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  • That's an extraordinary WOMan. Oh, yeah.

  • That's not any belly dance l'm familiar with.

  • That's why l wanted the Defense Minister to see her.

  • This is your girlfriend? Carol's a friend. She's an old friend.

  • l understand her father didn't allow dancing because of the religion?

  • Yeah, that's correct.

  • And what religion is that?

  • You know, she's a Baptist.

  • As l was saying, the Russians will learn, l'm quite afraid the hard way,

  • to fear God's vengeance upon those

  • who oppress his humble servants who submit to him in Islam.

  • Their skulls will hang from the treetops.

  • You can do whatever you like with their skulls, l suppose.

  • What has Gus here concerned is a SA surface-to-air missiles you all have.

  • For some reason, he thinks they were stored poorly.

  • No, no, no, the SA-7s were stored properly.

  • Excuse me. What about the oppression of my people?

  • Oh, Zvi. l beg your pardon?

  • Fellows, we have to do this now.

  • l am about to arrange for $35 million worth of guns

  • to be put into the hands of Muslims!

  • l meant no disrespect. Oh, really?

  • CHARLIE: Well, anyway, that... None of this is important.

  • You have Soviet-licensed factories that can put out Kalashnikovs

  • at a rate of 25,OOO a week?

  • That's correct. What about city warfare devices?

  • What kind? Bicycle bombs, limpet mines,

  • plastic, tripwire mines?

  • Yes, yes. Whatever you need.

  • CHARLIE: We can't improve the price now,

  • but when we come back for more, we'll make it up to you.

  • l agree.

  • All right.

That's an extraordinary WOMan. Oh, yeah.

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Charlie Wilson's War (7/9) Movie CLIP - Belly Dancer Diplomacy (2007) HD

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