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What's up?
All right, welcome everyone.
Let's get ready.
This is GTA V, my friends.
I'm actually mad excited for this.
Thank you, music.
You have played your part and you've been awesome.
So welcome, my friends.
Today, we're gonna play some GTA V.
We are going to be playing online and we're gonna be live streaming.
I've only done this once as a live stream and it was a load of fun and
it was the day that next-gen GTA V came out.
So, first things first.
I don't think there's anyone in my world.
So if you want to come and join the gamer tag is covered.
Hold on one second.
If you want to join this gamer tag xxAliA-xx-Alia-xx.
If that makes any sense.
Then you can join my lobby and be a part of the live stream.
Should be a load of fun.
But since I've last played GTA5 online, I've actually put a lot of time into it.
And I've bought myself a brand new car.
I bought myself my own apartment.
I spent a million dollars on stuff, all right.
Now just beneath me you can see my Twitter handle.
If you mention me on Twitter during this live stream I will be looking at
my mentions.
I'll also be looking at the YouTube comments, so
keep them coming in my friends and it should be an absolutely epic live stream.
If' you have any suggestions.
Hey, I've already got somebody in the lobby.
What is up, my friend.
Before we get into playing with anyone in the lobby I want to show you my car first.
I guess it would be the best thing to do.
If I remember correctly it's quite a sick car.
So, contacts.
Here we go.
I just about remember how to do this.
I believe it is.
Yeah. It should be a lot of fun.
Keep your Tweets coming in.
Keep your comments coming in.
It should be a lot of fun.
I want my car mate.
Please bring me my car.
That guy's horn is going to really annoy me.
Here we go.
Oh there we go.
You can cause to make your claim.
Oh gosh dammit, it's freaking blown up boys.
Trust, trust, trust the last lobby I was in for my car to be exploded.
It's a good one though, trust me.
It's gonna be worth the wait.
We're gonna check out my apartment.
And then we're gonna mess around a bit with anyone that's in the lobby.
No charge. It's, someone's paid the full premium.
Hey thank you Cozzar wherever you.
Wait, what?
Can be found.
Okay, okay, okay.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
My car is being redeemed.
Dude, this is a pretty sick car here.
I mean, it's not my car, but it's a pretty sick car.
Okay. We're gonna make one more phone call.
No! We're gonna made one more phone call.
[LAUGH] I'm sorry about all the phone calls.
And then we'll get the car here.
The mechanic should be out to deliver it directly to me right now.
I'm gonna move out of the way actually.
I'm sorry. I'm stopping traffic.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
And it should be out to deliver it somewhere nearby, so.
Here we go.
I believe it's a [INAUDIBLE].
Okay, sweet.
So, the car should be.
Bro, come on.
Where's my car, man?
I've just bought it!
Where's my car?
It's got to be nearby.
Is that it?
No, mate, that ain't.
That's a freaking store, boys.
I wanna show you guys my car.
There we go!
It's here. It's here.
It's here. It's here.
It's here.
What the?
Bro, what the heck just happened?
You all right, buddy?
Think he just got taken out.
Here is the beauty.
Look at her. Look at her!
It's amazing!
It's abso-, rate.
What do you. Rate it out of eight, mate.
All right? What do you rate it out of eight.
Leave a comment.
Drop me a tweet.
I'm in love, like, honestly, I am in love with my car right now.
Do we got to go around the other side.
No, no, no.
Dude, I don't want a pathetic car.
I'm sorry, look I'm really sorry.
My character's out of control.
He does not realize that I actually want this car.
Here we go.
We've got our car boys.
We've got our car boys.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Is this it?
Keep your comments.
Oh yeah come join me brother.
Come and join me.
Look at this thing.
It's the nicest car I've ever owned in GTA.
And I've spent a load of money.
I had a million dollars.
How did I have a million dollars, right?
You're probably asking how did I have a million dollars to spend?
The first half a million dollars I had safe in my account when there
were glitches two years ago on GTA online.
They just gave everyone half million dollars.
The second half million dollars, I got for
pre-ordering GTA V on the, I think the Playstation Store.
That's how I got it.
Oh gosh, don't go.
My god.
[SOUND] Oh my gosh.
This thing's, this thing's actually a thing of beauty.
I'm sure you guys have maybe, you guys are liking the car.
You guys are liking the car.
I like that. I can never remember how to find my house.
It's not.
I should not have gum I apologize.
I apologize it's a bad habit.
This I think is my house.
Yes boys look at that.
It's just around the corner, we've actually gone the wrong way.
Look. I love the white trims on the wheels.
[MUSIC] Like I think the white trim honestly makes
it like really, really sick.
Yeah guys, honestly I don't do very many live streams.
>> All in, all in, you could do all in.
Oh my gosh.
>> Okay, there's someone in the microphone.
What is up, my friend?
What is up?
I have no idea, I should probably turn the radio off, actually.
How do I turn the radio off?
No, don't shoot, don't shoot.
Cuz the radio can actually get copyrighted.
The radio is so annoying, man.
This radio is really annoying.
[CROSSTALK] Hello friends.
Is people online or is it people.
Here we go.
Players. Here we go.
Brother I appreciate the support you are awesome, but for
the sake of the live stream we can't have someone else talking in the microphone
just because it gets a bit messy.
Just because it gets a little bit messy, and we don't want that my friends.
Now I don't do many live streams here on this main channel, on Ali-A,
just because a lot of it's just like, Call of Duty, quick games, information and
stuff, but if you guys go on to enjoy the video,
all of your support in the live stream is really really appreciated my friends.
Really really appreciated.
And who knows?
If this live stream goes down as well as the last one did,
we should definitely do another one.
Now, I'm 99% sure I've got special entrance to my apartment.
Where is it?
I'm sure it's like come on buddy.
Show me that special entrance.
I need to park my beauty.
Where is it? Oh, here's it.
Is it here?
Wait, what?
No, this is it, this is it, this is it here.
I think this is it.
Yes, boys.
Look. It's mine.
Honestly, I wanna say this is one of the better apartments in the game.
But I don't know if it's the best.
I think it's good.
Hold left on the d-pad.
Thank you my friend.
Thank you. Don't want
to get the video copyrighted for random music that's in the game.
Fortunately, I only have two cars.
I have the car that I got right at the beginning of playing GTA5 Online like two
years ago, and then, my blue Zentrona thingamabobby, which is absolutely sweet.
I absolutely love it, I'm not gonna lie.
Okay, so, do we have to like, look, can we?
Can we get out of the car please?
Why are we stuck?
You should go to the mechanic.
Yeah, okay.
When you store a vehicle in the garage you can then,
it becomes your personal vehicle.
Okay I'm down for storing some.
So all I've got to do is drive a car into my garage and then it's mine.
Now this is interesting.
To leave the garage we'll head to the exit.
So let me show you around the apartment boys.
Where's the door?
I think it's up here.
I think it's up here.
Let's go.
Another player's using the elevator.
What the heck?
[SOUND] How did you get into, how did you get into my, how did you?
Don't steal my car.
Don't steal my car.
I don't think I have protection on the car.
I think anyone can get in it and steal it.
[LAUGH] So yeah, this is,
I think it's the first time I've ever been in my apartment actually.
It's given me a load of information, so maybe it is.
How long are we gonna be live streaming for?
I'm not sure.
Not sure, my friend.
I gotta be up early tomorrow, but I'm still live streaming for you guys.
You're spawned in your apartment when you join online.
Didn't happen today, unfortunately, but hey, I like it.
What the?
Why is there someone coming into my?
Hey, boys, look at me.
I'm suit to the booted.
Imagine having this apartment IRL, in real life.
Look how sick this is.
Beautiful views.
Actually, no.
Maybe not the best.
Yeah, yeah, yeah actually can we see the Hollywood sign from here?
No, maybe not.
No, we can't. Actually,
we can see the obser, observatory from here.
I've been there. I've been there.
It's the top, top left of the screen.
I believe that's the observatory.
Not sure its full name.
I have been there IRL in Los Angeles.
Very, very nice.
This guy is being nice, not ripping my house down.
We got some beautiful flowers.
Didn't, didn't order them, but we got them.
I love the big windows not gonna lie.
I rate the big windows.
Look at that.
Look at that.
That is sweet.
Weird thing is, I actually stayed in a hotel was almost in this identical
position in L.A., which is really, really freaky.
We got a telescope.
We got lots of fun things.
Let's, I don't honestly think there's many people in our world.
Maybe hm, how can I?
If you, if you join XX alley-AXX on PSN,
on PlayStation 4, you'll be able to join me.
I've already got 50,000, so let me take a quick look for a second.
I wanna see what I must've, what I must've bought.
So, setting, no, internet.
Here go internet, so, obviously, obviously, travel.
I bought a luxury motor.
Let's have a look at which one I bought.
So, I bought, holy cow, did I spend 725,000 on it?
I went no chill mode, boys.
I went no chill mode.
The only other cars that are faster than it.
You got the Z type, which is more.
You got the Stinger which is more.
Honestly I love, I just love the look of mine.
You've got the Adder of course, this sort of Bugatti looking car.
I just love the look of my car.
And then in terms of, is it health?
I can never remember.
Money and services I think it is.
Prime property.
There we go.
I'm honestly not sure which one I bought.
Oh, dudes, did I buy that one?
No, I don't think I did.
I don't think I actually spent that much money on a house, to be honest,
but, that's a load of rubbish.
We've, we've talked long enough about that.
I've only got 50,000 left.
Oh, what's on TV?
This is a beautiful T, actually, look, the graphics are pretty damn sick.
Like, you could legit sit down and watch that, the graphic's are so good.
All right, we go in the bedrooms.
Can't have a house with no bedrooms.
What the heck?
Got some nice food.
Honestly I'm quite, oh wait, drink?
Oh gosh, it's gonna make me drunk, isn't it?
Should I do this?
Don't drink and drive kids.
You know,I'm thirsty, all right?
I'm thirsty. Look come join me game in gong.
Come have a drink with me my friend, come and have a drink with me.
It's all good in the hood.
So yeah, the reason I haven't actually done any console livestreams in awhile,
he's liking it, he's liking it.
Is because livestreaming console's actually normally pretty tricky, but
I finally got it set up so that it works which is amazing.
So we've got a downstairs.
Some more pretty paintings.
I'm sure you guys have seen this similar apartment before, to be honest.
Someone has entered the apartment, beautiful.
Aw, is it just one room?
Nice double bed, to be fair, really nice double bed.
What's in here?
Oh [LAUGH] it's the toilet.
I didn't want to go to the toilet.
They've got a changing room in here, I believe you can actually change in here.
But honestly, I'm, I'm liking the suit, guys.
I am actually liking the suit.
Let's see if anybody else has joined our lobby map.
Dunno, maybe. You guys can feel free to join.
Feel free to join.
The more people the merrier, my friends.
The more people my merrier.
My mer.
Dude, am I drunk right now?
No. We'll head outside, boys.
We'll head outside.
We'll pick up our car again.
Hell she cost like 7000 insurance.
Luckily, we didn't have to claim for it because we didn't kill the car.
It was some other dude that they listed when I last played online.
Gun game yes, I won't, I won't try gun game to advance warfare.
Not sure why they have them.
Hopefully they add it in a future patch.
That would be amazing my friend.
That would be absolutely awesome.
Shout out to everyone watching at Mate Wide.
So I actually do a lot of live streaming on my second channel for Minecraft.
