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I'm really excited you know any excuse to wear a posh frock
Do you need us to bring owt pudding or..
No It's our treat just come as you are
We're looking forward to seeing you all
Ah well we've actually palmed Jakey off on one of his football mates
Lucky escape there
Yeah you don't want him there lowering the tone it's bad enough with David
He'd have been very welcome
Uh it isn't me that gets through a whole tub of ice cream slobbing out on the sofa in my pants
well maybe it is but I promise I will wear trousers tonight
Well I can't wait
Robert's been under a lot of strain lately so it will be nice to see him letting off steam
see you later
see ya
see ya
Don't know what would have happened if Cain hadn't been there
Doesn't bear thinking about does it
No no tell Chas we're thinking of her
You sure
She makes out like she's tough but this has knocked her for six
Well she better eat those crusts then keep her nice and strong
Hey here he is the man of the moment
How's your first day trading
Yeah yeah we're open up
Just holding off the ribbons and champagne till Aaron gets his ugly mug in
Right part timers
What you talking about
I've been here since six
Can I have one of those cookies when your ready please
yeah yeah I'll bring it over for you love
Listen mate I'm really proud of you for getting this off the ground
Now hurry up and make your fortune so we can all retire right
Yeah will do
See in a bit
Hi i was hoping to bump into you
um they're looking for a practice nurse at Dr Cavanagh's and Finn reckoned you'd
have the inside scope
Cheerio now
Did he now
You don't mind do you
He seemed to think you'd be pretty clued up
what with my HIV status
I've got to say it's impressive how your so up fornt about it
Finn showed me your website and stuff
He's really proud of you
yeah sometimes you just have to stick your head above the parapet
But I'm not down there every five minutes you know
oh no I know
I was just hoping that you'd give me some inside knowledge on the surgery
What with you being a medical advacate and everything
It's nice to see some people have respect
I know why i don't like him but
what's he ever done to you
Have you not seen what they're doing behind ours
You won't believe the flaming nerve
Lisa's in bits
and Uncle Zak ain't much better I'm gonna have to up there and see them in a bit
Are you all right here
Of course
Guess she never really got over Gemma
Living with all that guilt just made her ill
Poor wee mite
you know I saw a few days ago with the horses
and well she wasn't right but
I didn't realize how bad it was
And now with Katie
aren't you suppossed to opening the scrap yard today
Yeah I'm going in a bit
I didn't realise you were a sleeping partner
don't you be worring about work I'll hold the fort here
You do what you need to do
the last thing Lisa needs is any more stress
Belle'd never forgive herself
Chas it won't come to that
We all thought she was on the mend
You never get over someone dying like that
But it's just all so mixed up in her head
She thinks that she's to blame for Katie dying
They only opened this morning and the amount of noise
Do they have to go past your place then
Right past the back door
Come and have a look if you like
You can help us train Cheryl to use it as a toilet area
come on girl
come on
They're so simple aren't they dogs
You feed them
bit of exercise
they're as happy as Larry
oh hang on do I mean husbands
don't ask me i've never been able to hang on to one long enough to find out
You're not missing much. Get yourself a dog they're more reliable
So what you gonna do
Just put up with it
Eric was stupid enough to cut some kind of deal with them
They think they've paid us off
But I never shook on anything
And woe be tied them when I get involved
Come on darling
come on
Sentimental old fool thinks she's mustered her last gasp to get him here
I thought we were gonna be riniging you for a pick up
Don't you worry love
we'll take good care of her
It'll be quick and painless
They don't make them like they used to
I swear he cares more about that hatchback than me
Eh listen my buisness partner let me down this morning
i've not had a chance to nip to the bank just yet
You did say cash on the phone
yeah I know and I'm sorry sir it's just our first day been a bit hectic
but look I can nip into town now
it won't take too long
oh fine we were gonna grab something to eat anyway
see if a pie and a pint can't help take the edge off your loss
This is what she'll be like when I'm gone
Oh women always cope better
on account of their cold cold hearts
what's the pub like in the village
yeah it's decent pub grub actually
come on you the walk'll do you good
either that or finish you off all together
Is it all right if we leave this car here
course you can
you've got our number haven't you
yeah sure have
I'll give you a call when I get back
Where the hell are you
you know if you could get back and help me do some scrapping that'd be great mate
This is getting embarresing now
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(80) Aaron & Robert 13th February 2015 Part 1

675 Folder Collection
Huei Matt published on October 10, 2015
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