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Alright guys, so we have two iPhone 6s Plus.
The rose gold is running the A9 Samsung chipset,
and the gold one is running the TSMC chipset.
So we just wanna do couple battery tests to see if there is a big difference.
Alright, so we have shut down the units completely, and now we're going to boot them back up.
Alright, so after reboot we wanna run Geekbench just to see if there is a variaton in the score.
After that, what we're gonna do is open FIFA 16, I wnna play a full game.
And we gonna check some youtube videos, we want to play through videos in total.
And then after that we're going to delete FIFA 16 we downloaded.
We're also going to run the camera app with flash.
And then we're going to check to see what the battery is like after that.
Alright, so after running 36 minutes of tests on the devices
The battery depleted by 6% on both devices.
So, one is running the Samsung A9 the other one is running the TSMC
and I have not noticed the difference when it comes to battery.
And heat on the device is the same.
They're a little bit warm but nothing gets even noticeable unless you really pay attention to it.
So hope you guys enjoyed, thank you for watching.
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iPhone 6s Plus (Samsung/TSMC) Battery Test (Batterygate/Chipgate) Real World Comparison

2409 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on October 14, 2015    Jack Lu translated    Diana T. reviewed
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