And what I sometimes do is do a, do a shout out session,
where I bring up my mentions on Twitter and everyone that's mentioning my for
about five minutes will be included in the video.
So if you guys are interested in that, let me know and I may do that, my friends.
I may do that.
How many people have we got watching right now?
3000 people.
Awesome. Come and join the fun my friends.
Come and join the fun.
You know, we're, we're, we're chilling here.
We're chilling.
And look at the beautiful car man.
Look at the beautiful car.
So pretty.
It's absolutely amazing.
No honestly I love it like.
I forgot how much I love it.
I did once have blue zen on lights.
But haven't unlocked them unfortunately.
Haven't unlocked them unfortunately.
But now we're here to roll around baby.
All right.
This dude knows what's up.
He knows he needs to come and join.
Is anybody else in the lobby?
Oh, we've got, we've got people in the lobby.
We've got people in the lobby.
Welcome friends.
Okay, how do I turn the.
Right. Here we go.
Here we go.
You going to get in the car?
Oh, is it locked?
Okay, I think I may have locked it, buddy, hold on, hold on.
Oh I think there's an option joint celebration, it's, it's, it's an option.
How do I turn off the options so that people can get in my car, guys?
Game mode.
Player normal.
Player mode allow spectators.
Kill yourself.
Not what I actually, I'm actually all right.
It may be under settings you know.
Here we go, hold on.
I can never. You know what,
one of you guys treat me now work out how it is we'll go and do it.
We'll, we'll set up some races and people, dude he's got Adder, bro,
he's got an Adder.
Can you get in my car?
It's locked, buddy.
Look, get in this dude's Adder.
Honestly I rate this dude's Adder.
Pretty dope, pretty dope my friend.
Just don't kill me and we'll be fine.
Just don't kill me.
Nope. Oh gosh.
Oh gosh.
Get out of here.
He's a mad man.
He's a mad man.
He's a man eater.
He kills people.
Don't trust him bro.
Don't p, trust him.
Wha, what?
Hold the touch pad.
Oh, yes you're right.
It's a really weird thing isn't it?
Here we go.
Such a weird way of doing it.
I think you have to scroll down.
Action, Player Mode, here we go.
Oh yeah, Vehicle Access, everyone.
He should be able to get in my car, Such a weird way of accessing the options.
All right, you know what?
Let's go to the observatory because you know what?
I did say I'd be in there IRL, and I wasn't lying.
So I think it'd be quite a cool place to get to.
I don't know if we can get into it.
But if you're in lobby right now, you, oh, we do have blue lights.
Yeah, we do have blue zen lights.
Let's go boys.
If you're in the live stream right now and you're in the game for
whatever reason, feel free to head towards the may, I should set a waypoint.
Maybe that would be easier.
Where is it?
I can't see it right now.
I'm sure it's behind this hotel.
Sure it's behind this hotel.
I haven't done any heists or jobs ever on GTA.
On, oh.
No, he damaged my car.
I said, uh-oh.
Wait brah, is he coming for me?
It's come, no he's not going for me dudes.
We're fine, we're fine, we're fine baby.
There it is, there it is.
Wanna see the views you get from it?
Is like actually insane.
I think I posted some pictures.
It's almost a year ago actually I went there, for Call of Duty Champs 2014.
And hopefully going to 2015.
Yes. For some weird reason,
we found this while doing live streams on YouTube, not my fault.
If you are on certain mobile devices,
it won't let you comment on live stream, not my fault.
And these roads, in real life, are actually really, really windy.
Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Turn that off.
Here we go.
The roads are actually really windy.
Like people that live on this, sort of, hilly, rocky area, amazing houses but
driving up here, not fun, man, not fun at all.
Let's see if we can get to the observatory, boys.
See if we can get to the observatory.
Oh, the sun's going down.
You guys know I hate night time in GTA.
All right.
Here we go.
Baytree Canyon?
Yep. Dude this guy has a sort of like,
classic BMW-like car.
Oh gosh.
Nah, I love that, mate.
I love it when the other players get the cops on me.
That's the observatory.
I spat everywhere, sick one.
Sick one, buddy.
Can you do an ASM1 class setup video?
I haven't done a best class setup video in awhile.
I could've done one today but I thought live streaming would be more fun for,
why have I got two stars?
Dude, I haven't touched anyone bro.
I haven't touched anyone, man.
We may have to climb up this mountain, you know.
I don't know of an easy way of getting up it.
We may have to climb up the mountain, boys.
Oh there's this, there's the Hollywood sign.
Oh no here we go.
What was. We found it.
We found it. We found it.
We're out of here. We're out of here.
Finding routes.
Finding routes.
With police cops on us and stuff.
Yeah it's so
crazy my brother was out playing Advanced Warfare with his friend,with his friend.
They opened up one supply crate.
One supply crate.
And they get the AK Rift.
And I was like no due, nah, you crazy?
You serious, bro?
Does this lead straight to it?
I think we're higher up than we were before.
There it is.
It's the observatory.
Now, how do we get in?
It's almost exactly, hey we've got another player.
What up, what up fella?
All right I'm gonna take the route,
the exact route that I took when I was in the observatory.
So I got out my car, actually, it was a taxi.
Got out my taxi, I was like, hey, well, let's grab a look at the views.
I was gonna do a vlog but there's a lot of people around.
And I was like, nah, dude, this is almost exactly the same.
Nah, dude, there's some guy looking through here.
Look, you can look through the telescope.
Brah, brah, this is weird.
[LAUGH] I wanna do this again next time new, I'm in LA actually.
And you can pretty much see that, you can pretty much see that.
The beach is over there, of course.
This is exactly, which is weird,
like I never really fully appreciated how similar this game was to LA.
Like oh no, we're being shot up boys.
There's a massacre already.
There's a massacre already.
We can loop around though don't worry.
We can loop around don't worry.
If we go this way.
If we go this way, I hope.
We can loop back around boys.
Yeah, I do drive pretty fast IRL.
But not dangerously of course, I wouldn't do that too.
Oh gosh, the police are on us.
Out the way, woman.
We don't even care about you.
We don't even care about you.
Oh boys. Look how many cars we've got here.
>> Give up now!
>> Oh my gosh. Dude there's a massacre going down
right now.
Where is everyone at?
Should I just peace the scene?
I'm peacing the scene boys.
I'm peacing the scene.
Everyone's getting caught up and I'm like no mate.
I'm out.
See you later. Have fun with the police.
Oh gosh we're in.
Okay. I think we should go to
the Hollywood sign.
I've been to the Hollywood sign like three times I think.
That's, oh gosh that's going to hurt.
That's gonna hurt in the morning, son.
Oh my gosh, it's over there.
Oh gosh.
This is not great, this is not good driving skills.
No, it's fine.
We've got this, we've got this, we've got this, boys.
We've got this.
I just don't want to destroy my car because I want to,
actually drive it to be honest.
I actually want to drive it around.
I don't want to pay like another six grand in insurance.
The Hollywood sign's over in this direction so
it's gonna go over here, boys.
It's just gonna go over here.
Go for it.
In a bit we'll start killing people, all right?
In a bit. But I don't wanna do that quite yet
because that would, that would start chaoticness in the server and
you typically don't want to go too crazy when you're doing livestreams
because then everybody just loses their mind.
Oh god.
Oh buddy, can I make it up here?
Oh dude, this, the blue Xenon.
Car thief.
It has no, chill bro.
Literally, it's just such, oh gosh.
Look at that.
Look at that, baby.
Let me know which car you've got and, what color it is.
I think green cars typically work quite well in GTA.
Blue is my favorite that's why I went for it.
I thought it looked pretty dope.
There's the sign, right there.
It's the sign.
Let me know is there anything else you want to see me try and
do in GTA and I'll definitely try and do it.
I honestly think.
Oh actually this definitely looks like a definitely dry, wow bro.
Don't disrespect the car.
Do not disrespect the car.
Yes boy we can drive up here my friend.
We can drive up here.
I'm now, I, it's nicer streaming on YouTube,
cuz then the video goes straight out to you guys.
Oh, gosh.
Without me having to do anything about it, so, it's actually pretty dope.
Look at this.
Look at that for a view over Los Santos, what you could essentially call L.A..
All those big buildings, actually.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Okay, so I'm not gonna shoot you, buddy.
I'm not gonna shoot you, buddy.
Don't worry.
So, what all of the buildings look like over there.
I've been to, like, a few of the big hotels.
Pretty crazy.
And then I believe that's sort of, like, what do they call it?
Maybe Westside?
West LA or something?
Or Downtown LA maybe?
Don't know, but that's where my apartment is in, in the game,
not in real life of course.
Over there.
I will try and do some stunts, that could be a good show.
I don't like night time.
He goes let's have a selfie, let's have a selfie, let's have a selfie brother.
You and me, selfie together.
I think he's taking a selfie.
That awkward moment when he's not taking a selfie, he's just on his phone.
I'm like, do you want a selfie?
So Vinewood, you, let's go to the top, bro.
Let's sneak all the way to the top.
I don't think you're supposed to be able to get up to the top though.
All right, oh, my stamina's gone up, that's good.
I forgot your coasts and stats in GT.
That's pretty high actually.
Have we checked the stats lets see.
Stats, here we go.
Overall income.
Overall expenses.
That doesn't make any sense, my car costs more than that.
Look at my stats.
Absolutely shocking.
All right so. Here we go.
Here we go. Starting the engine.
We're going to try and go all the way to the top.
There's a building up here, I believe.
Oh, gosh.
I don't know if it's gonna let me do it, but we'll give it a go.
Give it a go, buddy.
Do some races.
Yeah, we should actually do some races.
Really good shout.
The only thing is, [LAUGH], the only thing is,
sometimes it takes a while for the races to load.
And I did it before, when I tried to do races in the live stream.
Wow, sorry buddy.
Didn't mean to damage your car like that.
Oh, is this a race.
Dude, yeah, let's do this.
Let's do this. Let's see if we can get people
into this race.
Jobs can only be triggered on foot.
Alright, if enough people join us, we can do this.
I'm down for it.
Bro, he's in my car.
Dew, dew, dew.
Dude, I can't have this song playing in the video.
This is a 100% copyright.
Oh my gosh.
Where's, oh, right here.
Want it my way.
All right. Turn it off.
Turn it off. Don't get carried away.
We can't have that.
All right. We're gonna try and
get people into the lobby.
Point to point.
All right.
Classes, cycle, all right.
Current time and date.
No, no. Let's have it noon.
Weather fine.
Traffic on.
Split times world record.
All right, buddy, all right we'll, we'll do that.
Yes boys, 356.
How much do you have to play online to be that level?
That's crazy. Now as I've said,
it will take a little bit of time if we want to get enough people into the lobby
to play this.
But if we get enough people in we can do it and then once we've done it,
confirm settings.
Hold on.
And then once we do it, in case we need, maybe we have to do it straight away.
Hey this is dope.
We'll mess around, I've got some cool things.
We can try and break into the army place.
It has some throwbacks on.
Bo. I'm not even gonna sing,
not even gonna sing.
Should we just do four?
Let's do four.
Let's just do four.
Will it let us work?
Players, nope.
Players four, one to eight.
Launching session.
I think this is like one of the very first races I've ever done.
It's a blue obviously, vehicle.
Oh gosh, I think the BMX is really hard.
I think this is the best one.
Oh look, they've all got stats haven't they?
Yeah, I'm gonna go with this one.
