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No one will ever forget in history that day,
the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, November 4th 1922.
After that Lord Carnarvon, less than in a year, he died,
inside the tomb, the Shepherd Hotel in Cairo.
And we don't know, some people said he was bitten by a cobra,
some people said he was bitten by mosquito.
You really don't know what is happen, but he died.
After his death many people claimed many things,
that if you examine each story you will find there is exaggeration of everything.
When the tomb was found, the tomb of Tutankhamun,
an english reporter translated the text in front of the Anubis shrine wrongly.
She said “I will kill anyone who enters inside the tomb”.
Means Carter should be killed, Lord Carnarvon should be killed – everyone.
But that was not true.
That inscription was just a warning inscription, that people didn't want the tomb to be robbed.
If you are in a tomb and you close this tomb for 3000 years
and inside this tomb there are mummies, organic materials,
it will make germs and you can not be safe.
Archaeologists in the last two centuries, they were in a hurry.
They entered like Indiana Jones, opening sarcophagus, closing things,
entering inside the tombs, discovering things.
And they did, they were hit by these germs, and they did die.
What I do as myself now
I have been excavating for 35 years now
and I found many tombs full of mummies.
When I discover a tomb, I open the tomb for one day,
until the bad air will go out and the fresh air will go in.
And I never shave, I never shave.
Because if you shave, this will be open for any germ to hit you.
When I did examine the mummy of Tutankhamun
and I did arrive early in the morning to Luxor,
stayed in the hotel all day until five o'clock,
I left my hotel and my driver met me,
the first thing my driver was almost making an accident to kill a child.
And everyone said: “The curse of Tutankhamun!”
And after that, while I was driving to the Valley of the Kings,
I received a phone call – on the same day – around 17.30
from my sister to tell me that her husband died.
When I arrived in the Valley of the Kings, I made an interview to Japanese TV.
One minute after I finished the interview a big storm happened.
And it was windy, rain, it was like strange!
No one ever believed that anything like this could happen
a storm and a heavy rain in the Valley of the Kings.
The Japanese were running saying “The curse, the curse of Tutankhamun!”
I was not worried at all about this,
but when I took the mummy out and I put it inside this CT scan machine,
one minute after that the machine stopped for one hour.
The machine was brand new, why the machine would stop?
I will tell you: I was sitting, it was like eleven in the evening, thinking.
I said to myself: “I never believed in the curse. Now it could be something.”
“The machine is brand new, nothing ever happened to this machine, why the machine is stopped?”
At twelve o'clock, after one hour, the machine did work.
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King Tut - The Curse of the Mummy (feat. Zahi Hawass)

1769 Folder Collection
Wang Ariel published on September 30, 2015
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