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Hey food tube,
I'm Tim Shieff,
professional freerunner
and professional food lover.
I'm back thanks to all the love you guys are giving me,
so thank you for that.
This time
I've teamed up with Jamie's food team to come up with
a great vegetable curry
that ticks all the vegan boxes as well.
Everyone loves their curry and this is no exception
it's rich, it's wholesome and it's got one of my favorite ingredients:
butternut squash.
You use the whole butternut squash.
This is the hard part...
there we go.
Take the seeds out.
As with most orange vegetables it's high in vitamin A
which makes it good for your eye sight.
Here's that rich orange...
and we cut it...
into about inch long cubes.
My rogue cutting technique.
Pre-heat the oven to 190
toss your butternut squash into the tray.
We're using walnut oil today.
Now it's time to add some seasoning.
Two teaspoons... cumin,
get that in,
two teaspoons of coriander,
one teaspoon of crushed chilis
and two teaspoons of madras curry powder.
That's what's gonna give it the kick. there's in this traditional Indian spices.
Finally some classic seasoning: salt and pepper.
Shake that up a bit... backflippin' squash.
Make sure it all gets some love.
Beautiful butternut squash...
put it in the oven, 190 for 40 minutes.
On to the base.
start things off
with a red onion.
slice it.
My philosophy with food is to eat the rainbow,
get as many different colours as possible.
And that's how I feel naturally you cover all your vitamins and minerals.
And this red onion covers
the purple part of your diet, which is quite rare to get.
Onions are a source of vitamin B6 which helps reduce
tiredness and fatigue.
bit of ginger,
about a thumb's worth.
Ginger is a great source of potassium which helps your muscles to function well.
Make sure you got one chili.
I take the seeds out.
But if you want it to be spicy leave the seeds in.
Two cloves of garlic,
slice them up as fine as you like.
just the stalks... we leave the leaves, later as garnish.
Now you've prepare them, you'll wanna get them sizzling on some heat.
Wanna go medium low.
Get some oil in there.
Give that a second to start heating up.
Get it all in there
get it sizzling,
releasing all the flavours.
Gonna give it a bit more spice
two teaspoons of curry powder.
Gonna leave that stuff on a low heat while you prepare the next ingredient: tomatoes.
We'll take about five or six tomatoes. Get them all diced up.
Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin C, which is good for your bones, skin, your hair. So basically...
if you're watching this and you're a human, it's probably pretty good for ya'.
Once the tomatoes are all properly chopped
better check on your onion base.
Check that it's caramelized, softened nicely.
Put in your tomatoes.
Along with the tomatoes, one of my favorite ingredients: chickpeas.
That's just exciting to me as a vegan.
Bring up to a boil,
and once it's there put the lid on, turn the heat down, and leave it for 20 minutes.
The base is ready now, come take a look.
Smell the delicious. If yours is a bit to dry,
don't forget you can add some boiled water or vegetable stock.
While that was boling I've prepared some rice.
Half a teaspoon of turmeric
gives it that lovely yellow.
You can check out Jamie, he's done loads of ways to prepare rice in the best way possible.
Check that out here.
Don't forget the butternut squash has been in the oven
for 40 minutes.
There you go.
All the flavour's cooked in.
For me that's the best ingredient of the curry.
The final touch
gonna add a bag of spinach
just gives it a bit more... leafy green
Pop the lid on, let the spinach wilt down,
and start preparing your rice in a bowl.
Should serve four people.
Oh babe.
Finally, garnish it off with that coriander we saved from earlier.
Just look at the colours, how they come together with that turmeric rice.
Let's try some.
The curry spices in there... worked so well
with the butternut
and it's been roasted to perfection.
It's so sweet... and so savory.
Let us know in the comments below what's the best curry you've ever had.
Thanks for watching guys, subscribe to the food tube
and check out my other vegan recipes down here.
If you like cocktails, remember, check out Jamie's drinks tube channel right here.
Subscribe to my youtube over here.
I'm gonna keep eatin' this...
go make it.
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Easy Vegetable Curry | Tim Shieff

9408 Folder Collection
Apple published on October 18, 2015    Emily translated    Jack Lu reviewed
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