Let's do it boys.
First ever race.
What do ya, what, how do you think I do?
Wait, I don't know.
Do I press x to go?
Or do I press the accelerate button as if I'm in a car?
I, I look so out of place dude.
I've got a helmet on with a suit and I'm on a bike.
What do I do?
I'm holding down.
I think you press x.
I think you press x.
Yes boys, let's go.
Dude, this is one of my very first BMX bike races ever on GTA.
Oh no, their bike's faster than mine.
I should have gone with a speed bike dude.
I got, I got trolled, bro.
I was just waiting for like, say, though.
This is, this is it, isn't it?
This is like a sorta balancing act.
I forgot, I forgot about this.
Dude, it's been a while since I've done some of these.
Oh, let's turn.
Notice this background music is all good, baby, yeah.
I ain't a, it ain't a radio.
I should have gone with a speed bike, dude.
If I'd known the terrain,.
If I'd been informed of the terrain, I would've done that.
Now, I don't know how long this race is.
So this could be.
Oh look, that's the break button.
I thought it was the go button.
I'm an idiot, dude.
If I'd, if I knew how long this was gonna be.
Oh, dude we're quite far ahead actually.
Then I would let you know, but I don't know how long it is so
just wish me luck my friend.
Wish me luck.
How's the other dude, oh, because your characters have stats.
So maybe your in game GTA V stats actually affect your stamina for
things like this, like races.
Because my stamina right now is shocking.
And I shouldn't have pedaled so hard at the beginning.
It's cool, two out of four.
Two out of four is not too bad.
Two out of four is not too bad.
We crashed.
We, we broke back stand, which is not the best thing in the world.
But hey ho, hey ho we can get over it.
No dude, I'm not going to do any fancy tricks right.
I'm not going to do.
Oh buddy.
Not gonna do any fancy tricks.
Dude in fourth, don't know what you're doing buddy, but you need to catch up.
Oh baby.
Oh baby, let's see how far outside the dude is.
Pretty close.
He's got Xs in his name as well.
All right, my stamina, honestly,
I just need to build my stamina up, so I can get to a better point.
Nah, brah, I'm leaving you in my dust boys.
I'm leaving you in my dust boys.
This is sick.
Yeah, we should definitely do a car meet up.
[MUSIC] Everyone will be able to see my lobby,
where I am on the map.
So once we've done this race, we'll have like a, we'll have an actual car race.
Which should be like I think guys you can set up your own race.
It would be more of like a fun race.
Oh, don't you dare hit me off my bike, bro.
Don't you dare hit me off my bike, boys.
Hope the music levels are good.
I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure I, I adjusted the music.
That was before I started.
Oh gosh this dude's are rubbish.
Get out of the way woman we're doing a race here.
I'm going to use my stamina.
Oh no, you can't use your stamina.
Okay you just start losing health.
No sick.
That dude in first I think he's the dude that's level 300.
Oh no, I'm lost.
It's because my character's a noob dude.
My character's a big noob.
His stats are terrible.
Flying car.
Did you guys, you guys just saw that?
Go back and watch that in the stream.
You should be able to go back in the stream, if you watch this on YouTube.
Someone print screen that flying car and tweet it to me.
[LAUGH] Someone print, print screen that to me dude.
Dude this is going to be sick.
Sick boys no,I love that boys.
That's actually epic.
Someone print screen the flying car.
I was going to actually do.
Hey, it let me go a second, that's nice.
I could actually do a car vlog today but it got dark really quickly.
[SOUND] You finished 2nd.
That's not bad, dude.
Yeah, my stamina is terrible, dude.
[LAUGH] Exo Zombies in just two days time.
Tuesday is when it's gonna be coming out, my friends.
But, all I'd say is to stay tuned to my channel.
Stay tuned to my channel.
You guys know how it is with content.
Often, things come out early.
[SOUND] Congratulations dude.
Not only does your character look pretty sick, but your stat, you,
you demolished us.
Let's be real, you demolished us.
I even got 3,000 for that race.
That's pretty damn hype.
All right, I like it, it was good fun.
And then we will exit.
Okay, no more, I'm quitting.
We're gonna quit.
But it's good fun.
It was good fun.
I'm, I'm glad you suggested that, guys.
Glad you suggested that.
That was awesome.
Now, I think we should do a car meetup with everyone that's in the lobby.
If you have watched do not worry.
It will be available straight away and you can just go back in time as well.
Shave off your hair or shave off your beard?
I'd shave off my beard.
Cuz your hair, cuz the beard will grow, grow back quite quickly, thank goodness.
So, unfortunately, there's a little bit of time here where we gotta wait for
the game to reload.
But, you know, I'm trying to keep you guys, you know, drop some tweets.
I'll answer questions.
I'm always here for you guys.
Do not worry.
Do not worry my friends.
I'm just going to grab here we go, this one here.
So do you guys enjoying the live stream, support is always really appreciated.
The last live stream that we did did amazingly well so thank you so much guys.
So where does it keep popping?
The time of live stream is midnight.
It's just gone midnight.
And actually do you know what I can do here?
I've got this set up.
Hold on. [SOUND] Oh, one more.
No, no, no, that's the right one.
Here we go.
So I can talk to you guys in big screen.
This is how I've set it up.
Look at this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
So yeah the dog is downstairs, Ella is downstairs.
It is midnight currently.
Oh dude, you guys are sending in pictures of flying cars.
Have a look.
[LAUGH] Look at it.
It just flew in the air, mate.
It is flew the air, bud.
Look at that.
I love that. That's crazy.
I'm gonna retweet one of the pictures.
I'm gonna retweet it because I'm nice dude.
I said I, I said I'd interact with you guys in the live stream.
Dude, it takes so long.
This is the problem with going in between races.
It takes a long tme, oh we're good, we're good, we're good.
It's loading back in, boys.
It's loading back in.
Cars can fly [LAUGH].
Absolutely crazy my friends [LAUGH].
All right, here we go.
Now we can jump back to this one.
And look at that, we're good to go baby.
I love it.
How is there someone already next to me?
Lester is now a contact.
Dude, we don't care about Lester.
Oh no, that wasn't actually a person.
Okay, so, we wanna do a street race, right?
We wanna do a street race.
What I'm thinking, I'm thinking we, we'll meet up,
maybe I'm honestly thinking maybe, like, in the airport?
So, if we meet up, maybe mm, [SOUND] I kinda want to meet up here.
It's gonna be a long journey.
But we get to drive the car.
The car is fun man.
So if you're watching live stream go to that point on the map and
we will all meet up there.
And we're going to do a cross map, pretty much, race.
All right? Literally, a cross map race.
It's going to be big.
Listen to that car boys.
Listen to it.
It's rapping, the breaking.
Just a scratch, just a tiny scratch, do not worry.
The breaking is on point my friend.
Absolutely on point.
Almost as nice as my car in real life.
No, I'm kidding.
It's definitely, definitely nicer than my car I have in real life my friend.
I could always live stream exo zombies when it comes out.
Good shout.
Good shout. I'll, I'll,
we'll see, we'll see what it's like.
I don't even know what it plays like yet.
I'm not sure it plays like the original zombies.
It's got an ending where you can escape and I'll try and
live stream it to the point of escape.
That'll be pretty awesome, to complete zombies on live stream.
But I think it's gonna have unlimited rounds as well.
I'd hope, I'd hope.
Look at this thing, dude.
I wish GTA 5 had a speedometer.
That would be the hypest thing dude, that would be so hype.
Hype out of Skype?
I actually quite like nighttime in this car.
This car makes everything good.
This car makes everything good, my friend.
I've still got pictures coming through of that crazy flying car that was so YOLO!
I flew into the air.
All right, let's see what everyone else in the map is doing.
Hopefully, there are still people in the lobby chilling.
There should be, there should be.
But basically, I'm going to, I believe a const.
Aw, that really hurt, really hurt my car, man.
Aw dude. All right, we're almost there.
This is a lot of ac, oh, yeah we can go this way I guess, we can go this way.
A lot of fighting going down there.
There's a lot of fighting going down.
Make a GTA 5 crew.
I wanna say I did make a crew, I just never linked out to people.
I'm not sure.
The Ali-A army crew.
The thing is, the crews, they can't hold many people.
All right, so we are gonna start all the way from the back of the map here.
All the way from the back of the map here.
[SOUND] So, this is where the race is gonna start, all the way over here.
[COUGH] So, let's see where everyone else on the map is.
It did say quite a few people had left the game.
So, let's take a look.
Right. Over 18 people here.
Some of them, some of them seem to be near us, not a lot of them.
Not a lot of them, but, hey what if, bro?
We need to do a race.
All right, we need to do a race.
Come on, get over here boys.
Get tattoos and game.
Yeah, yeah, I could do that, but they're still near the sign.
Bro, what are you doing, bro?
[LAUGH] Bro, what are you doing?
Come over here. All right.
I'm gonna show people on the stream,
this is where I am, this is where you need to come and join me.
And, what I'm gonna do since this is a live stream,
I can just do things like this.
I am going to, what shall I?
Hm. What I'll do is,
I'll do a little of the shout,
shout out session while we wait for people to come and join us over here.
So what I can do here is at screen region,
I can bring up your mentions right now on screen.
And I'm gonna answer and
show your, your questions on live stream as we wait for people to come and join us.
Use pretty high powered Skype.
So, tweet me absolutely anything at my Twitter handle just there.
Follow me and tweet me, and you'll appear in the live feed.
Flying car, yes!
The flying car's crazy.
Go in first person.
That's actually a good shout, let's do that right now.
Has this got the, oh my gosh, got the freaking music on, dude.
All right, let's bring up the map again just so people know where we're going.
I'm amazed, I'm amazed when people know how to hit it.
Honestly, amazed when people, it may fit in a race.
I'm thinking it could be in a race.
If not, we just have to buy a self.
Now, listen something is coming towards us.
Okay, mh-hm, when is the, the next Frank video.
The next Frank video should be in the next week or so, I think.
Shout out.
What's up.
I should maybe make this a little bit smaller.
Just a little bit smaller, just a little bit.
Oh gosh, that's the wrong one.
Here we go.
There we go.
Let's make it a little bit smaller.
You're awesome.
Thank you very much.
Extreme. Thank you very much.
What's your Playstation screen name.
XX Ali-A XX is my ID.
And yes, you can join that session and add me on Playstation.
I think on PS4, you can add a load of people to your fair, so
feel free to do that, my friends.
You're sick.
Thank you very much.
Flying cars.
I wish I had a flying car actually.
How sick would that be?
We've got loads of people in here.
That 300 level dude is gone.
This could be a new lobby, you know.
[SOUND] That's what's happened.
That's why no one's coming to race me because we've joined a lobby and
it's left the previous lobby.
I was so confused, of course.
All right.
Hm, we could join a new lobby or we could just go on and destroy people.
If you go and destroy people.
All right, let's go and do.
Let's go to the beach.
And, we'll go and destroy people.
That's annoying, man.
That's annoying.
I forgot about that.
All right, you have to hide your mention for a second again.
I completely forgot about that.
I want, because it takes.
When you come out of a race,
it will put you back in a new world which is really annoying.
That's really annoying because I know everyone in the last lobby was definitely
down to do a little bit of racing.
You saw everyone else.
Dude, GTA has, I'm pretty sure the highest arc in the game, are they?
I don't think I'm in the game.
Pretty sure we're not in the game yet guys.
