

  • As you can see, my hair didn't make it.

  • We're gonna see the Ikemen Gorilla.

  • What does Ikemen mean?

  • Iceman means sexy/good looking.

  • So, we're gonna go check him out.

  • And hope that the Gorilla checks us out.

  • Cause we're such a sexy group of people.

  • Ya the zoo is all to ourselves it seems.

  • Does it say Ikemen Gorilla?

  • Gorilla!

  • So we're at the Ikemen Gorilla's cage right now.

  • If you can see him behind me..

  • He's just chillin and watchin.

  • His name is Shabani.

  • This is my new boyfriend.

  • Sorry guys, I'm not single anymore.

  • Shabani is, wait, how much is he?

  • 190 kilograms.

  • He's only 18 years old.

  • I think he's married.

  • They said he's married, he has a wife.

  • He has a wife and kids.

  • He's rubbing his nipples.

  • We have to check out his what, Kaz?

  • Butt.

  • His ass.

  • He's probably so confused!

  • He's probably extremely confused at why everyone loves him so much.

  • These are as close as I can get to rain boots today.

  • Look at Tomato's shoes! Look how stylish she is today

  • We all dressed up really nice for the iceman Gorilla.

  • You look so beautiful Tomoko.

  • In honor of Shabani she wore an animal necklace.

  • We're inside.

  • Oh! It's Shabani's babies.

  • Hello little monkeys!

  • I love them!

  • Oh! They're so cute!

  • Look! They're like wrestling!

  • Oh my're so adorable!

  • No, come back!

  • That's a good shot! Wow!

  • He's like, over here!

  • Over here!

  • Look how happy he is!

  • This is a device where you can talk to the animals.

  • What would you say to a flamingo?

  • What would you say...

  • If I was a flamingo?

  • The vultures are circling...

  • They're coming after us.

  • They're posing for your camera.

  • Hi little guys!

  • Hello!

  • They're more beautiful than me!

  • People always ask me about my big pole.

  • Did he roll around in the dirt or is he just naturally ugly?

  • Maybe that was insensitive.

What is he doing?

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My New Boyfriend, Shabani ~

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    Yummy Japan posted on 2015/10/16
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