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  • Mental note. Nothing good ever comes of being in the forest. Especially when youre twins.

  • Especially when youre twins following a glowing red butterfly. Especially when youre

  • twins following a glowing red a Japanese video game.

  • You can imagine where it goes from here.

  • It’s Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for the PlayStatioh, sh*t!

  • Now, believe it or not, this is actually my first experience with Fatal Frame. I’ve

  • never played the original or any of the games since this one, so...I can’t actually speak

  • to its context or place within the franchise. But what I can tell you is...holy crap, this

  • is one moody, scary, haunting, terrifying f*cking video game.

  • So you play as this set of twins, Mio and Mayu. Theyre just hanging out in the woods

  • one day, when all the sudden...glowing red butterfly. One feels compelled to follow,

  • the other obviously chases her...suddenly, it’s nighttime and theyre lost in the

  • forest. More specifically, they find themselves at a creepy place of ritual overlooking a

  • dark village. Hey, why not go down there and knock on doors?

  • Uh, howbout a million freaking reasons, ladies?

  • Fortunately for the player, these two do everything a smart person wouldn’t do in this situation.

  • Consequently...horror game. And a really freaking good one, at that. Crimson Butterfly is essentially

  • a prequel, explaining the backstory of the original game and the origins of the Camera

  • Obscura...a strange device that can exorcize evil spirits.

  • It’s kind of like a proton pack for chicks.

  • Obviously, the gameplay in Fatal Frame is built entirely around the camera. It’s your

  • only means of defense, and what’s brilliant about that know, taking photographs

  • requires a calm and steady hand. But it’s kind of hard to be calm and steady when you

  • see an evil spirit crawling out of a trunk to kill you. Despite being terrified, you

  • have to stay calm.

  • And that’s a perfect dichotomy for a horror game.

  • And you know, it’s also survival horror in the truest sense. You don’t have an entire

  • briefcase full of military-grade weaponry. You have a camera. And have this

  • real desperation for improving it. Explore, and you might find a new type of film or a

  • special attachment...but at the same time, who knows what’s behind that door?

  • But I think what I like most about Fatal Frame that it takes the best parts of the

  • earliest survival horror games, but it’s not afraid to scrap the bad parts. You still

  • have that sense of isolation, there are still puzzles, it’s scary as hell...but you only

  • use two buttons, for the most part. And pushing up actually makes you walk up. It has the

  • original spirit of survival horror, but with improved mechanics.

  • You know, if someone new to the genre asked me for an old-school survival horror game

  • to play, this is the one I’d recommend. Coming seven years after the genre’s creation,

  • Fatal Frame II is built from a classic survival horror blueprint, but it also embraces improvement

  • and a kind of common-sense modurnity.

  • That makes Fatal Frame II a benchmark in survival horror.

Mental note. Nothing good ever comes of being in the forest. Especially when youre twins.

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CGR Undertow - FATAL FRAME 2: CRIMSON BUTTERFLY review for PlayStation 2

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/18
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