Honestly, I prefer racing like this just because you really get a sense of speed.
[SOUND]. Oh, what, what I'm trying to do.
Yeah, if you were in the lobby, I didn't leave the lobby on purpose.
It freaking put me in a new game.
I'd love to join a session and it'd just be me so
you guys could join, but it takes time when that happens.
So, we'll go and find some other people in the lobby.
Since, you know, since we've got no links in this lobby.
They're just random.
We're gonna mess people up, all right.
We're gonna mess people up.
And, it's a good excuse to take people down and, you know, not feel bad,
not feel, oh gosh, get your peasant car out of the way.
Is it a sports car?
No, it's not.
No it is not my friend.
Oh. There's someone over here.
Hello, friend, how are you doing?
Hello, buddy.
Nice to meet you.
[SOUND] See ya.
You mad?
You mad bro?, Just doing my job.
I'm suited and booted to take people out.
This car is dope and wait wait wait.
Has he just respawned there.
Yeah, I think, is that the same person?
Oh, gosh.
He's gone RPG boys.
He's gone RPG on us.
I'm out boys.
I'm actually out.
All right, here's another person.
If it's the same person.
I feel like I could run into the same person.
All right, hold on.
Hold on.
I'm such a douche, man.
Get outta here.
Run over the evidence.
No one will know what happened.
No one will know what happened.
Maybe that red circle's where they're about to respawn.
Get outta here boys.
Get outta here.
Your mental state is rising.
Oh, gosh. Is the person coming in from my left?
Definitely in a car.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't think they.
I don't think they know what's going on boys.
I don't think they know the massacre that's going down.
All right.
Someone's coming from the front.
Where is he? Where is he?
Here we go. Here we go.
Dude, that's a pretty sick car.
What the heck? Why's it so squished?
Why is the car really squished?
What the heck guys, what is that car?
Is that just like, he's in passive mode?
Is that like a basic car that he's just really pimped out?
How did he get all, like, the?
I love that, I love that, mate.
He's in passive mode.
He goes and destroys me.
Cheers, bro.
Oh, man. [INAUDIBLE] thank you very much for
watching the live stream.
You should play on 360.
I think my account got transferred to PS4, so, technically,
no ,you can't honk your horn at me after you just killed me, buddy.
That's not how it works.
That's not how making friends works, all right.
That's not how making friends works.
What the?
Bro. Dude, the policeman almost killed me.
Dude, that's disgusting behavior.
Dude, these cars got sick cars.
Dude. The lobby's getting filled up.
I think the people don't know us.
It's what we wanted, it's what we wanted to know.
Get out of here, boys!
We're being chopped up, boys.
Get out of here. All right, follow me, friends.
Follow me.
The lobby's getting filled up.
This is good. We want the lobby to get filled
up with only our, us people.
DId you see that sick little 360 move?
Oh, no!
My wheels, he shot out my wheels!
I'm pretty sure they re, they refuel themselves after it though.
Oh, my gosh, no dude.
You've got an epic chaoticness going on right now.
We're heading for the beach, though.
We're heading for the beach boys.
Oh, gosh.
All right. We've got a lot of people behind,
which is great.
One is made.
I'm having to do some next level driving.
It's because of this car, this freak has got a punctured tire.
Once we get everyone lined up at the beach, we're gonna set a long race.
All right? Like a long race.
Oh, no.
This car is really not good.
I'm pretty sure, tell me if I'm wrong, I think the, the wheels, oh, my gosh.
That's why I keep spinning out.
The wheels should re-inflate themselves.
Unless I didn't buy the inflated wheels, then that'd kinda suck.
Actually, hold on.
There's a car place just here.
Let me go in and fix my car, like it's literally just here.
Good spot, Alley.
Good spot my friend.
I think, yes, here we go.
I can go here.
No, it's a freaking race, boys.
Alley a just got trolled.
Alley a just got trolled by life.
Sick job.
Totally a car place.
[LAUGH] Spectating you?
I didn't even know you could do that.
That's pretty dope.
Welcome DS something.
Thank you for spectating me.
Now this wheel isn't gonna get fixed is it?
Oh, gosh.
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
I need to get myself a new wheel.
[LAUGH] I need to get myself a new wheel right now.
Okay. So hey, this guy,
this guy knew where we're going.
This guy knew where we were going.
All right.
We're there.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
This wheel.
Oh, no, dude.
Fight is going down, boys.
Fight's going down.
Get in my car, brother.
We, seriously?
[SOUND] Are you serious right now?
Is this happening?
No love.
No love amongst anyone.
[SOUND] You're personal vehicle's been destroyed.
You need to make a claim, you know, I love that.
All right.
Luckily, I don't think I'm gonna pay for the insurance.
Hopefully, please come.
What are you doing?
I've got no.
There you go.
Dirt Racer paid 9,000.
How do you like that, buddy?
9,000 straight out of your account.
Straight out of your account.
Can you not run me over?
That'd be appreciated.
Thank you very much.
No, yeah, take him out.
Police officer.
No, dude.
No, dude.
Oh, he's got a Zentorno as well.
He knows what's good boys.
He knows what's good.
All right.
Should I get in his car?
No, I don't know if I trust anyone.
Thing is I don't want a massacre to happen.
This is what you don't want to happen.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. I'll get in.
I'll get in.
I'll get in.
Don't do, don't do something dumb.
All right. I trust you.
You've got a beautiful car, just like me.
You know, that's, that's sick driving mate.
Sick driving mate.
[LAUGH] When are you going to be on Xbox one?
I'm gonna be on Xbox one of the DOC?
So just a few days time, I'll be back on Xbox one.
I don't like to switch between consoles too much, but, hey look.
That's so dope.
It flashes between red and green you serious Alley?
It flashes between blue and red, I think to tell you you've got police.
That's so hype, dude.
I rate that.
[LAUGH] You can call a mechanic, yes.
[SOUND] My car is being sure, it's ready to be cooled upon but
I don't want to cooled upon it while we're being chased.
Do you know what I mean?
Don't want to get cooled upon while we've got crazy people trying to kill
us, all right?
[LAUGH] Yeah, I'm just, I'm just trying to be chill right now.
Trying to be chill right now.
I've got racks, bro.
I know, I don't actually have an RPG myself.
I should go and buy stuff.
Where are some good shops?
Oh, I could go to a gun store.
I could go to a gun store.
I don't really have many guns to be honest in GTA 5.
So, I should honestly just go to a gun store.
So we're being chased by a lot of policeman.
[LAUGH] A lot of the cars actually back here are in for a little bit of a fight,
you know, that's fine.
Okay. We're going to go to here.
I'm going to show him to go to there.
[SOUND] There we go.
I can't, there we go.
There we go. There we go.
Drive there, my friend.
Drive there, head to the gun store.
We're gonna pimp out and get ourselves a sick gun, all right?
[SOUND] You should come to New Zealand?
Yes, I really want to go to New Zealand.
Do not worry.
Oh, gosh.
I know a lot of you guys are on different consoles, but unfortunate,
King Nation Swag.
I just realized how sick his name is.
That's dope.
Bro, your car's getting wrecked, brother.
You car is getting wrecked.
Shout out to everyone watching right now.
I hope you're having a great day, a great time.
All right.
Nice one.
Nice one.
Nice one.
Well, I mean, I mean, it's nice that you can get it.
It's nice that you can get it.
I'm getting out, boys.
I'm getting out.
Don't run me over.
Don't run me over.
All right.
Nation King Swag we're going to the gun store.
Watching the live stream it may have not kicked in yet, but that's the plan.
That's the plan.
Okay. I'm, I'm honestly,
honestly just don't want to get run over to be honest policeman.
Chill out.
[SOUND] Wow.
That police car has no chill.
I think, I can make it up this little bit of rock.
I think, I can make it up here.
Yes, yes, yes.
No, I'm getting shot at dudes.
I'm actually getting shot at.
All right.
Gun store, don't let me down now bro.
Don't let me down.
Can you buy guns while the police are on you, or will they not let you in?
[LAUGH] Will they let you in?
Would they allow me to buy his guns?
Oh, those are car planes here as well if I remember correctly.
Oh, no, I'm thinking of another place near by.
All right. Ammu-nation.
Hey, dude.
The parks his car quite nicely right there.
>> I can't show you any thing until you loose the car.
>> Are you serious?
Bro, do you want to discuss this?
Do you want to discuss this with my gun pointed at your face?
How do I lose the cops?
Like I'm inside they don't know where I am.
If I wait here long enough, they should go.
And this thing will stop flashing hopefully.
[LAUGH] All right.
Come on.
They don't know where I am.
Come on. Like they literally don't know where I am.
Look at this dude's tattoos.
Look at him and then look at me in my suit.
[LAUGH] Yes, boys.
All right. I lost him.
Let me know what level you guys are.
I'm at level ten. I'm a big noob.
All right.
Dude, can we buy anything?
No, dammit, this is the problem we have.
I can't buy the sick stuff.
Oh, you know, I should, I think I already have.
>> Hold your your.
>> Is that a shotgun?
I've got that, bullet pack rifle, carbine.
The carbine looks sick.
[SOUND] The carbine looks like it has better accuracy.
Yes, go for that.
I don't, oh, dude.
Homing launcher.
>> What?
Dude, no, dude.
That's a sick car, like legit.
The color of that car is absolutely sick.
But you're, I'm trying to purchase a weapon here.
[LAUGH] I'm trying.
Okay. We're not that far away.
I thought we spawned a mile away.
Dude, the guy freaking shot me and
I was trying to purchase from his gun store, like are you serious?
There's no respect at all in the world of GTA5, unfortunately.
And we've got to get back up there without getting run over.
Okay. No no no.
He's invisible. He's invisible.
Good stuff. Good Stuff.
Good Stuff.
What the heck?
He just gave me a gun.
This is like look.
It's like look.
You need to be armed right now.
You're running around in a suit with no gun.
You need to be armed right now.
And I'm like no, I'm good.
So look those are the weapons that I've got at the moment not very many.
The reason I want an assault rifle,
because I don't actually have an automatic assault rifle.
I've got an SMG and I've got a carbine.
It's a single fire, almost like a semi, almost like a, sniper, but not, not quite.
All right.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
No! No!
Don't do it!
Oh my gosh, I'm so done, I'm so done.
How do you get out of here?
How do you get out?
No, bro, bro please, bro, bro.
[NOISE] This is why you can't get anything done my friends,
you can't get anything done.
Huh, Oh.
Okay. Okay.
We're going to have to go to a new gun store.
That's the only option.
I think there's one all the way up here, but that's miles away.
So, let's go to that one.
All dandy.
Now what I need to do is call in my car.
And not let anyone know where I called it in,
cuz if they find it they will destroy it.
All right, I'm standing still right now.
I could get shot up any second.
[SOUND] I'm getting out of here boys.
I just got $500 for that guy who died next to me.
[LAUGH] Ain't complaining.
Yeah, I don't have sticky bombs dude, I do not have sticky bombs.
It's annoying.
Oh, I don't think my car is on the way.
Mechanic, oh, I think I called the wrong person for a second.
[LAUGH] Go to a different gun store, that is the exact idea my friends.
Request deliver, all right, beautiful, we gotta a few seconds,
hopefully my car will be here at any point, any point at all.
[SOUND] Now we just gotta make sure we can actually get to it.
Otherwise we may have to switch to passive mode.
We may have to switch to passive mode.
