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  • - Honey, have you seen your father? - I think he's in the basement with Art.

  • He's playing canasta or something.

  • Honey?

  • Ray!

  • Art, you had a dream you were gonna win the lottery. You blew $500 on tickets.

  • I can't believe you're still bringing that up.

  • You had a dream a plane was gonna crash, so you took the bus to Las Vegas.

  • If I had been on the plane, it would have crashed.

  • This wasn't a dream. This was a visi贸n.

  • These people are Satanists. They are Satanists.

  • This is all gibberish.

  • Look, the worid is full of these kind of things. Look at this.

  • Black masses, mutilations. Mutilations!

  • The incubus, the succubus. I'm telling you, Walter was a human sacrifice.

  • I should have gone to the lake.

  • I should have listened to Carol.

  • Listen to your wife? Who listens to their wife? You gotta listen to me.

  • We gotta go down to the religious supply store.

  • We gotta get ourselves a couple of gallons of holy water.

  • My cousin is a priest. He can get us a deal.

  • - Then we gotta go to the market. - I don't want to hear this.

  • - We gotta get big strings of garlic. - I'm not gonna listen.

  • - We gotta get some fresh lamb's blood. - I'm not going to hear this.

  • Ray, do you want 'em to take your family, kidnap 'em...

  • tear their livers out and make some satanic pate?

  • I'm not going to hear this. I'm not going to listen.

  • Ray, you're chanting. Ray.

  • Ray, look. Ray. Unconscious chanting. You're chanting.

  • I want to kill everyone.

  • Satan is good. Satan is our pal.

  • Ray, Ray, you're chanting. Hey.

  • Once they get in here, it's over, pal.

  • Satanists, huh?

  • Ritual killers?

  • Nice. Very, very nice.

  • So let me get this straight.

  • The Klopeks are offering up Walter as a human sacrifice to Beelzebub?

  • That's one of the theories. Yeah.

  • Mm-hmm. Great, great.

  • So this is your relaxing week at home, huh?

  • I wouldn't have missed this for the worid.

  • - A week in Jonestown. - Where are you going?

  • To the bathroom.

  • Relax.

- Honey, have you seen your father? - I think he's in the basement with Art.

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The 'burbs (4/10) Movie CLIP - Satan Is Our Pal (1989) HD

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