How long does it take for my car to?
[SOUND] My car. It's, no, don't you dare, don't you dare,
don't you dare, don't.
>> I'm so dead with this.
>> That's my car.
That's my car.
That's my new car.
That's my car.
Look at it.
Look at it.
Look at it.
I don't need to stall it.
Uh-huh, I don't need, just bought it man.
All right my insurance company is going to help me.
Just there, that car right there.
I want to get in that.
Hold on.
Let me call the insurance again, second claim in the,
in the space of like ten minutes.
Luckily, I, yes.
No charge.
Some other idiot's paying nine grand.
Unlucky, buddy.
All right.
Where's this sick car?
Look at the color of this car.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, it's gonna blow up any second.
I mean like dude, honestly I rate the color so much.
[SOUND] I rate the car, to be honest.
Look, you can't, I know it's gonna blow up.
I know it's gonna blow up but YOLO it, I'm gonna YOLO it, all right?
And let's see if it can take us where I need to go through.
I trust him.
No, we're dead!
We're dead!
I don't even know why we're dead.
The car didn't even ex, did we got killed by the police?
The clothes shopping.
Oh my gosh, we're back here again.
All right.
While no one's watching, quickly call in the mechanic.
Quickly call him.
I look so white, hold on.
I look so white, let's, all right, make myself look a little bit less white.
There we go. All right.
I called it in.
Wrong car, wrong car.
Next request available in three minutes?
[SOUND] Nah, we're freaking lost, boys.
We're freaking lost.
I called in my, my rubbish car.
[LAUGH] Oh man, I called in my rubbish car and I think,
I think it puts your rubbish car, I think it has put it on the map.
Why's it over here?
Personal vehicle.
Dude, that's like a million miles away.
Nah, dude, GTA's taking the, literally taking the piss, bro.
I'm gonna have to get someone to give me a lift.
All right, I need a weapon.
Oh gosh, someone's in a jet.
No, that ain't good, boys.
That, like, oh my gosh, those freaking, nah dude those wheels are sick.
Now bro, let me in your car, let me in your car, let me in your car.
Let me in your car.
Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly.
All right, lemme put directions on his map, so he knows where he's going.
No, here, here, here, here.
Let me override.
Let me override your map system, my friend.
This is where we need to go.
Don't think it's going to work.
Robber shot.
Oh gosh.
Look at everyone right now on the map.
Look at everyone on the map right now.
It's a freaking jet boys.
Honestly I rated the wheels.
I mean they're unique.
Maybe not my style but they're cool.
They're cool. Do I know
where this guy's going to take us?
Maybe back to the gun store.
Maybe he'll take us back to the gun store and
maybe I'll actually be able to get in this time.
[SOUND] I mean, who knows?
Oh man, yeah, I think I may have to go and pass someone there.
Oh, I'm bailing out boys, I'm bailing out.
I'm bailing out, boys.
Painful, but worth.
Painful, but worth.
Oh, what the?
Dude, teleporting police car.
Someone go back and get a print screen of that.
Dude, he literally teleported out of a nether portal.
And just appeared out of nowhere.
All right now, that actually helped a little bit.
I mean, it's not what I want but it does actually help a little bit.
How come his car's invisible?
Nah, nah, dude.
You guys are trolls.
Hi, come kill me for 9,000 down please.
Oh, shit.
What's his name?
Dark Demon Blade, right?
If I see Dark Demon Blade, I'm gonna buy him.
I'll buy him? Kill him.
All right, please don't block the car.
Don't block the car.
Don't, don't do it.
Don't do it. Don't do it.
The car's still blocking.
I'm so done, dude.
You can respawn elsewhere by should, should kill yourself.
Should I do it?
Where's the dude that said I should kill him?
I need to find the guy that said I should kill him for 9,000 bounty.
All right.
Come on. [SOUND] Oh.
I probably shouldn't have done that.
I probably shouldn't have done that.
Now I'm on a three star rating.
Watching your screen.
Oh he send me a message.
I was the heck you say watching your stream in game?
It doesn't make any sense.
You guys are crazy.
You guys are absolutely crazy.
5,000 people watching right now, absolutely awesome.
If you in troll having any fun, and want to, okay every like I get in
this video is ga, is, is support towards getting my car back and not dying,
not dying, I'm, I wanna kind of, is this car free?
[SOUND] Boys!
I just stole someone's Adder!
Aw, this, this is my favorite track in the game.
This is actually my favorite track in the game.
Oh I'm not going to mute it.
I know I should mute it.
But I'm not going to mute it because it's my favorite track in the game.
All right we need to lose the police.
We need to get back to the shore.
And we need to get our self a new gun, and then we'll go clothes shopping as well.
Since you guys wanted, for some reason you guys want me to go clothes shopping.
I'm down. I'm down.
What the heck?
Why am I stuck?
Did she?
He blocked access to the vehicle.
He blocked access to the vehicle.
Dude that teleport.
Honestly that teleporting car like what was that about dude.
You literally teleported out of nowhere.
I stole his personal vehicle, and then, he was like, no, actually, actually,
I don't want you driving my car, and he's kicked me out the car, straight up.
That's so cheeky.
I can't believe that.
All right, I'm gonna have to get a lift eventually.
Like, I mean, I don't actually have any bounty on me, technically.
It's all these other guys.
Things to do, but still.
All right, someone give me a lift.
This black Hornet's dope, all right.
This black Hornet.
No, no, no, can you not?
Your car is rubbish.
Oh my gosh.
Nah, I'm dead, I'm 100% dead in a second.
100% dead. I know.
Dude you won't let me in the car, you won't let me in your car.
Dude, I literally, [SOUND] this [SOUND] this is wrappings.
[INAUDIBLE] GTA is just fun that, doesn't even matter if you die loads.
It doesn't even matter.
That code out, I really erased it.
Oh, dude you can steal a jet ski.
Let's jet ski our way there.
Imagine if you could actually do that.
I don't think you can.
Oh, actually, actually, oh, wait, what the heck?
How do they find me so quickly?
Just cause I respawn really close.
All right, let's get in this, all right, all right, I'm trusting, who do I trust?
That's the question.
Who do I trust?
[SOUND] Don't run me over.
We're gonna have to have some words.
Dude, I trusted.
[SOUND] Robo, why'd
you do this, bro?
Why did you do this, bro?
I'm lagging.
Now, if you're lagging, just change it, change the settings.
All right.
[SOUND] I'm going to attempt, to get my car back.
[LAUGH] Okay.
[SOUND] Takes ages to call them up man.
Come on.
Pick up dude this is Ali A wanting his personal car instantly.
[SOUND] Yes.
[SOUND] I'm pretty sure.
I don't need to call the, dude I can't get in your stuff.
Like I'm pretty sure I don't need to, to.
Did my car get blown up again?
I think it did get blown up, didn't it?
Probably did get blown up again, [SOUND] to be honest, knowing me.
If not, oh.
Dude shoot them, they're the bad ones, not me.
I don't want.
I don't want.
I want my car back.
I want my car back, dude.
[SOUND] All right.
Dude, look it's a freaking helicopter on top of me.
I don't think i can get in, in it because it's like semi-invisible.
Okay, I'm well connected.
[SOUND] Now I love it when it connects to a phone call and nothing happens.
Actually, you know what?
You know what? Since they're not actually going for me.
[LAUGH] Since they're not actually going for me, don't you dare!
>> Get that son of a bitch!
>> No, dude!
[SOUND] What?
Wouldn't let, wouldn't let me even drive it!
Hold the back button.
What's the back button?
[SOUND] Back button.
I don't think there is a back button on PlayStation.
[SOUND] Does that work?
Don't know.
All right.
All right. We can get in his car.
What the heck? Sick boys.
Hey, you're back in the beautiful.
Gold car that I highly rate.
Hopefully he's been watching the live stream.
And he knows that, we want a gun, right?
We want a gun.
We want it now.
It's half past midnight.
Great driving.
I need to get up early in the morning, but it's still, it's still.
I tried to steal a cop car dude.
It wouldn't let me drive, I held down the accelerate button, it didn't go anywhere.
Uh-oh, that's happening [SOUND] that's happening my friends.
>> Nice!
Two, six skills boys.
Hey, you got all some stunts, you got some stunts, got some stunts straight up.
All right, let me direct match cuz he may not know, there we go, yeah he knows,
he knows, he knows, he knows what's up.
[SOUND] As long as this guy is gonna troll, he's gonna drive his car in.
[SOUND] All right, here we go.
Oh buddy, oh buddy.
Oh, he's going his own way.
Is it, you're okay?
He's getting, he's getting there.
Don't worry guys, he's getting there, he's getting there.
He's not trolling, too much.
[LAUGH] [SOUND] See bro.
Oh gosh, that really helped my body.
That really helped my body.
Now, I'm gonna leave, try and leave these guys alone because I don't trust them.
And, I need to get to the ammunition store.
Don't run me over, don't run me over, don't run me over, don't run me over,
don't run me over.
It's right there.
You see how hard it is to do gentle things in GTA?
When, when.
Ammunition store.
How do you get in?
Bro I, Oh my gosh.
Shoot. I forget, I forgot.
Oh no it won't let me even, let me buy any guns.
[SOUND] No dude this is a hundred percent a fail.
This is a hundred percent a fail.
Brother, look.
[SOUND] What, just,
happened to me?
Did you seriously just do that?
[SOUND] Did you seriously?
You know what, I think.
I'm not sure which car it is.
Where is my car on the map?
Here we go.
I'm not sure which car that is.
We should try and get to it cuz maybe it is the right one, I don't know.
It could be the right one.
Dude, this car is actually dope,
I'm gonna, no, come back, come back, come back.
No, he's off boys.
All right, I'm grabbing this thing.
I need some.
[SOUND] This isn't, this isn't a, this isn't, what's the word?
A, what's the word?
You know our live streams productive, this is not a productive live.
Sometimes people are good.
Sometimes people are good and.
[SOUND] And they just do races, they cooperate.
This, this one, not so much, this one, not so much.
But at least when you die, what the heck?
[SOUND] How, how do you get out of here?
I'm pretty dope, though.
I don't know why.
Could we go out here?
Dude, aw, this is sick!
We're in the middle of a film set!
This is dope, dude.
Been playing this game for like two years.
I've never been here.
Never been here, my friends.
Oh, baby.
I don't have a parachute, so I think that'd kill me.
Oh no.
No, no!
He took like no damage at all, what a king!
It's the suit man.
It's the suit.
The suit makes you a powerful.
Don't know if I can get out this way.
Don't know if I can get out this way.
No I'm pretty much in a dead end.
Hey, welcome to the dead end where you can't leave.
So don't go down there.
Don't go down there friends.
Don't go down there my friend.
I think people just want to say they killed Ali A to be honest.
That's what ends up happening.
Like I killed Ali A and GTA, I'm the greatest player of all time.
All right, I don't have any ratings on me anymore, oh dude, what is that?
Is that a cop car?
That's one of the sickest cop cars I've ever seen!
Okay, you know what?
You know what?
This car's mine.
Let's go, boys.
Oh, baby.
Okay. This is kind of hectic.
That's why we're getting out of there.
That's why we're getting out of there.
We're not a part of that.
Oh my gosh it put us in.
Oh yeah I stole a car, lol.
I forgot I stole a car.
Oopsie. [LAUGH] I was like why did
I go up to two star, I've done nothing wrong.
What have I done to hurt anyone?
Okay, I've just stolen someone's car.
Stole someone's car.
Little bit of it was cheeky shortcut, though.
I think they're probably transported my rubbish car.
I think I clicked my rubbish car back to them.
Sorry to disappoint.
Sorry to disappoint, but I think, they may have done that.
[LAUGH] I think they've done it to me, man.
Why you do this, game?
Where is the?
What the heck?
That's my car.
That's my car.
Did he just?
No. This is my car.
Can you not?
Just as I get my car, which is actually being looked after by a very kind fellow.
Who I, I appreciate.
We got shot up boys, but, notice, how everyone's distracted.
My car I don't think got blown up.
It's still there, and it's in like that invisible mode, what the heck.
Oh my gosh.
Bro the glitch right.
The glitch is right now.
No police car actually get off my back right now.
Dude. No.
Dude's in my freaking car dude.
I have to kick him out of my car.
Go just drive.
Drive anywhere.
Just drive anywhere.
[SOUND] This is, this is what happen, this is,
this is GTA V live for, for you guys.
It's still fun though.
What does green mean?
Oh no. I'm gonna, you know,
I'm gonna have to play in passive mode.
Gonna have to play in passive mode, cuz everyone's being douches.
This is what happens.
This is what happens.
I may even have to find a new, new.
My car is still on the map.
But it is quite far away.
I may have to find a new session in a bit.
Because everyone's big trolls.
Okay, I love you, I love you all mate but I don't trust you.
You probably killed me once before in this live stream.
I could do a private session but that would only be me and that's boring.
What the heck?
[SOUND] Why can't I drive?
[SOUND] What?
There you go that took ages.
Holy cow this games glitched.
This game is so medieval in the lobby right now.
Pretty Sure.
Bro look he's in my freaking sick car Boy.
Did I say you could take my sick car?
All right, bro, I need my car back.
It's not gonna be, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I need to think about the passenger.
He's sitting the driver's seat.
I don't get the driver's seat.
Naw, dude, I got trolled by life.
Can I shoot him?
Oh, I can't even shoot people, I'm in passive mode.
No dude look at him.
He's trolling my life dude.
He's trolling my life.
I'm, oh yes, yes, yes.
We've actually succeeded at something in life.
Oh my gosh.
We've actually succeeded in getting my car back and no one can hurt me.
Yes, passive mode for the win, boys.
Oh, this game is so buggy.
I reckon, it's people.
I reckon it's people all across the world in this lobby.
Probably Americans, UK, Spanish, everywhere.
That's probably why it was so laggy.
Dude, this thing's, this thing's a machine of beauty, all right?
Don't, [SOUND] [SOUND] Oh, damn it, I still got two stars.
Gosh, damn it.
[LAUGH] I was like, I can go to the ammunition store.
No you can't, Ali.
Oh, this is like, this is like the mini.
Oh gosh, that hurts.
Once we finish those two stars, we go and get a gun.
The gun I've been saying I would get like half an hour ago.
Oh, big skills, big skills mate.
This is roll back.
Roll back down the hill.
Roll back down the hill.
There we go. There we go.
[LAUGH] We're the ultimate tumblers in our car.
All right, how do we, how do we get this cop racing down?
[SOUND] Okay, hold on.
Let me go to that one.
[SOUND] Hopefully by the time we get there, [SOUND] what the freak?
How does anyone hit me?
I'm in passive mode, boys.
Yes, we lost the, we lost the stars.
>> Yo, yo, yo, PS4 on Facebook.
>> All right, we have managed to lose the cops.
Which is good.
All right, we are going to have to mute people.
We are going to have to mute people.
Oh, I can always mute it.
Okay I almost kicked him.
That mean goat.
Okay you my friends, nice knowing you.
Okay. All right.
Passive mode is a lot.
I'm glad we're in passive mode, you know?
Passive mode is kind of boring but at least we can get things done.
Uh,yes definitely getting GTA 5 on PC.
Definitely getting GTA 5 on PC.
Mainly cuz like what I started doing when GTA 5 Next Gen came out was like.
The video was like, they were like five to eight minutes long.
They take like ages to.
You know what I can do?
You know what I can do?
I can do this.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
If I block them off.
Ammunition. Oh gosh no.
No. No. No. No.
No boys.
Guys I'm done with life.
Nah, boys he stole my freaking car.
>> You know [INAUDIBLE] >> Boys, he stole my freaking car.
I am so done.
[LAUGH] I'm so done with life, dude.
I'm so done with life.
We're gonna have to meet people just.
Oh my gosh.
That's me.
That's me my friend.
Just so that we can not have random people clicking on my.
I could say anything at all.
What level are these people are quite high level.
Don't get too. What level they are until you meet them.
Oh my gosh.
How many people do we have in this lobby?
We're like 24. How many people can you have on Next Gen?
What did I just do?
[LAUGH] Hold down the button to get into the car.
I did try to do that.
Oh sick. [MUSIC]
[SOUND] Turn it up.
All right.
Umm, so is this?
Best jumps, if you ride motorcycles.
Best jumps.
All right.
Holy cow. Okay, everyone just got an invite.
That's sick boys.
All right, we're doing this.
We're doing this.
And then maybe after we've done this,
it may put this in a new lobby anyway, which could be a good thing.
I'm not gonna lie.
[LAUGH] So we'll wait for us to load, we'll see who joins.
[SOUND] Oh, cool, we can go straight into it.
Oh dude, that's dope.
That's only else to it, I honestly don't even care.
Honestly don't even care.
Actually do some jumps.
You said you wanted to do some jumps so.
This is a good time to see some jumps, my friends.
Good time to see some jumps.
I love the transition, it's like hello, full screen.
Back to, back to normal, full screen, back to normal.
All right, so I believe it's just me and one other person.
Ready to play.
And we're going to be doing some jumps.
Boys, get hyped.
Get hyped, all right.
You're ready for some hype jumps?
[SOUND] Smash it live, if we can finish this live stream with 10,000 likes,
that would be amazing.
Really, really appreciate that.
So, all right.
Well, pardon me.
[SOUND] Never done this before in my life.
Oh, what?
I thought we're doing crazy jumps.
Oh. Oh.
No I failed that mate.
What he knows the course.
That's not fair.
No I definitely lost this.
I know this is the wrong way but I need to freaking get this thing.
Here we go.
Oh my gosh.
So there are jumps.
He may have set this up himself as well.
I, I do have some protection in my car I think.
Here we go.
I'm back again boys, I'm back again.
Thank you for waiting, very kind of you.
I think my car is faster than his mate.
I'm just saying.
I'm just saying.
All right I'm ready for like a big crazy jump.
Missed the first one.
Oh, here we go boys.
Dude can I make this?
That is awesome.
Did he make it?
We made it boys.
Look at that.
Good stuff my friends.
Don't think that's going to hit him.
Good jump.
All right.
More crazy jumps I'm down dude.
I am down.
Where are we headed though.
Okay cool. I was like is that a jump?
I don't think that's a jump.
Oh buddy.
I'm waiting for a biggun.
Dude. Yes.
I was about to say this'd be a perfect place to jump.
[SOUND] You ready?
Oh buddy.
Look at that, that was actually a perfect jump.
Did he make it?
I don't know if he made it.
Yeah, he made it, dude.
That was a sick jump.
All right, I like it.
Are you using El Gato game catcher?
I don't know if I'm going quick enough for this one.
Does that count?
We did a barrel roll.
Dude, I'm sorry, that's legitimate.
That is sick.
We did a barrel roll and landed it and got the checkpoint.
How do we get out of here?
How do we get out of here?
Show me the way.
You designed this map, not me.
Oh gosh we're going the completely wrong way.
We've gone the complete wrong way, buddy.
[SOUND] Yeah, bad, bad.
We, we screwed up.
We screwed up, boys.
[LAUGH] We screwed up, boys.
We got it wrong.
But you know what we have to do?
Oh my gosh.
We've gone, we've gone really wrong, actually.
I think [SOUND] oh, oh, oh, here we go.
It's gonna respawn in the last checkpoint.
That's dope.
Oh God, we have to the jump again though?
Well that's a sick checkpoint.
It has put me on the roof, mate.
Oh gosh.
Oh, rip.
Rip my car.
[SOUND] You, you, you committed, gosh dammit.
Gosh dammit.
I don't even know where the other guy is.
I didn't mean to commit suicide.
Why'd the other one like me and not commit suicide.
I should be fair, probably a good idea, don't know if I can get out here now.
Oh no, I love it when I get stuck in here.
Yes, I though that thing may propel, I knew it.
Dude, I'm wrecking the car man.
Absolutely wrecking the car.
Okay here we go.
We're back on track.
We're back on track boys.
Don't even worry.
Do not even worry.
All my mentions now are pretty much just filled with people getting elite weapons.
Like the number of people that have tweeted have got like triple elite weapons
and I'm like, oh, sick man.
Now, I should probably let him go first.
Now I should probably let him go first so I know what I'm doing.
Here you go man. Alright you keep it going bro.
You lead the way. You lead the way.
You're the one who made this map.
You can show him where the jumps are. You can show him
where the jumps are.
Oh. What? What?
Oh, my, gosh.
That is.
Sick boys.
But we didn't do it.
[LAUGH] If only your car had an exosuit, yeah, I know right, that'd be dope.
Oh my God, this is such a tough jump.
Here we go.
No! Dude, that's a troll, that is a troll.
Okay, phew, I thought the whole game had reset there.
All right.
Don't click that lamp post.
This is it.
This is the winning ticket boys.
No! [LAUGH] I'd be so
freaked out if I was actually doing that jump in real life.
Dude I really want a Monster Energy but I shouldn't.
In live stream I always get really thirsty but
the idea of a Monster Energy makes me like, really excited.
[SOUND] I was not gonna get any sleep.
This is, this could be good.
It's actually, oh, so close, so close.
My friends, all right.
All right, we can do this.
Do not worry.
[SOUND] I've got an Alienware Aurora, it's a bit of a beast.
Not sure, the, the motherboard but it's good, it's really good.
This is it. This is it.
This is it.
This is it.
This is it.
No! [LAUGH] No!
[LAUGH] Aw man.
All right, we're have to leave, we have to leave, reverse for this.
Here we go, full speed, full speed.
The other person's done it.
We can do it too. [MUSIC]
That's it.
That's the ticket.
That's the ticket.
That's the ticket. That's the ticket.
That's the ticket.
That's the ticket.
Woo, baby.
And I see we can jump off of here as well.
I'm up buddy, I'm up.
Do not even fear.
It's a flying car machine!
Oof! And it can't, the other one.
Thank you.
Didn't want to go back and get it.
Zen, how do you even call it?
Zen Turono.
Zento Rono.
Not sure. It's a sick car, though.
Absolutely, sick car.
All right, I assume it's a jump, because he's letting me go first.
He wants me to experience a jump.
I understand it.
Oh, what?
Oh, first time.
Boys, what are you saying boys?
What are you saying?
First time.
That is what I'm talking about.
Oh, baby, Ali A into first.
I may wait for him, just because, otherwise I feel bad.
Oh no, he's done it.
Is he, yeah, he knows what he's doing, he knows what he's doing.
Oh, damn, damn radio, damn radio.
I keep on forgetting this song, here we go.
Keep on forgetting it's on.
Oh, this looks.
This looks cute.
Cute little jump.
I like that.
I like that.
Keep it flat.
Keep it flat.
Keep it flat.
There's a lamp post.
Oh, but we avoided it boys.
You can't get boost.
Zen Tro.
Zen Torno.
Zen Torno. Zen Torno.
Okay that makes more sense.
That makes more sense.
Zen Torno, yeah, that makes more sense, huh!
What, is this?
Can I ride on the side of the building?
Nah, that'd be pretty sick if you could.
[NOISE] Oopsy.
I didn't mean to do that.
What? [SOUND] Since when is that a sensible
respawn point.
Hey, it worked.
It worked.
Not gonna knock it.
I'm honestly not sure how I got into this game.
I think maybe I got an invite and I accidentally, acce,
accepted a game invite.
But either way, shout out to this dude only having two people makes it you know,
definitely a lot more manageable as well to be honest.
All right.
I need to start doing.
Let me know. Would you guys be interested in seeing me
do races?
Oh, my gosh.
As like videos on GTA, let me know.
[SOUND] Huh, dude, he definitely hit me there.
Oh, I did it.
I did it. I did it.
[SOUND] Huh, dude, I did it.
Wrong way, yeah, I know.
I appreciate it, bro.
I appreciate, you telling me it's the wrong way, [SOUND] I should probably re,
re, respawn.
I should probably respawn.
Hold r-one.
I'm just, I'm just using the control stick, dude.
It seems to work.
[SOUND] But I will try the r-one technique,
since you guys have said it could be a good technique.
Please tell me that, okay, sweet, sweet, sweet.
Lap two of two, all right, cool.
We're halfway through, boys.
[LAUGH] We're halfway through, boys.
Let's go.
Almost been streaming for an hour and a half.
Hope you guys have been enjoying.
It's been a load of fun.
Oh, so this, oh!
We do everything again.
Okay, now, this time, it's gonna be proper speedy, all right?
This time, I'm taking it.
Okay. Okay, car.
This time, we'll try and do the jumps, if possible.
First time around we know.
We've seen what to expect.
We know what to expect.
Let's do it quickly alright.
No race videos.
Honestly like race videos in my opinion aren't very interesting.
But I mean, I mean, a lot of people watch them so
I just wonder what you guys are thinking.
But personally I prefer like my edited videos.
I have a lot more fun doing my edited videos.
So that's why the boxes are there.
That makes sense.
I forgot to do the whole r-one thing.
Right, here we go. We're back on it boys, we're back on it.
May do race videos, maybe I'll just keep, maybe I'll do a race video, give it a go,
see what happens.
Get some of the YouTubers in and see how we do, mm.
All right, lap two of two, doing a lot better than lap one of one.
But you know, it's our first ever tricks race, so I think we did all right.
Huh, we're hitting this.
I'm hitting this boys.
[SOUND] You already know I'm hitting this.
And I'm landing it, with, a side.
That was actually really impressive.
That was a really clean, clean land.
Not going to lie.
Dude let's not forgot.
Oh airborne award.
Dude, we're leaving the other guy behind.
No chew.
No chew.
Oh. This is the one that's really annoying.
Oh gosh.
It's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
We're in first place baby.
How has it taken us nine minutes of this, holy cow.
All right.
Let's get out of here, let's get out of here.
Get back on the checkpoints.
Play double xp on Advanced Warfare.
It is indeed double xp.
And, if this isn't Advanced Warfare, I'll actually know.
I would do a cheek Advanced Warfare game at the end, but
isn't Advanced Warfare action.
I'll say, I'll maybe do an Advanced Warfare live streams
as I said with the Exo zombies guys Exo zombies.
Okay, I know how to hit this.
I know how to hit this.
No! Huh!
[SOUND] This could.
[SOUND] Dude, so close to doing it first time.
So close, damn.
I think he did it.
I knew what to do.
I knew what to do man.
[SOUND] Pardon me.
So close.
So close here we go.
[SOUND] Think it's a lot easier for him at this part.
Oh dude I just have to do flips dude.
Like it's just my style now you know what I mean?
It's just my style now doing backflips.
I think he.
I don't know,
I keep on thinking I'm really good but I think he's probably ahead of me.
Not sure.
>> [SOUND] Waste, wasted!
I didn't mean to do it, man!
I didn't want to commit suicide.
Where'd he go?
Where'd the other dude go?
I mean, if he wants me to win, I, I'll take the win.
I'll take the win.
Let's go boys.
Zen Torno.
Zen Torno.
Big speed. oh,
this is the one with the crazy jump again isn't it.
Honestly it's that, that one jump that's the most time last night so.
Let's go for it boys.
Let's go for it, let's go for it.
[SOUND] Huh!
Big, plays.
Let's just get a look at the view for a second, dude.
Let's just get a look at the view.
Look, at, that.
It's quite still until the car kicks in, boys.
All right, just want a little jump here, I believe.
Oh no, we're good,
we're good [SOUND] Dude, mention don't have your car drop like that.
The one thing to commit suicide.
[SOUND] Car just gets smashed up, boys.
Oh wait, is he, is he really far ahead?
Maybe he's already finished [LAUGH].
If you just watched, watching, thank you for tuning in.
This would go live as a video straight afterwards.
If you've enjoyed the live stream.
I know it's not Call of Duty, but GTA's a load of fun, and
it's a really good game to stream, so hope for you guys, agree, and enjoy.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh.
We were in a game of fans, but it got a little bit crazy.
Thank you very much for the message.
Your map is awesome.
Mic, I wanna say your name's like Microsoft Three.
So thank you for bringing me in here.
I don't know how I joined this lobby but, I did.
I'm not sure if you dropped me an invite and I didn't realize but it worked well.
And it's been, it's been a good pop.
Been a good powerful livestream.
So, yeah, there are meant to be heists coming to GTA 5.
Definitely need to get on them when they come out.
Do not worry.
This, wait, position one of two?
Hey, maybe I'm gonna finish this.
I think he got really far ahead, and then sent me a message.
Oh, dude, this is the final.
This is the final.
[SOUND] Woo, baby.
Wait. [SOUND] That.
Judge it.
You have to stop.
You have to stop don't you.
You have to stop.
I knew it.
I knew it wouldn't be that easy.
Oh here you go.
Where's the end?
Here you go.
Got to fall of here.
Oh baby boom.
There we go.
Shout out to that dude.
For designing the, very fun map, actually.
Really good fun, that.
Hopefully you enjoyed that.
Wasn't easy. $10,000, dude!
Thank you!
Honestly, thank you!
You guys are awesome.
Rank up to 11, boys.
Let's go.
That's what I call how is that dude level 300?
Crazy. Look at me, look at me.
I'm just like, this is my car.
And what?
And what?
Total time.
Three minutes.
Best lap, five minutes.
Cash,$10,000, and almost a thousand RPM as well, which is awesome.
Absolutely awesome.
Now guys, [SOUND] we will see if we can get back into the road.
If we can get back into the road [SOUND] let's see what happens here.
This could take a while.
If we could get back into the world we would go and ask up a new gun.
We would go and, what else do we do?
I don't know, we will get some clothes.
Since we are getting some new stuff, and yeah, it should be good fun.
What can I show you guys?
What can I show you guys?
Dunno, like, what, what can I bring up, to you guys?
[SOUND] I keep on forgetting this is a GTA livestream.
And I'm like bring up some exo zombie images.
And I'm like this is a GTA live stream.
This is a GTA live stream.
My eyes constantly look really tired.
Look at that. Look at that.
Look at that.
Look at that.
I should probably go to sleep as soon as this finishes.
Yeah, I probably should.
Probably should.
Thanks for making videos, thank you very much.
We are back into the game, boys.
Hold up.
Back into a game.
Can't play Black Ops 2, that is on, the hack fun 1 million.
I don't think I want to go into a hacked lobby.
That could screw me up.
That could really screw me up boys.
All right.
We hopefully, are in a new, oh baby.
I didn't know what the hat things were about, but I think we're in our own lobby.
Oh, I unlocked an SMG sick boys.
That's what I Iiked to see, rich man swag.
All right. So, is there a gun place near us?
That's probably the closest one so we'll go there.
Guys tell me where I need to go to get clothes cuz honestly I don't know.
Honestly I've never bought clothes.
As you know I do know where to go.
Actually it's quite obvious I think there's like a clothes icon.
Where do you get masks from?
I really want a mask.
I know when I did a la, my last live stream,
or when I last played GTA story, vehicle mode unlocked!
Yes, boy, sick!
This is what happens when you turn to level 11.
I did find the mask place, but I, I can't remember where it is.
Aw, dude. Look at that.
You can just see the Vinewood sign.
That's pretty dope.
Pretty damn dope.
All right.
Let's head back into finally.
It's only taken.
Out of the way fat woman.
Makeup unlocked.
Tribal orange.
It's only taken us like an hour.
[LAUGH] I'm using xsplit to live stream so
I can transition between like almost anything.
So like I've got this screen set up.
I use this screen for Minecraft.
So like lots of different screens set up basically.
Lots of different screens set up.
Let's head inside.
Don't shoot me.
Thank goodness he's a friend, woo.
How does he get to level like 300 though.
That's crazy.
Like how.
A 120.
Where's the sniper?
All right so we are locked in SMG.
MP5 has just been unlocked.
Nice. [MUSIC]
I've got Micro SMG.
Honestly, I really like the Micro SMG, to be honest.
I've only got 39,000.
Do you lose money when you die?
I thought, I thought I had a good amount of money.
All right, this one.
We've bought?
Oh, maybe it put a lot of money into my bank.
I thought I had more money than that, dude, I feel, I feel really poor.
[LAUGH] I feel really poor.
All right, let's buy some ammo.
Extended clip?
Scope? I don't know how I feel about scope,
I'll go with the grip.
I like customizing the guns though, I'm not gonna lie.
We should go for a gold, a red gun!
Or a gold gun.
Let's go with a gold gun.
Let's go with a gold gun, boys.
All right.
Finally purchased something.
Can you buy clothes off here?
You can!
Don't want any of them!
They're pathetic, mate.
They're pathetic.
Oh, browse shoes?
Dude, I'm not switching out my beautiful, oh, it's day time.
Hey, that's sick, boys.
Aw, dude, how do I get out of passive mode?
I can never remember.
I think it's like this.
Disable passive mode.
There we go.
Nice and easy, nice and easy.
Such a weird way of doing it but it works.
[LAUGH] Yeah, man.
I didn't, I didn't mean to commit suicide, dude, my car crashed, my car crashed.
Luckily, everything's directly in sync.
So, look, one, two, three, four, everything's exactly in sync.
It's amazing.
So, this is a new weapon we got.
Let's take a look at it in first-person mode of course.
How do you?
How do you?
There we go.
Dude, that's got some sick sights boys.
You mad?
You mad?
Don't mess with me.
No I'm serious.
Don't mess.
Number one FPSO here.
He will screw you up.
Dude, this gun is so dope.
You mad? I kinda want a scope on it
though, you know?
I kinda wanna scope on it.
I don't know, maybe not.
Maybe not. Maybe it doesn't need a scope.
All right, what we need to, okay we, okay police are on us boys,
police are on us boys, get out of here.
Get outta here.
All right, I need to find a clothes shop.
Here we go, just around the corner boys.
Actually there's one right there as well.
No, I'll go for the further one.
Oh gosh, they're coming.
They're coming.
Don't rev your engine you moron, that's not gonna get the police away from us.
There's a dead woman right there.
[LAUGH] Get out of the way.
>> Oh, jeez, this is a.
>> Get out of the way!
No I'm screwed boys, policemen are coming both ways.
I'm actually screwed.
I could have gone.
Oh gosh they found me.
And I love it when the police find me, boys.
Alright we've got to escape.
We've got to escape.
Oh gosh.
It's launch actually.
I don't know if launch is locked or not.
It costs like 750K though.
Honestly I'll probably spend like a million dollars.
I'll probably buy like a million dollars of GTA coins I reckon.
But not on the stream, [LAUGH] not on the stream, my friend.
Dude, look at how sick our car is, I know I said it all livestream.
Let's get my ass over to the boardwalk.
I thought it was at the boardwalk.
I thought it was at the boardwalk.
No, it's not at the boardwalk, it's, it's near the boardwalk on the beach, isn't it?
That's where it is.
I always thought it was on the boardwalk, but it's not.
I p, I, unless, unless it is, I don't know, I don't think it is.
All right, I've lost the police car.
Dude, this shopping mall is huge.
Can you just get in?
Can you just, can you just get in like this.
I've never been to a shopping mall like this.
That's hype dude.
Oh dude, this is sick,
I feel like a proper like, dude, this place is expensive.
Hey there! I'm here to buy some awesome outfits.
Oh, wait.
New items been unlocked.
All right. Do you want to show me them?
Business smart.
Oh, dude, [LAUGH] this is dope.
This is dope.
Although I do like the one I've got on at the moment, not gonna lie.
I rate the red one.
Dude what is up with these crazy outfits?
Wow, wow. I quite rate that, you know.
I like, I like the trainers and the, the jeans.
I don't know about the hat.
Let me know if you guys like any of them.
My standard outfit, that's a bit messy, man, come on, dude,
what's up with the trainers?
That's this dude does not have much fashion sense, not gonna lie.
Or the retailers have no fashion sense.
That's pretty hype.
That is pretty hype.
Actually, what's that all about?
No, I don't, I don't, trainers man.
Trainers just look weird, dude.
All right, high life.
I think this is the high life DLC they added.
Dude, you can go all out pimping.
All out pimping, boys.
Not quite, call it high life, I think these suits are a little bit more.
A little bit more on point maybe.
Dude, that white one man, I just, I like that suit,
I'd honestly wear that suit we're wearing at the moment, that's pretty sick.
Could I pull that off in real life?
Maybe, maybe, I'd look a little bit weird, look a little bit weird, not gonna lie.
Oh my back back hurts so f, I've been live streaming for so long.
Blue. That's sick.
I mean it's a bit over the top.
But I like it just because it's blue.
I'm going to go through all of them.
Oh dude, that's sick.
50 grand though, boys.
I don't have 50 grand to spend.
Oh, but that's sick.
Team heavy boys.
But I mean.
Oh masks.
That's just, that's just scary.
That's just scary.
That's pretty dope, I could, my dude looks pretty sick like that.
All right. I don't know man,
I like my clothes right now.
I like my clothes right now.
It's weird, I feel like I'm, I feel like I'm actually money, or like.
I feel like I should be spending money, in real life,
on clothes, rather than, [LAUGH] rather than in GTA.
Browse hats.
Canvas hats.
Dude, look how much of a douche I look like with that hat on.
All right, what else have we got here?
Browse glasses.
And I've already.
Oh yeah. Dude yeah glasses is
definitely what I need actually, cuz look at his eyes.
Professional glasses.
No we'd like some aviators or something.
You know what's up.
You know what's up.
That's pretty sick.
Maybe a bit too sick?
What do you think of those ones?
No, it's a bit over the top, isn't it?
Aviators are sick though.
I don't think my face really fits the aviators.
Should we go with the gold ones?
I don't know, I don't know.
[LAUGH] I'm properly thinking about it, I'm properly thinking about this.
Change your eyes, yeah, I took, if I could get blue eyes, I would.
Hopefully you don't need my real life eyes.
Hopefully, you know I'm gonna go for them.
There you go.
That's hype.
And it covers up my path, my really, really poor.
Hello ladies.
Just bought myself some new glasses.
What do you think?
What do you rate it?
Can you interact with them at all?
Hello, do you not see me?
I'm suited and booted.
I've got sick aviators on.
You don't even say hello to me.
Boy is that good.
Like it.
My custom leather interior seats will help this outfit.
All right just to make sure no one knows you.
That. That.
You saw, you saw nothing.
You saw nothing my friend.
All right, you know what?
Okay, so, to change your sights, to change your sight I'm playing on PlayStation 4,
so it could be a little bit different.
I'm just going to show you guys quickly.
So you can bring out your gun like this.
In third person mode and shoot and
I think you can zoom in a little bit by clicking the right analog stick.
But if you go into first person mode, you get this, which is only on next gen,
and then you can change it so you actually get the proper hindsight as well, which,
I think, is really, really sick.
So, it's pretty damn awesome.
Yeah, my character's pretty sick.
I'm not gonna lie.
Pretty damn sick.
I don't think anyone's in my lobby yet either, which is cool.
I'd rath, I think, you know, we've had a lot, we've had enough craziness from us.
We've got enough craziness.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys.
What I will do at the end of the live stream for
you guys if you're still watching right now, I gonna give all you guys a chance to
be included in the, on, in the live stream video itself.
So start tweeting me at my twitter name.
We're almost at a million followers, which is crazy!
But yeah. Drop me a tweet,
and I'm gonna start including all my mentions in the live stream.
I'll be doing like a little bit of a Q&A to end off the video, and, just thank you,
everyone, for watching the live stream.
Been going for an hour and a half.
These live streams fly by, dude.
Absolutely fly by.
I haven't actually been keeping track, but I think we've been fine.
Yeah, we, we, we should be fine.
Sorry it can't be longer but but it's 1:00 AM and I need to get up early.
Yeah, I've gotta get some stuff ready.
Oh gosh. Can, can you hide in your house?
Or does it not let you do that as an escape method?
Not actually sure if it lets you do it.
What's that red thing?
I don't know.
Let's see if it lets you do this as an escape method.
[SOUND] Oh, gosh.
I don't think you can access it.
No, doesn't work, doesn't work.
And the sound on my.
Shut up, dude. I'm gonna stick with my car,
my car is sick.
My car is amazing.
The car is amazing.
Oh my gosh, okay.
I'm gonna get out of here boys.
GTA V is so sick, man.
It's actually so sick.
I love it.
Absolutely love it.
Makes me wanna go back to LA, not gonna lie.
Actually makes me want to go back to LA cuz I have a better appreciation
of the layout of LA now.
Better appreciation.
So very, very similar, like, almost identical layout.
Which is the point, right?
It is the point.
It is based on LA so you'd hope the layout's similar.
Now, there's no police cars near me.
I'm gonna lay low.
Lay low, lay low.
Yes, boys.
We're in GTA V hype.
All right, keep the tweets coming in.
Keep on following, my friends.
Keep on following.
Ask me some questions.
We'll finish off the stream with some questions.
Ask me some crazy questions.
You've got to fill out this garage, dude.
This garage is huge.
[LAUGH] We're gonna have to fill it up, my friends.
All right.
We're gonna have to fill that ip, so let's head upstairs, and, yeah.
Keep on going.
Do an open lobby.
I, we've had people joining most of the live stream.
Most of the live stream's been pretty crazy.
Oh, actually, let's have a look.
Let's have a look how, how we're doing, how we're doing, baby.
Wow. 11,000 likes.
That's insane.
Thank you everyone.
Holy cow.
Oh, these ratings are amazing.
That's absolutely awesome.
Thank you, everyone.
You guys are epic.
Just checked up on the livestream.
It's so good to be able to livestream console and do it,
like, without any lag and, like, no issues at all.
So what I'll do,
I'll start playing some music because I've got some pretty sick music.
You know what?
You know what?
Let's have a little bit of a look, can we look out across the city?
Do we have a good, hm, we don't really have the best view in the world.
Hoped we had the best view in the world.
You know what, we, we'll stand like this.
We'll stand like this.
There we go.
That's, that's, that's good enough.
So, what we do now, keep everything coming into my Twitter.
Keep following me, my friends.
Keep following me, and this is now gonna be part of a live stream,
just up there, and, yeah.
All your mentions will be included, and I'll try and answer them.
Also start playing some music.
The music is going to be really quiet.
But if it's too loud let me know.
So guys.
Impromptu live stream.
You guys have killed it.
11,000 likes so far and we haven't even finished the live stream.
So thank you guys for watching.
You are amazing.
I'm definitely going to do more of these.
So, shoutout to everyone that's tweeting me right now.
You guys are awesome.
Call of Duty backups to I'm not sure what the other option was.
I'm gonna answer some of your questions in the livestream.
If you're not following me already, if you go and
follow me then you get notification when I do a future livestream with my friend.
So would you date Ariana Grande?
Who wouldn't.
Who would not.
But she is, the thing is when you date like,
celebrities you get sucked into that celebrity life.
You get like, paparazzi, like everyone follows you.
Everyone's constantly knowing about your relationship.
So I wouldn't like that side of things but I'd definitely give it a go.
Great stream. Thank you, Pyke.
EXO zombies, yes, EXO zombies is coming out on Tuesday.
And so I'm hoping to be doing the live stream on it on Tuesday,
depending on like how good am I at it and what the layout is like.
But if it's easy to do, I'm gonna do the exact same setup on Tuesday for
the EXO zombies, which should be sick.
Hopefully the music wasn't too loud, as I said.
I'm gonna turn it down just a little bit, because I always think the music is
a lot louder than I expect it to be, to be honest.
There we go.
Oh my gosh, the questions are coming so quickly.
Headset is Tritton.
Tritton headsets.
Hey stream, thank you to everyone watching.
You're amazing.
Thank you, thank you.
PS3 I gave to my brother, and then,
I actually upgraded his PS3 to a PS4 for Christmas, so he's got a PS4.
Gosh, I'm gonna have, I, I've got so many mentions, it's crazy.
Yes, when GTA V Heists come out, I'm definitely gonna give them a go.
They look amazing.
And I will definitely get some other YouTubers involved maybe,
if we could set it up, it'd be sick.
Love the livestream.
Thank you so much.
You guys are epic.
Don't currently have a girlfriend, so if Ariana Grande's free, she can hit me up.
Maybe she's watching the livestream.
Maybe she's watching the live stream, probably not.
So yeah, we can go for a long time, an absolutely long time.
So, I think what we're gonna do here guys.
We will jump to this one and say a big thank you to everyone that has tuned in.
If you watched for the whole thing you guys are absolutely epic.
More epic than I ever could ask.
If you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up.
This is going to be available as a video right afterwards.
Thank you everyone for getting involved.
I hope you had a fantastic Saturday watching this.
If you're watching this video, then I've got more GTA V videos.
I'll link them down below the description as well.
Thank you, guys.
You are amazing.
I've had a load of fun.
Heading into London tomorrow, so that's gonna be good.
And yeah, I, I ha, I need to have sleep.
I need to have sleep.
Thank you everyone.
You've absolutely epic.
Gonna end the live stream here.
Gonna up the music a little bit.
And we're gonna pump some music for a little bit, for like,
30 seconds, and then yeah.
Tune in, few more days, EXO zombies, gonna be hype.
Here we go.
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GTA 5 Gameplay Online "NEW CAR & HOUSE!" - (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One)

10893 Folder Collection
陳天允 published on October 4, 2015
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